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(August 2016) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

Hi everyone! I am back for my August Happy Things. Oh my Ghost month… >.< It’s been a busy month that I have soooo many things to do at work. I sometimes overtime in school but it’s okay. It’s good to be busy. That only means you are productive and earning! Hahaha! Oh well, I think I am also less active in social media but for the sake of my blog I make way for publicity . 🙂 Anyway, here goes the list!

1. Watching Teacher’s Diary (Thailand Movie)


Oh my goodness! I was really overwhelmed after watching this movie. (T.T) For the longest time, I never watched a masterpiece movie like this. I learned that it is an award winning film  based on a true story. No doubts after that. Come on, Please do check out  my movie review for my further thoughts about this film!~

Here’s the link : The Teacher’s Diary (2014): Movie Review

2. Listening to Owl City’s Tokyo feat Sekai No Owari 

I miss Owl City. I just visit its channel on youtube to check out what’s up to Adam Young. Gosh. I found this  awesome collaboration with Sekai no Owari of “TOKYO”. Try listening to it. You’ll love it too if you love Tokyo and electronica music .:)

3. ATC’s new music video “Young and Relentless” +Ph Meet and Greet news !

I simply love the latest music video. It’s a common thing for a come back kid like me. Haha! What made me jump for joy is the announcement that there’s a meet in greet in SM DASMA. That’s WAY too NEAR from my house… Waahh!! I am really destined to see Dan Gow   ATC_Band for real!~ ❤ ❤ ❤

4. Montessori Filipino Week program  and Suman Festival

The event was a success! We can use the rooms in the new building of the school so the stage was assembled there. Good thing I was able to attend now unlike last year. The parents were entertained. I miss events management like this. 🙂

5.  Welcome “Jackpot” – our new pup


We have a new cutie patootie! He came to us August 21. He is soooo tiny. We need a dog because Lebron is gone. It’s nice to have this pup at home. I like Squishing him. Haha!


My Aunt (Dad’s side) went to Singapore for a tour.  They said we have relatives there to stay in. I was surprised to know that we do have relatives there?! haha! I got some bag, shirt, merlion choco and ref magnet. I like the souvenirs. Hope to visit Singapore soon too.. 😀 I love the Merlion chocolate! ❤ That made me happy 😀

7. The Long Weekend! (National Hero’s Day)

Of course… any holiday will make me happy. (period!)

8.  There’s a real Giant Rilakkuma plushie!~ 

I am a Rilakkuma fan so when I found out there’s a life size Rilakkuma Plushie it excites me! :3 HAHAHA!

9. Charity Class playing Filipino Games 

It was fun to see the children appreciates “Larong Pinoy”. I think it’s important to educate them about traditional Filipino games because most of the children now only knows Tablet or Phone game apps.. (Monster Truck Games, Zombie Games..and more). These are not yet appropriate with them to play. They need a real game like this. Here you will learn the value of sportsmanship and will also make you physically fit.  🙂

10. Axel The Key Gameplay of Max an Autistic Journey 

This game caught my attention recently. @axelthekey did a good job on the gameplays. This also made us talk for a long thread again. 🙂 It has nice challenges and simple story about max’s lifestyle. It’s also educational that gives advice to people related with SPED or has autistic love ones.you’re awesome, Rd!~

 “Max, an Autistic Journey is a retro style top-down turn-based RPG filled with mini games, monsters and most of all, heart. Developed by a devoted dad who made a game with his son about his son’s autism.”


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