10 Happy Things

(September 2016) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

Hey guys!  Thank you for those who cheered me up before I go on hiatus and the waiting for my come back this October! Finally, THE BIG EXAM  is over. My preparation required me to set aside blogging for a while.  Anyway, I am finally back after the long hiatus.

1.Steven Harris (my new acoustic guitar)

Finally!~ Goal achieved again for this year. I bought my very own acoustic guitar. I stopped playing the guitar for a long time so I forgot already more songs to play. My muscle memory helps me to remember. I was able to play for the kids and might as well bring my Youtube Channel back to Life! Haha! Watch out! 😀

2. Best Taco in Pancake House


I tried eating in Pancake House on my own. I chose The Best Taco in town order. I feel satisfied. Haha! I want more! Yum 😀

3. Against the Current (Meet and Greet)@ SM Dasma


OH MY GOODNESS! GRACIOUS! I really can’t believe that it will be possible for me to MEET DAN, CHRISSY and WILL for REAL UPCLOSE! It was a great experience.  I will make a blog about my experience about it.. waaah! So stay tuned! 😀

4. Seafood Island Dinner


It’s my parents 26th wedding anniversary! We had dinner in Seafood Island Restaurant in District Mall. I love how it was creatively served to us and the seafood are fresh. I would definitely like to go back here! 😀

5. Charity Class Chasing Chickens + some treats from Australia

Children are happy with simple things like chasing chickens. I just laughed at them. As for me, It will be more exciting to eat fried chicken or chicken sandwich. Haha! XD #adulting


Another thing, one of our student’s dad went back from Australia. He shared some goodies or pasalubong to his son’s teachers. Thanks! 😀

6. Listening to “In Our Bones” ATC song

I keep listening to this song. I find the lyrics good. It’s being brave to live life with someone. No matter happens you know you can make it. I like the melody. I didn’t know that i will love this one! :p

7. Tried New Hokkaido Mocha Slush @ Serenitea


Oh well! I am back again on my favorite tea house. I tried Serenitea’s NEW Hokkaido Mocha Slush. I love it! ❤

8.  Having a Pinterest Account 

The world’s catalog of ideas.I find it more organized, helpful and professional. I decided to make one. I was kinda obsessed looking on it. It has many things to offer which is very useful. I like it better than instagram. I love Pinterest!

9.  A Puppy Again named Charity


Jackpot was lost so we need to get another pup. So, here’s Charity the new pup. Isn’t she cute? hahaha ❤

10.  Taking the “September 2016 Licensure Examination for Teachers”

This is one big event for my career life this 2016. I have a long story about what happened, my feeling about it and more. Soon to Blog. 🙂


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