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The Little Prince (2015) : Movie Review

"The Little Prince" international poster. Click to enlarge.


A little girl lives in a very grown-up world with her mother, who tries to prepare her for it. Her neighbor, the Aviator, introduces the girl to an extraordinary world where anything is possible, the world of the Little Prince. (source: IMDB)




The Little Prince (2015) is an animated, unique and inspiring movie. The Little Prince is connected to our lives. The movie starts with the story of a girl whose life plan is well-planned by her mom and her being prepared with the things essential in the modern world as she grow up. Her routine was changed by meeting this peculiar grandpa aviator who happens to be connected to the little prince. The girl felt more excited and blissful about life upon being friends with the grandpa aviator.


Young Girl 

The main character who has a mundane life that needs to follow the schedule of every hour of her life according to the so called  “life plan” . She will become a friend of the aviator and will save Mr. Prince.

Her Mother 

the perfectionist mother who trains her daughter for a perfect future.


The friendly, adventurous and child-like grandpa neighbor you’ll ever met. He befriends the young girl and  changed her life.

Mr. Prince.

The Little Prince from the story who surprisingly become a rooftop janitor. He manage to grew up  but unlikely to be himself.


The film animation is good. I noticed the clay like animation when the aviator is narrating about the little prince world.

Comments and Suggestions: 

I was disappointed a little bit with the movie because I expected too much with the trailer. The classic book was made into an animated movie version. I read the book when I was in college. It was unique, imaginative and worth reading. I still prefer reading the book. Anyway, I watched the film because I want to reminisce about the Little Prince story.

Remember how the fox was tamed by the little prince. I think this is my favorite part in the book. The fox asked the prince to tame him. It required patience and time for it to happen until it was tamed. “To Tame” means “To establish ties/relationship“. Friendship is one of the invisible things that makes life more meaningful. If it was not tamed by him, it will be just like a thousand foxes.

"The Little Prince." (Click to enlarge.)

Also, the only rose in his planet is a common rose on Earth. What made it special is that it is his rose. So for you what makes a person special among the 8 billion people in this world? Same reason.

On the other part, I really cried when grandpa was sent to the hospital and the girl was trying  to follow the ambulance while riding a bike. That shows their connection became deep already. It was really moving. Then, the young girl wants to search for the little prince to find out that he became a JANITOR?! What?! It’s not in the book. Somehow for me, it ruins the “classic” vibes for the story. The characters also in the little prince’s universe living on their respective planets lives now in the zombie like city. disappointing right?

Let me get straight now with the moral lesson. Living in this busy and material world makes us forget what is really ESSENTIAL. Mr. Webster explains that it means something “very important”. This story  tagline would be …

It is intangible. Our relationship with other people and values are the things that is truly more important than money, car or that so called perfect life. Treasure it. Even though, our life is so fast paced let’s still make sure that we don’t forget what’s really important in life.

Overall, I like the story and hope it will inspire more people in the modern world. Though I would re-read the story than re-watch it as movie. That’s all. 🙂

Rating : 6 out of 10 


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