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(April 2016) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

Hi Summer time! It’s just so hot in this month. How I wish my blog will become a hot topic too in the online world. Haha! #wishfulthinking Anyway, we are here again in my 10 Happy Things for April 2016.  I had a short break summer vacation. Summer class is on going.  Yes, I am always a busy person. Busy but happier this time.. ❤

  1. Botanical garden

I went to the university to do some research then I make time to go around in the university Botanical garden. I did some photography. I also enjoy my time alone.. 😀

   2. Dyed my hair golden coffee brown

YEH short hair style – #hairgoals

Actually, it’s my first time to dye my hair in a salon. I already tried to dye my hair but not in the salon. My hair was really black so the stylist there said that it will take long for me to achieve the color that I want. It’s okay.. I can somehow see the color when I am under the sun. It’s shining..~ 🙂 I am confident that it looks good on me. 😀 haha!

3. Watching Charlotte Anime 

Thanks to my HS friend Jana because I got the copy of this anime complete so I don’t need to watch it in online stream.  It was fun watching on my vacation days. Here my anime review.

4. House Renovation

Finally, there will be some changes in our house. I am very happy about it because I also contribute financing to our house ownership. the bathroom will change! yay! Well, I am a responsible adult. Haha! I am also excited to plan about the interior design of my own room. I will transfer room perhaps last quarter of this year. :).

5. Finishing the CTP Course

Wow! Can you believe it? My Saturday Classes is over. I accomplished 18 teaching units for 2 semesters. What I look forward to is the Licensure Examination for Teachers that is going to be on SEPTEMBER 2016.  Yes, I will take that. To God be the Glory. 🙂

I know we can make it DLSU-D CTP Batch 2015-2016!~:D

6. Coffee Bean’s Matcha Green Tea and Blueberry Cheesecake 

Happy coffee time

After the last day of my Saturday classes, I was with my going home buddies.  We were surprised to know that there is COFFEE BEAN in SM Dasma. We stayed there for like hours chatting. Haha! I love the taste of the MATCHA tea and how i can refuse to Blueberry Cheesecake?:)

7.   Etude House Face Mask (Tea Tree)

I have become more vain as I age. I am becoming more aware with facial care brands and stuffs. I am even  fond now  of watching beauty vloggers in youtube. Gosh.. Something has changed. Haha! I can say that face masks are effective for helping me moisturize my face. I need it especially this summer. 🙂

8.   My very own “the new SAMSUNG J1 2016”  4/22/16

Oh Snap! Finally.. Finally… I have my very own new decent phone. Say Hi to Samsung J1 (2016). I chose GOLD because white has become common wherever I go. Can I make I separate post about my experience about this phone and its features..? I am just happy to have it! Regarding my voyager, it’s now with my brother and it will be used by our family to connect with aunt. So it’s like everybody’s tablet now. haha!

9.  International Video Call (Ph —> S. KR) via Voyager 7 Tablet 

Annyeong Judy Lee! After a long time, I was able to video call this first student ever of mine. I was an ESL Teacher for Koreans before. So yeah! Before we use FACETIME for this but unfortunately… I have no apple items now… We’re connected with FB messenger. It is good. Judy is in high school now. She’s 18. Time flies so fast… whoosh… 😮

10.  International Video Call (Ph —> Id) via Samsung J1 2016

Guess who is it? It’s AXEL THE KEY! I featured him already in my blog because of his turtle videos and minecraft stuffs. I met him in wordpress then now he’s on youtube. Actually, I can’t believe that our connection will lead up to this video call.  😀 LINE APP… This is the first time we connect through a video call. It was fun.. Haha! I saw their balcony. He also showed me the full moon in the night sky. 🙂 He doesn’t have eyes when he laughs. He looks really happy..swear.. haha!  He also saw how messy our house is.. (-.-) Sorry Rd! haha…Congrats to us we both have a new phone! ^o^~ <3<3<3 Cheers to more of this!


2 thoughts on “(April 2016) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

  1. Awww this was wonderful to read my dear. I loved reading about getting to talk to your korean student, how come you couldn’t talk to her before I was wandering 🙂 I love reading your 10 happy things I have been thinking of something similar to do on my personal blog I recently made if your interested in wanting a link to follow let me know because knowing you will 🙂 XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is a long story Lita. (-.-)2013-2014 I am on hiatus. I wasn’t allowed to use the computer then. I am sick. It’s complicated to explain the details. 😦

      Thanks for the appreciation! ^^ Oh yes! I want to read yours too.. 😀


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