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Gokusen (2009) : The Graduation Special Movie Review



It’s only a week till graduation and everyone is happy about their “what to do in the future” But in a wink of an eye, everything turned the other way around when they met a student named Reita from 2-D; a student who transferred from Ara High. Kazama and Kuraki lost their job later on because of recession, according to the company. 3-D got suspended for picking a fight on 2-D and the class is falling apart. Later on, Reita is in trouble; 3-D seeing their previous self on him went through a big commotion to save him. On the other hand, Yamguchi Kumiko is to make the farewell speech but if she wants to save her student, surely she will not make it. Will the 3-D graduate? Will she be able to deliver her speech? (Source: Asianwiki)



“Gokusen : Graduation Special ” is a movie  about the awaited graduation of Akadou Academy 3D students of Yankumi. It’s action packed, hilarious and touching at the same time. Teachers can related with our protagonist Yankumi who gives her all best for her advisory class.


It focuses on the anticipated graduation day in Akadou Academy. Everybody is reminisce about high school days they had school year. They realized that they improved a lot and became happier because Yankumi is their teacher. 2 students had problems with finding job because economy crisis. Yankumi is really persistent to help them get a job. They also met this arrogant 2D bully leader named Reita who hangout with hoodlums at night.


is the brave and idealistic homeroom teacher of 3D class. She’s well respected by her students because of her genuine heart and strength in fighting.  She’ll do anything for her class.

3D Class :

2D Class :

  • Yuta Tamamori – Reita Takasugi  (leader of the bad boy group)


I didn’t really look into that. I also got a not so good copy of the film. Just like any typical j-dorama I watched before like Hana Kimi Japan, the style use in cinematography is the same.


  • Yankumi’s House
  • Akadou Academy
  •  Abandoned Warehouse

If I have more time, I want to re watch the 1st season of Gokusen Drama Series and not only this movie. I prefer the batch of Jun Matsumoto! Gokusen is already aired in the Philippines when I was in high school. It’s been a long time. I think it’s still fun to watch.

I chose to watch it because its graduation season. Yankumi is an inspiring kind of teacher. Look at how she survives managing a class with delinquents and hoodlum like attitude. She’s very passionate on what she do. She changes the life of her students. I was touched by her farewell speech and the banner gift of her students to her. Awwww…

It’s a good movie to watch if you are into Japanese Comedy Drama and love school life stories.

Rating: 8 out of 10 


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