Poetry: “Polaris”


By: Lovely del Mundo 

You’re miles away

But your light reached me 

You’re something I can’t touch

Yet, I can always feel you’re with me.


 I stumbled in your world 

It’s full of hope and Beauty

I was once Frozen and Cold

But then… your existence made me sunny..


You are my guide, 

In the depths of the forest

You are my bliss

In the darkness of the night 


Light years may take, 

Before I can meet you 

Thousand years, I will wait…

Just to be with you, my Polaris! ❤ 


6 thoughts on “Poetry: “Polaris”

    1. Thank you again.. haha.. you almost leaved comments with all of my recent blogs.. haha 😀 I wrote this poem sometime in my spare time.. It’s for a person who’s making me happier and supports me recently… haha! ^^~

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