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Frozen (2013) : Movie Review



Once upon a time in the kingdom of Arendelle, there live two princesses: Elsa (older) and Anna (Younger). The older sister Elsa has this unique power that can make a whole place ice.  When they were younger, Anna asks Elsa to play with her. She told her, “Do you want to build the snowman?”  Accidentally, Elsa struck Anna her ice power. To cure Anna, the King consulted the trolls. The Troll leader said that “Elsa’s power can be a beauty but it can also be a danger”. From that day, Elsa got isolated with people and even from Anna.  Also, all the gates were locked after that. It’s a family’s secret that was hidden from the whole Arendelle. Princess Anna’s memory was also changed so she can’t remember anything about her sister’s power.



Frozen (2013) is a fantasy and adventure Disney Animation movie.  It’s about the relationship of two sisters who happens to be princess and queen in a Kingdom of Arendelle.  They became distant because of Queen Elsa’s ice power or should I say curse.  I admire Princess Anna’s determination to reconnect with her older sister. She didn’t give up even though Queen Elsa always shuts the door close in her face.  Sibling’s relationship can be really close.  On the other hand, there can also be a sibling rivalry. The causes of this are parent’s favoritism, Family’s inheritance or even a Romance conflict between the siblings. Honestly, I don’t like a sister before because I don’t want comparisons and a roommate. But, I would love to have princess Anna. I consider my friends as sister.  I have a younger brother though. Having a brother is rather chaotic than what I expected. Anyway, this film will surely bring you a heartfelt moment.


My favorites are Let it Go, Do you want to build a snowman? And Reindeers are better than people. Actually, I like all. I just need to mention my most favorite. 😀




She is Elegant, poised and reserved. In reality, she’s concealing a long-time secret. She can create ice or snow. She lived in fear because it is unusual.  As much as possible, she practices her power to stay in control. Conceal. Don’t feel. Don’t let it show.


She is optimistic, fearless and caring. She longs to reconnect with her sister Elsa. They used to be close in their childhood. She wants to know why Elsa is always in the room locked. She has this loving heart that never gives up.


“Ice is my life!”, Kristoff to Anna.  He’s a cowboy, adventurous and an honest person. At first, you will see him as a snobbish person. But, He’s really dependable. He’s always with his favorite pet, Stan.


He’s polite, nice and clean looking. In reality, He’s a deceiving prince who wants to take over Arendelle.


This is a funny snowman that was made by Queen Elsa. It loves to sing. It’ wants to experience summer. What would be a snowman in summer?


I have watched a video about the making of “Frozen”. I learned some details about its animation. Queen Elsa’s Hair strands are so detailed. They said it is the most difficult part in the drawing.  Talking about animation, my most-liked scene is the “Let it Go” music video part. The building of the Ice Castle part is really so amazing! Everything is moving just like that. My jaw dropped while watching this part.  The cold really didn’t bother Queen Elsa. Superb!

ice queen

Comments and Suggestions

I can say that this is one of the Disney Animation that gained a sensational popularity. I’m not surprised about that.  When “FROZEN” was shown in cinemas, it suddenly got the attention of a lot of people. I can see anything “FROZEN” everywhere. The Marketing of this Film really gained a lot profit. There are so many Frozen Merchandises like T-Shirts, Costumes, Stuff Toys, Posters, Toys and Cakes. Most of the little girls 7th birthdays were themed “FROZEN”. There are also so many Youtuber who made cover songs of the famous song “Let it go”.  Even Manny Pacquaio made his version which is really funny. I’ve watch other Youtubers who impersonated the “FROZEN “characters.

Anyway, my favorite song impersonation will be Princess Anna’s song “Do you want to build a snowman?” I mean, it really became sensational not only for the kids but even for Adults. What really made me like this Animation Film are the Soundtracks. Ask me many times, I will definitely say that FROZEN’s Soundtrack Album Compilation is really amazing. I don’t know the magic behind it but it’s really captivating. Every song is appropriate for the story scenes.  Each character in the story has their own singing moment. It’s so musical. I find the song “For the First Time in Forever” (reprise version) so theatrical.  That’s what Disney all about. I can imagine it on Theatre Play or in Ice Skating Show.

Aside from the soundtracks, I also like the story. It’s not the typical Princess- Prince romance.  It was shown there that True Love is not only about Man-Woman Romance. True Love can also be a love from your Sibling or Friend. As for Elsa and Anna, their relationship as sisters was given emphasis. Queen Elsa thought that she won’t be able to overcome the curse she has. But with Princess Anna’s full determination and love for her sister, the curse was broken.  I’m glad that “true love’s kiss” is not the curse breaker here.  (HAHAHA!)

With the characters, I can relate with Queen Elsa the most. Fear was also my enemy. I think I’ve watched this movie more than 10 times already. Actually, I am after the songs. Though I just want the songs, I’d still prefer to watch the whole movie again. I can’t deny that the animation here is so good also. Disney is still the best when in come to animation films. If I have a great drawing skill, being a Disney animator will be my dream.  Unfortunately, I don’t have that skill so just forget about it. (HAHA!)

Anna and Kristoff is cute together! <3
Anna and Kristoff is cute together! ❤

“Winter can be this Beautiful….” – Princess Anna


(Hope I can experience winter too! White Christmas!^^~) If you already watched this film, you can

Rating: 9 out of 10 


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  1. I’ve watched Frozen too, but thanks for refreshing my mind with this review! I don’t know why I can’t stand songs in Disney, and this movie was full of them, hahah! But I liked it 🙂

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