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AGAINST THE CURRENT: New York’s Pop-Rock Band

Facts about Against the Current:

Against the Current is a young pop-rock band from Poughkeepsie, New York.

Its current members are:

Chrissy Constanza (vocals)
Dan Gow (guitar, vocals)
Will Ferri (drums)

Former members include:
Jeremy Rompala (guitar)
Joe Simmons (bass)

How they started?

The band have millions of YouTube views through their own channel and their covers with Alex Goot. So, they started as You Tubers at first. They released their first single ‘Thinking’ in July 2012 and a follow up single called ‘Closer, Faster’ in April 2013.


You can buy their music in iTunes.

ATC albums

My Favorite Original Songs

Another Way, Another You

“But they say life goes on anyway, if things should change,,, oh yeah! “ – I can relate with the lyrics of the song. I like the unique intro to this song. It’s kinda pop then rocking all throughout the chorus. I love the music video. There’s a story behind the song shown in the music video. Chrissy is so daring in this video. It’s a must watch!  I can feel the adrenaline.I just don’t really like Chrissy’s partner there.

Closer, Faster

Take me to your happily ever after”, It’s the most catchy phrase for me in the lyrics of the song. I enjoyed watching the band do aerobics for this music video. It’s really fun to watch. It’s cool also because it was sponsored by KIA. Nice! Alex Goot directed this music video too.

Something You Need

You oh! Never thought I’d ever be something you want, something you need” What I love about this song is the “You” pronounced longer for the tone style. I really love singing it too. HAHA. I think the acoustic version is cool. Thumbs up!

My Favorite Cover Songs

Shake it off by Taylor Swift

They made a fun and random music video cover about this song with Kurt Scheneider. I love this one because it’s so comic and they’re all animated here. Will is really funny here. HAHA! I think Chrissy did a good job for this song.

All too Well by Taylor Swift

I got addicted listening to this one. I like against the current cover of this song. I even memorized the lyrics. It’s really good for an acoustic session. It’s emotional as well.

She looks so Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer

Hey! ~ Saying this how many times like humming is what I sometimes practicing in singing. I enjoyed listening to their cover. I like this acoustic version than the original song. It’s strange because most of the people prefers the original.

Hey Against the Current Please come back to Manila. I haven’t heard you yet LIVE! I want to meet you guys. I wanna see you do concert here. (^^) More success to you Chrissy, Dan and Will!


Dear Daniel Gow, I have a crush on you! ❤

You can follow Against The Current here:

Twitter: @ATC_BAND



Official website:  http://www.atcofficial.com/


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