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Queen:  My Past Life


You were a queen! Your personality reveals that you were a powerful and enchanting queen in your past life! You were seductive, romantic, strong, determined, and a true lover of the arts. You were admired by your kingdom and relentlessly pursued by the all the men (and even the ladies!) of your realm. Your beauty still shines through in this life and it’s clear to all who know you that you’re royalty at heart. You are irresistible and draw all of your lovers like moths to a flame. What do you think about having been a queen? Let us know, your highness!” (My Quiz Result)

One time, I tried a Quiz link in Facebook. I am interested on “Past Life” topics. I clicked a certain link then started to answer the quiz. Queen is the result for all of my answers. My mom got the pirate which I don’t understand why. HAHA!  I am thinking about the result. If I am a queen, I must be a dominant person. I must have the “Queen Bee” attitude but I don’t have. On other side of my mind, maybe the quiz is right. Maybe, I am a different kind of queen. HAHA! The right thing about it is I am person who really appreciates beauty. arts,  and elegance. I also hope I am a kind-hearted queen before who’s always concern about the people in her kingdom. ^^~

Here’s the link if you want to try it too:

What Was Your Past Life According To Your Personality?


18 thoughts on “Queen:  My Past Life

    1. Oh! Really….? Well, I can say that it’s something like that…haha…

      I thought you’ll get pirate because you’re an adventurous type…haha! Cool to know that! ^o^ / HAHA…

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      1. What you want me to become a pirate? I would prefer to become a pirate too 😮
        King was boring…and I don’t have a vision to rule the kingdom. Wups is it related to Clara & Peter Build Our Kingdom 😮

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      2. HAHA! You really did agree on that… XD XD They say it’s more exciting to be a warrior/pirate than to be a king. Even in Chess, the King has only one move.. He needs to be protected all the time..

        The result is king for you..maybe..hmmm… you have leadership skills and can manage a team well.. HAHA….Perhaps, it’s about Clara and Peter’s kingdom..hahaha! 😀


      3. You are right it seems I have a leadership skill and I often help people by directing what they should do if they face problems. Maybe I am a leader in that kind of situation. But still I want to be a pirate travel around the world and hunting down gold 😮
        Lol shall I be the king to Clara and Peter?
        Only time will tell…..Next episode? Again only time will tell when 😀

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      4. Yeah…! It’s about the leadership skill..^^~
        You are the King/Director to Clara and Peter…haha! It’s up to you about the next episode..but I can’t do anything about your mood in making videos..haha! ^^

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      5. Yeah could be lol
        True that’s what I am afraid of when I am not in the mood of doing something my creativity level drop to zero. It’s either very creative or not creative for me. I have never been able to stay at normal level in doing everything. Either I can do it very well or can’t do it at all. Oh well..
        But you got a queen which is very nice!

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      6. You have never been able to stay at normal level in doing everything because you’re just a normal human being..haha! XD

        I don’t know if I really like being a Queen..It’s okay better than being a princess..haha! ^o^

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      7. HAHA! you’re an abnormal king.. Now you’re trying to run away with your duties and responsibilities..haha! XD Wait…did you just say that I can take your kingdom? HAHA! you must protect it but letting me invade your kingdom is okay.?.haha…

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