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(March 2016) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

Hi Guys welcome back to my 10 HAPPY THINGS monthly edition!  March means end of the school year for the students and also for us teachers. :p It was a very very busy month. I am looking forward my vacation week but not the summer heat.  I still have work because of summer class! :o~ Let’s see what made me smile this month!

  1. Successful Demo Teaching Marathon (March 5,2016)

Yes. I got to do my demo teaching as a requirement for Instructional Material Subject. I felt happy because I saw how our CTP Class participated in every demo teachers. I enjoyed teaching them the song Finger Family and Skidimarink. 🙂

2. A Hug from Cello

This Kid is the most curious of them all. That makes cello an interesting child. I am not really a clingy or cuddly person but I think I am becoming one. (with kids only) One day… out of nowhere he jumped into me just hugged me (just because). It’s heartwarming. ❤

3. Birthday of my brother and Dad (9 and 14)

Well, I really don’t know if it made me happy. The food made me happy but the noise of the visitors didn’t. I love my very own blueberry graham cake.. 🙂 That’s my gift to dad.

4. Montessori Culminating Activity  (March 22)

Finally, The school year ends with the moving up activity with the theme love for family. The children were dressed up really good for this activity. It’s a very busy day. The parents were very happy for this day. Thanks so much!  It also made me aware that I survive one school year! oh wow! 😮 hahaha!

5. More Make – Up, Nail Polish and Bath Stuffs! 


Our long awaited box from our aunt just came. Here’s what I received from that big box…! At least, I don’t need to buy these things.  Thanks so much! ❤

6. Chocolates inside the Fridge!


How can you resist this! ? 😮 Do I need to explain… It’s from the box too.

7.Voyager 7 (My new tablet <3)


Wow as in Wow! (*.*) This is my post birthday gift from my aunt who lives in Anaheim, CA. Thank you~ I don’t have a brand new phone. I am not complaining if I am not updated with the tech trends.  I am just happy to have this tablet for free. Hi RCA Voyager 7! We’ll be together now. I’ll use you for movies, music and surfing net. Again, it’s from that special box!

8. Alone time in Lunch (Strawberry shake + Sharks fin)

Sometimes I like a time for myself. I love how relaxing it is to stay in my university. One Saturday I ate lunch alone. It’s just a simple lunch like what I am buying when I was in college. The strawberry shake is the best too! I miss this feeling of having your own choice of food and personal time for you to enjoy swallowing the food. ~ This is just my day! So liberating…

9. The Holy Week Vacation 

Time to reflect. Time for enough rest to recover from those hectic work days. Spending time with family. We went to Tagaytay for Bisita Iglesia. 🙂

10. Finally, I have LINE APP.. 🙂

Using my Voyager 7, I was able to download LINE App because my tablet is Android powered. I used to have Kakkao Talk way back 2012 for my Korean friends.Since my iTouch was stolen. T.T huhuhu…, my tech life has been demoted. Now, I have voyager and decided to download LINE because of my faithful blogger/youtuber friend. I have viber too that is useful as well.  So add me here in line : thelovelyrhythm. 🙂


2 thoughts on “(March 2016) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

    1. Like what you said, it feels like you’re the one who got a new tablet… hahaha! But, it’s me.. haha… hey your is apple right?

      Thank you for always staying in touch .. haha! 😀 ( 1 year connected)


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