Casa Classroom


Title:  Casa Classroom

Date:  July 2015

Camera: Canon Power Shot SX120 IS

Location: SHMI – MS , my workplace


This is the environment where I work everyday. I need to arrange the materials in order everyday. The learning materials here are creative and child friendly. ❤


12 thoughts on “Casa Classroom

    1. I am handling pre-school age 3-5 years old.. These children needs wide space and their activity of learning is different compared with the tradition school setting.. ^^ Thanks for the like! ^o^

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      1. Talking about turtles, I saw my videos about them. I missed making videos of them. Oh well I wish that I could make my own job. I love making their videos but live goes on. Someday I would probably be back and continue making again. By that time my video skill would have already been improved 🙂


      2. Geez I am so willing to edit the last one. i don’t know what hindered me from doing so. Oh I just downloaded Adobe products and found that I might give Adobe After Effect a go. It will improve my videos creation in the future.

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