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EVENTS! : Immersing to the Blogging Scene in Blogapalooza Horizons 2016

EVENTS! :  Immersing to the Blogging Scene in Blogapalooza Horizons 2016!

By: Lovely Del Mundo

One step further towards the future of Words & Rhythm indicates a positive vibes for my blogging career. Joining Blogapalooza 2016 with the theme “HORIZONS: Charting the uncharted” is one of the best experience I have in the midst of this year. This is only a stepping stone along with the goals I had always with Words & Rhythm. Let’s make things happen!

My heart would always go back to writing. Though I am not a full time writer or working in any publishing company, being a weekend blogger (then weekdays pre-school teacher) gives me the spice in living life. I always see blogging as a long-term activity for me.  Even if the planet Earth will be mold like a cube still this passion won’t fade away. I just know it deep inside me. I feel blessed having the opportunity attending blogapalooza to meet different brands, bloggers and media influencers in a day that I thought it will rain. I am thankful that everything went well for this day! Thanks sunshine! ❤

Selfies galore! ~ #GGSS

A girl from the SOUTH going to the NORTH for this event. Yes. I am willing to travel this far for blogging. This is love. Haha! I was lucky because I had a convenient travel riding an UBER car driven by our neighbor Ms. Len.  She’s a friend of my mom. My mom’s with me by the way. Haha! Ms. Len knows all the road in Quezon City because she grew up there. So when I told her about the venue, she was very confident on driving us there. Elements Centris in Quezon Ave. is a good location. Rockwell tent is a bit bigger though. I guess the space was just enough for around 15 booth stands, bloggers walking around and the stage.


Freebies Galore! That means I have a lot of job to do… Haha! Well, that’s true! In the entrance, blogapalooza staff provided me a big bag for these stuffs. Most of the freebies are food.  Since I showed these products to you already, I think it’s time for me to reveal my top pick brands for this event. (Ranked according to my favorites)

1 . EMPIRE EAST (Condominiums)


Good vibes! This is the mood when I visited the Empire East booth. The condominions are very accommodating and friendly. I just find the term condominions (people there managing the booth) creative and cute. Haha! I registered. I played minesweeper. I finished the game and won MCDO 100 pesos gift certificate. I also got the chance to pick a price in a fish bowl. I won 2 picnics snacks. Yay! Fun! Most of their buildings are located in the North. I hope to visit one of their sites and blog about it someday!

Follow Empire East:

FB – /empireeastofficial

IG – /lifeisatempireeast

Twtr – /empireeast

2. World Vision (Non- Government Organization)



Among all the brands there, this one calls for charity. I can relate to their cause because I am a teacher. The testimonials I heard were moving. It convinced me to do something about sponsoring children who are less fortunate. Ms. Rose is very accommodating when I visited the booth. She explained to me everything in details about World Vision because I keep asking questions too. Please do support World Vision! #BlogforChildren

Visit their website: http://www.worldvision.org.ph

 Follow World Vision:

FB – wvphilippines

IG – @worldvisionphl

Twtr – @worldvisionPH

#3 Cocio (Beverages)


There’s a long line here on Cocio Booth because of the laydown  photo booth. I registered then waited for my turn. It was fun to arrange all the props for the photo shoot and model for Cocio drink. It felt awkward first because I am thinking if I really have to lie down there. Haha! It was fun anyway. They gave me one Cocio drink after that. I chose the classic flavor and drink if for my breakfast the day after. I love the drink! It’s not too sweet and I can taste the goodness of milk mixed with chocolate.

Follow Cocio:

FB : /CocioPH

IG : @cocioph

4. Arla (Dairy Products)


My first impression to  ARLA brand is like Farm-based restaurant where you can have anything fresh. It feels like I am in New Zealand. They do have foreigner hosts there. They didn’t provide games or what but I like how simple they manage to promote Arla products by just signing up, giving you free product and getting a free taste of their milkshake and bread. My mom and I love their foods so much. It’s just so timely to visit their booth because we’re already hungry. Arla products are definitely deserves two thumbs up!

#LetinGoodness #ArlaPH

Follow ARLA:

FB – Arla PH

IG – @arla_ph

Twtr – @arla_ph

5. Fragrance Factory (Perfumes)


It’s the first booth that I’ve got to visit.  At first, you’ll think you’re in a cotton candy store because of the light pink and lavender colors there. I registered. Give my business card. I need to like their FB Page before I can take picture and roll the wheel of fortune. I find it hard to connect with Wi-Fi. I am thankful because they considered me to still play the game without liking yet their FB. Thanks Fragrance factory! I did enjoy rolling the wheel for my prize. I got a perfume vial which is very fragrant! ^o^~


Follow Fragrance factory:

Website: www.fragrancefactory.ph

FB : /fragrancefactoryph

6. Vita Coco (Beverages)



Need some refreshments for the summer heat? Here’s Vita Coco for you guys! I love the packaging of Vita Coco because you can bring it anywhere and also it’s recyclable. The taste is like the natural coco water that we have. Two thumbs up for this drink!

website : http://vitacoco.com/ph

7. Hotteok King (Korean Food Restaurant)


It’s lunch time already. And wait there’s a buffet like booth over there! I am not wrong they are giving away free lunch. Thank you Hotteok King for the free lunch on this event! We had Kas Bokkumbap (I chose chicken). My mom finds it spicy but it’s just okay for me. My spice tolerance level went higher recently. I don’t know why? Also, they have free red tea and iced tea. Of course, I’ll go with red tea. Haha! Delicious Korean taste experience. Thank you again Hotteok King!

Find Hotteok King:

Address: Ground Flr, SM Center Pasig, E Rodriguez JR Ave Cor Dona Julia Vargas Ave Frontera Verda Ortigas Center, Pasig, 1604 Metro Manila

8.  Blue Water Day Spa (Spa massage service)


Kim Chiu is the brand ambassador for Blue water day spa. Basically, they give massage and body treatments. Christian Bautista also promotes Blue water day spa. They have 2 games in their booth. Though, I wanted to play the rubber ducky game. I was registered on the chopsticks game. My mom won the game. I lose. I want to end the story now. Haha! She won a flash drive holder. It’s nice but it’s better if it’s a flash drive. :p haha!


Follow Blue Water Day Spa:

FB : /bluewaterdayspaortigas

Twtr : @bluewaterdayspa

9. Gold Stack (Snack)


The booth was so sunny as there were sunflowers everywhere in their booth. I am still wondering why it’s the name of this snack. I tasted it and it’s a bit of sweet compared to other potato chips. #honeybutter I gave my business card and registered. I enjoyed playing the game though I didn’t win. I already had 3 containers down. The game is very challenging!

Follow Gold Stack :

FB : Gold Stack Potato Chips

Twitter and IG :@goldstackph

10. Hey Kuya! + Megawatts

note: sorry I don’t have a decent photo for this. credits to google images.

I find this service unique. If you have uber for private transportation services, hey Kuya! Is your personal assistant for all your demands. And, it’s legal! Cool! They are in partner with Megawatt (Pizza, Chicken and Burrito). I tasted their pizza thin sliced. It’s good! You must try it also!

Follow Hey Kuya! 

website : http://www.heykuya.com

twitter : @HeyKuya

Follow Megawatt: 



So that’s the 10 brands that I really like that day! There are less than 20 booths there. I think I was able to go around and visit almost all the booths. We need to pause for a while by just sitting there in front of the stage while watching different guest in this event. It was star-studded I guess. I don’t know the complete list of the speakers. I’ve got the chance to meet Christian Bautista and Dj Vannah of Jam 88.3 up – close.

With Stars.jpg

left photo : Hi DJ Vannah! You are so pretty! Vanessa Hudgens look-alike . I love her! She’s really good in hosting. When I asked her to take picture with me, She’s  really  pleasant and humble. 

right photo : It’s the Christian Bautista. He’s a famous balladeer singer not only in PH but also in SEAsia! Wow! I got the chance to meet him and take picture with him. He’s very tall in person! 😮 

Yay! RAPPLER is also here! ❤ 

When we’re eating lunch, I was able to hear out the world vision’s speaker and her testimonials. It was really inspiring. I missed the other speakers because I went out 2pm because mom needs to meet some relatives in QC.  I would love to hear out these people too. Mikael Daez was there. I just read their quotable quotes in blogapalooza’s tweets. >.<

The only sad thing is I wasn’t able to get the perfect OOTD photo for my blog. Dear mom… I appreciate you always but….please take a decent photo of me esp. OOTD. T.T !!! Then, I was also looking for Aurika Matias (Travel Blogger – I discovered blogapalooza through her) this day but wasn’t able to meet her 😦  Maybe next time!

Nevertheless, this is still the best weekend for me ever this year so far. I was able to fly as a blogger and experience a blog related event. I am very very happy! I just can’t hide it. 😀 Even it is Monday, I am still smiling all the way. Haha! #Blogapaloozaeffect Thank you so much Blogapalooza Family for making this all possible! I know you worked hard behind the scenes. Keep it up! Looking forward to more of this! ^^~


13 thoughts on “EVENTS! : Immersing to the Blogging Scene in Blogapalooza Horizons 2016

    1. Hey! Are you teasing me.. haha..! I remember you leaved comment also on my miracle art museum laughing because of the photos…haha.. yeah right.. i have personal issues with my loyal photographer..haha..😂

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      1. Hi *\(^o^)/*Lovely. I’m not teasing you, but the latest photos really very sharp and pretty ! You mentioned that your mom went with you so I remembered what I read before…hahahaha I think she has improved a lot 👍🏼

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      1. Actually, this was the first time I shared and I didn’t get your permission, so it was shown to public on both our HWL accounts.
        I thought you mind and I ….📥after few days. Next time, must ask for your permission 😊

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      2. I dont mind if you didn’t ask permission.. i am actually happy that you shared it on your own blog knowing that iys not japan related.. i am thankful..😀


    1. Hi rose! You are welcome! 😁 Thanks too for having this kind of advocacy. I believe we can help more and more kids to build a better future…i will stay in touch..😊


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