Coffee Bean’s Sparkling Apple Iced Tea

Sparkling Green Tea

Date: 04/22/2015

Camera: Mom’s Iphone 4

Location: My Room


I think the can is photogenic. Haha! I want to experience drinking coffee in Coffee Bean. This drink is good. They say it tasted like beer but for me it’s not because I can clearly taste the Green Apple . Thanks neighbor for this drink! ^^


39 thoughts on “Coffee Bean’s Sparkling Apple Iced Tea

      1. Yeah I can imagine that. Their decoration and art are very attracting especially with girls. But I won’t fall for it. I can fall easily on tech sides but not with donuts 😀

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      2. Okay…We’re not the same about this.. haha! I just like anything Kawaii! / Cute! hahaha! 😀 If you want I can design the interiors of your car with some cute stuffs..or make your Phone case cute too.. hahaha! xp

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      3. You’re only the director with Clara and Peter videos.. okay..:p hahaha!
        I’ll hire a more credible production team for this movie.. hahaha! I’ll even invite special guests..haha! xp

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      4. Oh I was right 🙂
        You have a good voice and it’s entertaining for me. It’s just the video is dark. But the main point here is to hear your voice. You can do better on your next video 🙂
        Record it in the afternoon if you don’t have any good lighting in your room.
        But I love it, keep up the good work!

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      5. Yep.. This is a 5 years old video. haha!
        This video was recorded in my aunt house.It’s night..
        The video was converted too many times that affects the quality of the video.
        I am hoping to do more…
        I have the skill but don’t have the materials yet like guitar and tripod.. sigh..
        Thanks for the support and again suggestions for my improvement. 😀

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      6. I adore your bold movement in joining the YouTube that what makes a 5 star-rating for you today for trying your best.
        Do you want to create a musical youtube channel or you have plan to mix them with your daily life?
        If it’s not a focussed one you might as well take some other kind of videos or funny videos around your town! Who knows they might be the ones who give you more views and subscribers and lead to more views for your music videos. You can buy them later by saving money 🙂
        I always put any chances I have with my current own private channel and more focussed videos for other channels of mine including Lego.
        Sure you have done a lot to my blog so I am looking forward for your very next videos and I have subscribed to your channel too!
        I like your voice and good luck 👍

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      7. HAHA! .. Too much exposure in social media is I think not good too. you know… After all, I am not a public figure..:D I want to do something like your singapore 2014 short video..i think it’s cute..haha! 😀

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    1. I am engaged ..ah no..almost married to Starbucks that’s why I haven’t experience coffee bean yet. haha! Oh.,’s more expensive.. (o.o) I want to experience having a coffee time there too.


      1. The beans they use are stronger than SB for my taste. Not that it matter because I usually order decaf. Their teas are great. That’s what I usually get.

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