Ouran High School Host Club: Anime Review


Fujioka Haruhi is attending the prestigious Ouran High School, a school normally only available to the children of very rich and powerful people. After stumbling into the 3rd music room looking for a quiet place to study Haruhi discovers the fabled host club, a club dedicated to playing host to young ladies. After accidently breaking a priceless vase the club decides to let Haruhi join them in order to pay off her debt. But, to do so, they must keep her gender a secret from the rest of the school.



Ouran High School Club (2009) is a Romance, High School Life, Comedy and Girl to Boy Disguise kind of anime.  It is very entertaining to its audience. The character personalities made the story more interesting. It’s not really realistic. There’s a host club inside the school. Maybe, it’s like a Maid cafe but here the servants are all good looking and rich boys. Imagine if it happens in real life. That would be fun.


  1. Sakura Kiss
  2. Guilty Beauty Love 
  3. Heart Pounding Exciting 
  4. Always by your side


Haruhi Fujioka

Haruhi is shown to be brutally honest, but she is very perceptive and caring. She is able to effortlessly tell Hikaru and Kaoru apart (Tamaki had to struggle several times), which quickly earns her their respect. Despite her seemingly nonchalant attitude, she is shown to actually be very emotionally invested in all the host club’s comings and goings, which becomes apparent when she shares an often surprising insight the other members have overlooked

Tamaki Suoh

He is the princely type, who entertains customers with upper-class etiquette and shameless flattery. He refers to his club as his “family”, with himself as the father figure; Kyoya, the mother; Haruhi, the daughter; Hikaru and Kaoru, the brothers; and Mori and Honey, the uncles. Since Tamaki is the main comic character of the series, he is outspoken and naive for his age, especially since he only views himself as an obsessive father figure to Haruhi, when he is really in love with her, even though he is flirt with other girls, still.

Kyoya Ootori 

Kyoya is best friends with Tamaki, despite their completely different demeanors. Kyoya is secretive and highly intelligent, as his ability to calculate the financial and social benefits that result from the Host Club’s adventures demonstrates. He is a realistic and pragmatic person, making him a competent and accurate Club secretary and accountant. Despite his occasionally antagonistic traits, the Host Club would not have been successful without Kyoya’s resourcefulness. Although he is rarely seen entertaining guests of the Host Club, he has his admirers and is considered the cool type.

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin 

The twins, Hikaru Hitachiin and Kaoru Hitachiin are depicted as mischievous, devious, and otherwise childish young men who toy with people, including their schoolmates. The club opened them up to new experiences, including the development of a deep bond with Tamaki. Describing the world as “us” and “them,” the twins were distrustful and unkind to others. Additionally, because their parents were often away, they were deeply dependent on each other; joining the club and meeting Haruhi helped them become more independent.

Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka

Honey is depicted as a childish and cake-loving boy who is much older than what his elementary school appearance would indicate. He is also a strong fighter who can send people flying with one kick. Honey is often around his cousin Mori, to whom he is very close, and lives with his father, the owner of a famous dojo, and his little brother, Yasuchika, with whom he is often at odds.

Takashi “Mori” Morinozuka


Mori is depicted as tall, quiet and somewhat intimidating, but he is very protective of Honey, whom he calls by his first name, Mitsukuni. This was seen in the anime and manga when Honey had a toothache (anime: episode 12, manga: chapter 14. His protective personality extends to his classmates and the Host Club members, earning him a level of respect. He normally does not try to woo girls. The girls like how he cares for Honey and shyer customers are attracted to his tall physique and taciturn personality.

Renge Houshakuji

She is the Host Club’s self-proclaimed manage who tends to be incredibly loud and outspoken. She lived in France for a short time before attending Ouran and first came across the Host Club by maintaining the belief she was Kyoya’s fiancée despite never having met him in person. Her fascination with Kyoya originates from her obsession with one such dating game, since he greatly resembles the lead character. Tamaki initially makes Renge the Host Club’s manager hoping that she will become a female friend to Haruhi and inspire her to act and dress more feminine.


The drawing is appropriate in the genre that it wants to promote. It balances the whole story and visuals. There isn’t anything really grand.

Comments and Suggestions:

I have watched this anime when I was in 1st or 2nd college recommended by a friend. I happen to watch it again because of my cousin’s copy. The anime version is better than the live action version. I enjoyed watching it. Even my high school otaku friends like this anime. In those years, I observed that a lead female character in the story disguising as a boy is very popular like Hana Kimi Japan (Ashiya) and He’s Beautiful South Korea (Go Mi Nam). It was so entertaining that time.

In this anime, it is Haruhi who plays that role. It just so happen for her to disguise because of the vase she accidentally broke. As a payment for the club, she needs to work as a host until she completes the price range of that expensive vase. Unknown to her, Ouran High School Host Club will change her life forever. It’s uncomfortable for her to be with these upper class students and her as a commoner. She’s with 6 good looking and rich guys every day. Wow! Good thing is the club’s female customers don’t know it. Though, Haruhi is not a fan girl type. She likes studying and just wants to live a normal life.

The plot of this anime is good and the comedy scenes are very entertaining. It also shows the difference of a commoner’s lifestyle from the elite lifestyle. There was a scene where Haruhi bought an instant coffee because there is no stock of coffee in the club room. Her fellow hosts are very surprised seeing an instant coffee for the first time. What more funny is Tamaki’s imagination and dreams about Haruhi’s poor lifestyle! He’s worried so he decided to go to her house with the whole gang. Haha!

What brought this anime is the character development and personalities. It’s the big feature for this anime. The characters I can relate with are Haruhi, Renge and Honey-senpai. Haruhi is a commoner like me. She was admitted in the school because of scholarship. It happened to me also in my school life. But of course, I don’t disguise myself as a boy. Haha! I like Renge too though she’s a bit of over acting. We’re same of being an otaku. I used to be obsessed with being a fan girl for a popular band or guy on television that is delusional. Honey and I both have a sweet tooth.

With our Ouran Host Club boys, I would love to date Kyoya or Mori. I think they are the tallest in the group. It will make me look feminine dating tall guys. Kyoya is the mysterious type. He is also admired with his intelligence. He can give me wise advices with my finances and education.  I can learn many things with him. Mori is an atlethic and protective type. What I need now is security in all kinds. I want to feel protected because of my bad experience. Being with Mori will give me an assurance. (Should I hire a body guard or butler rather? Haha)

If I have any suggestions to this anime, I hope there is more of Haruhi and Tamaki moments together. Also, There would be a tight competition with the twins and Tamaki. I also like Renge to have more of romantic affair with Kyoya.

If you like shojou type of anime, this one is for you. 😀  Kiss, Kiss, Fall in love!

Rating: 8 out of 10

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20 thoughts on “Ouran High School Host Club: Anime Review

  1. Definitely one of my favourite anime series – brings back a lot of memories! I remember watching this series when I was still in High School and everyone was debating which guy was their favourite (haha I’m still sweet on Mori).

    Haruhi and Tamaki are such a sweet couple – will probably end up reading the manga just to see more Haruhi and Tamaki moments 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! Hi kurosama 😀 I followed you…

      Yes, OHS is one of the fun anime I’ve watched. Oh really.. you like Mori? haha.. I kinda like Mori too.. 😀

      Oh really.. Haruhi and Tamaki will get married in Manga.. ❤


      1. Heya, thanks for the follow! I only just started blogging so it’s very encouraging 🙂 I really enjoy going through your blog – lots of interesting posts 🙂
        Ooh that’s good to know – Haruhi and Tamaki are so sweet ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Even though it was cliche and cringe-worthy during some parts of the anime, I absolutely loved the show! I was quite disappointed that there wouldn’t be a Season 2 😥

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My favourite host in the show is (very cliche, but I can’t help it T.T) Tamaki Suoh! ^.^ Oh, and I’m from Malaysia 😀 What about you?


      2. I don’t have Twitter, I’m sorry T.T But yeah, I used to play Mystic Messenger! Managed to finish Yoosung’s route before I got banned… Then, I just got too lazy to have to make a new account and do everything all over again :/


  3. As a guy, this show really creeped me out at first because I had no idea what I was getting into. Heck, I only began watching the anime because the English dub voice for Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist, Vic Mignogna, also voices Tamaki Suoh. But once I got past episode two, I was sold by the comedy and hilarious plot!

    Tamaki is probably one of my favorite characters in the show probably because of my bias of his Enlgish dub voice actor but also because of his extroverted personality and flirtatious actions that usually get him into trouble! I’m also like Haruhi, similar to you, because there was a time in my life only a few years ago when I was homeless. I have appreciation for money and have learned to not take most things for granted.

    Anyways, I really enjoyed your review and I also loved Ouran as much as you did!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Almost everyone loves Tamaki. He’s so FUNNY! Some of my friends likes the Twins. Do you remember the instant coffee issue there? every episode is really hilarious. So if you are a host there you’ll most likely be Tamaki? Haha.. Nice choice. haha..

      I think you are the first guy who leaved comment on my Ouran Review post. I appreciate it! hahaha.. Thanks! 😀

      I checked you blog. I believe you make good reviews too. I hope to see more of you blogging. I followed you on twitter as well. Good Luck on your university life! ^o^ I love your major and minor course. thumbs up!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. After watching this anime last year, I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I thought I would…probably because I was hoping for more serious scenes and I don’t watch very many romantic comedy anime. (Gosh, I told a few people at school that I thought the anime was “okay” and they freaked out!)
    Some of my good points for this anime were a couple of the characters, Haruhi and Kyoya (and I would totally date him, too, like you said XD), and the English dub. In addition, thelast five episodes of the series were a lot better than the rest. I feel like there was a lot more character and story development around that time in the series.
    Later on this school year, though, I rewatched a few of the episodes – plus some of the parody episodes – and started having more respect for the anime more than I did a while back.
    This was a really good review! I definitely enjoyed reading it 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First, I really appreciate your long comment here. 🙂 It’s very rare now to read something like this. 😀

      Wow, you are also very keen in the story development. Haha! I understand why your classmates freaked out when you only said it was okay because it’s a really good anime. The comedy is really hilarious! You won’t refuse it!~

      Ah.. Kyoya.. that means your type is mysterious guys? I still prefer the Japanese dub.. haha.. most of the time in any anime.

      Thank you for reading!~ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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