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Plain Goto


Title : Good Goto

Date:  May 2016

Camera: Samsung J1 2016

Location: Mall


For some reason, I miss eating this simple kind of food than going to fast foods. It’s the cheapest food yet will relieve your hunger and warm your stomach. It’s recommended to eat when you are sick 🙂

INSTAGRAM :  @thelovelyrhythm


16 thoughts on “Plain Goto

      1. Hmm…I drink ginger ale and medicine.. :p of course.. water water water.. I am getting better.. Thanks for the holidays because of the bad weather I was able to have longer sleep.. Thanks for the concern. 🙂

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      2. At least yes… 😊 thank you.. 😌there’s a typhoon in ph.. so it’s always raining.. a bit of colder. temp..But i like it.. 👍i just like lying down in bed and sleep. Haha.. but i always keep track of my website.. 😊

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      3. glad that you are feeling better! 😊 I hope you have better appetite too🍝🍩🍴
        It’s been a rainy day here too, but I still felt the warm moist air…😞


      4. I must feel better. I am working with the kids everyday. I am a teacher btw😊 I can eat more food. Most of the time now i eat fish like yesterday. I like the pasta and donut emoticon food that you send. Haha.. those are my favorites?! Haha😁 Weather can be abnormal like that. So we must really take good care of our health.. 😊

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      1. Ahh.. Anything sinigang. So mahilig ka sa maasim? May mga Filipino Restaurant ba dyan sa Canada?

        Talaga? Siguro magblog ka rin minsan tungkol sa pagluluto or pics kahit sa twitter.. Haha.. 😀 let’s talk about food..

        Actually natawa ako kasi obvious na active ka sa wordpress.. Haha!

        Oo… Pinaglihi daw ako sa Goto…Gusto ko rin ang Goto lalo na pagumuulan.. 😀

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      2. Hindi naman lahat ng maasim gusto ko. Gusto ko lang talaga ng lasa ng sinigang lalo na pag maraming gabi para medyo lumapot ang sabaw Yum! Oo, marami rin namang Filipino stores/restaurants dito pero hindi ko masyadong gusto mga lutong ulam nila. Mas gustuhin ko pang ako ang magluto kaysa bumilo sa kanila. Pero masasarap ang mga kakanin nila at iba pang mga desserts na pinoy. At siyempre halo-halo at taho. Ahaha! Wag na, nakakahiya naman ipost ko mga luto ko. Hindi naman ako kagalingan.

        Pinaglihi ka sa goto? That’s funny. Ano pa ang paborito mo?

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