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(May 2016) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition


May 2016 is overwhelming! If I can only show you my planner, May is a real full packed schedule month for me. Oh yeah! And, I was able to do it all. yay! Every weekend there’s something exciting to anticipate. #eventful #indeed I think that makes my life more exciting now.  There’s a lot of things going on the both sides of my world. So let’s see how it went?! ~

1. Our Bathroom has a SHOWER! ^o^~

Did I mention a house renovation last month? Finally, our bathroom is finished. We have a Shower now. It’s so good to take a bath now. Haha! Everything is new in the bathroom so bathing experience can be that exciting everyday. In a house, I really prefer a good and neat bathroom. It’s important. 🙂

2. Korean Ice Cream – Cleron



It’s been a while when I ate a korean ice cream. My dad’s job has some perks. One of the perks is having a product of a food company. I was surprised that our fridge is full of ice cream. Haha! Plus, it’s berries mix flavor. I like it!

3. Tita Nor’s 65th Birthday Celebration @Cabalen 050716

She invited us for a late lunch get together of the Del Mundo clan. It’s like a mini reunion of relative on my father’s side. Cabalen serves Filipino food. I enjoyed eating with family. I chose Kare-Kare and had plenty of salad that time. I also gave a bouquet of flowers as gift to my aunt.  She loves it.

4.  Jewell and Jon’s post wedding celebration

Reunited with Fzz! ~ Jewell (the bride) is my high-school friend. She met her husband in London as her classmate. They are in the relationship for 5 years and then get married. They were able to work it out until it ended up into marriage. 🙂 Best wishes Mr. and Mrs. Smith. GOD BLESS!

5.  Tea Party:  Casa Summer Class Culminating activity

We had 8 children for summer class in SHMI-MS. For 6 weeks, the children are with us to establish them the montessori routine. I am glad that they love the summer class experience esp the parents. I also find it cute when they serve tea to their parents. 🙂

6. I am in the Blogapalooza Horizons 2016!

The ecstatic feeling of my first blogapalooza experience! Read my blog about it !~

EVENTS! : Immersing to the Blogging Scene in Blogapalooza Horizons 2016

7.Playing Kawaii games : Boku to Wanko (Dog Collection) and Notice me Senpai!


I don’t really download games on my phone. I like a pet collection game so I tried. I prefer games that is not time consuming, memory consuming and relaxing. That’s Boku to Wanko. You attract different kinds of dog to go in your house and you can take picture of them. I always prepare their favorite toys and food.

05-20-2016 12-17-14

Do you know Otome games? Notice Me Senpai is just a little bit of it. Haha. It’s a collection of boyfriends. I wonder who will I end up dating with. Haha! :p

8. My 1 year work anniversary in Montessori school. 



Wow! Can you believe it. I survived 1 year being employed (full-time job).  I feels like an accomplishment because it’s my first time. There are a lot of things and struggles happened in a year yet I stayed strong. 🙂 #proud #career

9. Starting my Daily Yoga Habit 


I am just new to Basic YOGA. I find YOGA enthusiast people really amazing because of their discipline. I prefer this kind of exercise because its simple and relaxing. I even downloaded an app to monitor my workouts monthly. My poses still need to improve. >.<

10. Teacher Donna’s Bridal shower and wedding! 



One of my collegues get married! She’s also a parent to our student. I am happy that she is united with her husband through God. It’s been a long time since I attended a church wedding. 🙂


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