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(July 2016) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

Hello again for my 10 happy Things! I had a real (ugh!!~) hard time writing my 10 happy things for the month of July. Why? My cutie patootie Lebron (our house dog) died recently.  I love that dog. I miss him jumping on me  (daily routine) when I got home from work.  I also got sick because of the unstable weather and PMS. Of course, it’s not always a happy day. I just need to handle it. Happiness is a choice. Still, I choose to be happy. On the other hand, what made me smile this July?

  1. Children’s Birthday Lessons

For some reason, I enjoy Montessori Birthday lessons. I appreciate that it was possible to have a simple birthday celebration for pre-school. It’s not always MCDO, Jolibee and the like. We had 3 birthdays already in our class. ^o^

  1. Matcha Slush – Serenitea!

Finally, I got to taste the MATCHA SLUSH. It was really good. My first MATCHA experience was eating a Pocky matcha flavor then in Coffee bean. Now, my favorite milktea house offers MATCHA drink that I love now! 😀 More matcha for me!

Note : MATCHA by the way is a green tea powder that is famous in Japan.

  1. Holidays and Rainy Days

I am loving rainy days because the breeze is cooler and class suspension of course. It’s so great to drink hot coffee and laze around the bed on these days. It’s good to sleep too. We don’t need to use the artificial air from the AC.

  1. Handledwithluv Blog (~特別な人~)

I didn’t know that someone can appreciate me that much as a blogger. ^o^ For some reason, every time this blogger leaves comment on my blog it makes my day.  The blog is about Japanese goodies and stuffs. It’s something of my interest so I make time to visit this blog too from time to time. I would love to contribute here too. But you know what? I felt something “special” about this blog.  I can see 4 green flags about my theory behind this blog. I hope this blogger will show me the last green flag that I need. 🙂  … … … ! ❤

  1. Watching Fabulous 30 (Thailand Movie)


I never felt giddy again until I watched this THAI movie. FAB30 is very refreshing and comic. Love takes time and persistence. It depicts reality at the same time. Maybe, I shoul d start making a review? Haha!  Yes, you read it right. I am watching Thailand movies now. Most of the time, I review about Japan, S. Korea and USA movies only. I appreciate Thailand cinema industry esp. their STORY/PLOT. It’s something in depth and unique. So, watch out for Thai movie reviews on my blog next time! 😀

  1. #NoticeMeSenpai ~ Sakura Park Café Theme

This is my recent favorite game. I find convenience playing this game because I don’t need to monitor it the whole time. It is a bit of otome gaming. Otome is quite entertaining for me but what makes me love this game is the CAFÉ THEME STYLE. Haha! I didn’t know that I can be a SENPAI queen (@twohappycats calls me that. Haha!) Finally, I get my café theme goal -“Sakura Theme”.  I don’t care if I overspend my gems as long as I get what I want. Haha! #satisfaction

  1. MUSEO Pre-Tour

Whenever I go back to my university, I really feel good. I need to organize the field trip for the kids this September. The theme for this month (Church and Faith) is related to MUSEO DE LA SALLE. I do hope it will be all fine.  The tour guide happened to came from the same department as me. 🙂

  1. Etude House Blooming Fit


Oh yeah! I am becoming a loyal customer of ETUDE HOUSE PH (Korean Brand Make-up). I saved money to shift my BB cream into Blooming Fit. I got some free Tea tree Face Masks too. Yay~  ❤

  1. Driving Lessons – improvement

I had 4 sessions already of driving lessons. This is what makes me busy during weekends aside from blogging and reviewing. I look forward to improve and get a license in the near future. Parking is challenging. (T.T)

  1. Taaleña Restaurant and Bar + STARBUCKS Tagaytay 

Dining out with my colleagues sponsored by  SHMI-MS. I am already 1 year working here. It’s a good thing that once in a while we have this kind of get together. I feel blessed. 🙂 Taalena has a fine Filipino cuisine and great taal view. It’s also my comeback to Espresso! It’s my first time in SB Tagaytay. They have good interiors. 😀


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