Events! : Feeling “Young and Relentless” Meeting AGAINST THE CURRENT BAND.

Events! : Feeling “Young and Relentless” Meeting AGAINST THE CURRENT BAND.

By: Lovely Del Mundo

OH MY GOODNESS! Hello fellow comeback kid (ATC fans) out there. The moment of truth has come. AGAINST THE CURRENT was finally back for the IN OUR BONES WORLD TOUR CONCERT in Manila. I heard this thing made the Filipino fans literally have gone wild. This is the evidence.

I would like to apologize in behalf of your fans here in the Philippines who happen to adore you so much. Most of them are teenagers who can’t still hold themselves. I was there but I was far from you. Actually, I heard Dan fell off too. I felt embarrassed with what the other fans have done. I still hope you’ll come back despite of what happened.

On the other hand, I felt so ecstatic and overwhelmed seeing DANIEL GOW, CHRISSY COSTANZA and WILL FERRI standing there for real in front of my eyes. I still can’t believe that it will be all possible.


I literally jump in front of the PC when I saw the tweet update about the MEET and GREET. I was surprised that the location of the said event is in my place (Dasmarinas, Cavite) SM Dasma. I researched how can I join the meet and greet. It’s an easy way than I expected so LET’S GO!

I rushed after work to SM DASMA because it will start 5pm. My timeout in school is 4:30 PM. I was able to arrive 5:30 because of traffic. I wasn’t able to hear them play their songs. I am really running towards the event grounds. There were so many people. They are all cheering for CHRISSY only. The vocalist usually gets the spotlight so Chrissy was more recognized. As for me, I am fair enough to recognize Dan and Will as a part of Against the Current too. All are working hard to make good music. ^o^

Most of the fans are teenagers. I felt a little embarrassed because I am older. Haha! :p I was able to get a regular ticket and free poster. If I only have the VIP, I can take picture with them together. I meet new found friends there. Hi Abigail and Jen(?) ! They are also so excited. I love meeting fellow fans like them. It was really fun. ^o^

The chance to get closer to them is the poster signing. The security is really tight with the fans. No cameras allowed near them. When we are getting closer for our turn, I can’t explain what I am feeling anymore. They are so gorgeous up close. Will seems serious in signing. I told Chrissy that I support them and think that their music is really amazing. She said , “Thank you!” We did handshake. Dan is sparkling in my eyes. I want to hug him. Haha! But at least, touch his hand. Haha! He smiled back at me. *faint*

I am an ATC fan since December 2014. I love their music because I can relate to the lyrics most. I like the hype of will’s drumming style, Dan’s swag when playing lead guitar and Chrissy’s vocal charm. I also love most of their songs like in their recent album I keep listening to in our bones, young and relentless, forget me now and roses.  I hope they will continue their music and go around the world again. 😀 Thanks for visiting the Philippines once again. I am so happy that this year I got the chance. Thank you for inspiring me Dan, Chrissy and Will. I always wish the best for Against the Current. You got my support anytime! I love you guys! ❤


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