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September Blog Hiatus

Dear Readers,

It’s a start of – BER months once again. We’re all looking forward to the cool breeze of Christmas. Let me get straight to the point now. I will be in hiatus in social media and blogging this SEPTEMBER. Yes, I will be less active in the online world in a month.

I need to focus on something very important. I bet you know what I am preparing for if you are my loyal follower.  I’ll also use the time to plan for some major changes on my blog theme / layout. It needs some revamp as it will celebrate its 6th year already on December. Yay!~ Don’t worry Words and Rhythm would seem to be active because I re-scheduled my past blog posts for the whole month. You’re just reviewing what I blog. Anyway, I will catch up for the September – Happy Things.

Thank you always for the support. I will always do my best to make WORDS and RHYTHM a better blog. If you have any important message to me please DM me on Twitter or send me a gmail à delmundo.lovelyc@gmail.com

Love lots,

Your Lovely blogger…


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