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(June 2016) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

Hello June! Welcome again  to my 10 happy things monthly edition. It’s cool to hear some feedback that most of my readers/followers anticipates this featured blog every month. It’s good to know that I am inspiring you too with my happy things. ^o^ yay!~ spread the good vibes!  Anyway, Let’s see the list again for this month!

  1. My Rose Gold Samsung J16 Phone Case 060216

I mentioned this on my first ever tech related blog in the history of Words and Rhythm. haha! I am so happy that I found a phone case the suits my phone. More detailed story about it please read my blog about :My Rose Gold Samsung J16 🙂

 2.  Submitted my LET application in PRC Office Manila 060216

This is one of the major things that will happen to me this 2016. After finishing the CTP course,  I applied for the Licensure Examination of Professional Teachers. Everything went fine on that day. All of my requirements are approved and complete. Oh Thanks! The countdown for the day of the exam started here. Keep the Faith!  🙂

      3.  Caramoan Island Travel 060516 -060816

Wow! Nature is the real beauty that is ever made. I was really amazed with what I saw in Caramoan. There are white sand, clear water, marine creatures and rock formation. I was happy to make a travel blog again. yay! You can read it here : The Spice of Adventure in Caramoan Island. 

4. H & M Window Shopping 

H&M is a  clothing brand that really suits my taste. I explored (the H&M shop in SM Dasma). I really love everything there as in from dresses, coats, blouses, sunglasses, hats and jewelries. I check the length of the clothes and it fits me. Most are longer in length. Wow! Oh gosh. I just love it.  :3

5. Parent’s Orientation

I was assigned to sing the National Anthem for this first school event just like last year. Haha! I am getting used to it already. I was happy to help in the technical side of the program. (DL Montessori videos). After the talk, the parents were toured around the new building for grade school. 🙂 I am also happy for the growing community of SHMI-MS.

6. Welcome Charity Class!

19 students for the Charity Class. 🙂 The expectation for this school year is higher because of the 3 year program completion. I love the new set of students in our class. This is my 2nd Class in my  childhood teaching  experience.

7. One Call Away and Exploration # 5

I was addicted listening to ONE CALL AWAY by Charlie Puth. I don’t know why ?~ It’s like a comfort song for me. It’s like someone is telling you that he won’t give up on you and will stay at your side no matter what. haha! The other song I like is originally composed by Reese Lansangan. I love creativity in Music Video Editing. I like the melody and light lyrics. Her style is like Lenka. I like her Music.  😀

8.  Watching Rd’s Singapore Vlogs ^o^~

Once again Rd goes to Singapore. I enjoyed watching his VLOGS in Youtube. (check it out!) He never forgets to update me in his video recording. It’s making me feel that I am also there through watching. haha! I hope I can travel in Singapore too. Why not?  Thanks for bringing a positive vibes in my life!~ 🙂

9. Gaining and more connected with my new blogger friends!~ ^^

One thing I love about blogging is meeting like-minded people which I really don’t experience on a daily basis. I appreciate blogs that talks about something about my interests. Joining Blogapalooza helped me discovered more bloggers too. I met YOGO AND CREAM who blogs about reasonable Food and Travel. The female blogger and I have many things in common as we get to know each other. We’re connected up to LINE APP. Thanks Me-An!

I was also entertained reading JAPAN REALM which I just followed in twitter. I love the posts in this blog. Haha! Thanks Palma-san for connecting up to LINE too. Haha! Congrats to Takuto Anime Cafe too my aniblogger friend who’s finally on twitter! yay!~

10. Start of my Driving lessons

Oh wow! One of my #2016GOALS has been checked again. I didn’t know that driving can be addicting. haha! I like my first experience of test driving. It’s just the beginning. I was rated by my teacher 8 out of 10. not bad for a first timer. I’ll make a detailed blog about this experience so always stay tuned! 😀


10 thoughts on “(June 2016) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

  1. Good luck on the exams. Are you going to enroll in a review center? I think I should also learn how to drive soon now that the little one is here, we can’t go around Metro Manila commuting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Alona! And wow.. you are back in wp! 💕 hmmm.. no.. i dont have time.. i will be on a blog hiatus soon..because of that. Yep.. driving is fun..😄


    1. Speaking of license, there’s lot of requirements that i need to pass. So.. i dont want to think about it first if i need it badly i will get.. i think i need to make time for it..😊 oh.. glad to hear you get it on your first day..

      Liked by 1 person

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