Events! : Kawaii and Fun-filled Sunday in COSMANIA 2016!

Events! : Kawaii and Fun-filled Sunday in COSMANIA 2016!

Sunday, October 2, 2016 – SMX (Mall of Asia)

By: Lovely del Mundo


Cosplay Mania is the Philippine’s premiere event for cosplay and cosplaying enthusiasts. As Cosplay continues to rise as a creative hobby for the young and old, the event continues to draw bigger crowds, with more than 25,000 attendees for last year’s two-day event. Now in its 7th year, Cosplay Mania celebrates the more than 10 years of Philippine cosplay history since the hobby’s humble local beginnings way back in the year 2000.

This is my very first time to attend a cosplay event. I know it seems late for my age because I am in Mid-20s already. Everyone started attending when they are still students. I don’t understand why I didn’t attend cosplay events before. Am I a super busy student? Haha! I am an anime fan ever since. My otaku spirit seems to be alive again. ^o^ v

Carmey (CTP Friend/BullyBuddy) mentioned about this cosplay event when we chat in Viber. Since then, I am anticipating this event. I am so excited because it will be my first time to officially attend cosplays and japan related merchandises event. Yay!~Thanks Carmey for inviting me here as your new recruit… hahaha!  I didn’t know you are a pioneer in attending J-related events like this and even established longtime friends. It was also nice meeting you, Monic and Joanna! Hope to see you again next time! 😀

I only went Day 2 (Sunday) because that’s my free time. I thought I wouldn’t be able to go because we had a mass sponsored by our school.  But then again, no one can stop you if your heart wants to go! Hahaha! I missed some freebies from DAISO because I came late. I arrived 3pm in SMX. I felt very hungry that time because of walking. I also had difficulty finding Carmey  because there’s so many people everywhere. There’s no empty space. I got a silver ticket by the way. I ate in YOSHINOYA food booth while waiting. I somehow enjoyed the food.  What I look forward for this day is to visit the KAWAII PH store, J-Fashion (Harajuku and Mori Girl style) store, Japan Stuffs Shops and meeting/take pictures of cosplayers. Naruto cosplay was so visible there. There’s no HunterxHunter cosplayer though. And, it’s hard for me to take pictures seriously! >.<

I am with Cosplayer – Tomori  (Charlotte)~<3



Kawaii Japanese Doll Mug, Cookie Holder and displays!
My Bracelet Ticket!
It’s my first time to visit the kawaii store! ❤ Everything is Kawaii as expected. I am glad to meet kawaii bloggers for real too.  I bought socks and #whimsicute hairclip!~

Image result for mystic messenger

MYSTIC MESSENGER was really a FAD in COSMANIA 2016. I remember discovering this otome game on @twohappycats tweets. I never tried because I might get addicted then it will take over my life.I don’t want that to happen. Carmey also loves this game. It excites her. I laugh when she showed me her phone wallpaper.  She also got some Mystic messenger goodies. HAHA! On the other hand, I have my very own favorite bit of otome gaming which is NOTICE ME SENPAI! 

I stayed a bit longer in NOTICE ME SENPAI shop. There’s lot of stickers and bookmarks of all the senpais. It’s hard for me to choose. In the end, I bought Yamato-senpai (Rocker) and Ren-senpai  (sleepy senpai). 

Stuffs I bought in Cosmania~

I am quite hype with this simple otome game because of cute café themes and convenience to play. I was able to make most of the senpai go crazy over me. I just know how to make them stay.*wink*  :p I also got the chance to talk to the creative director of the game. I asked questions about plushies and locations of their shop. Sometimes I really ask too much when I am interested. Haha! I love how friendly the Notice me Senpai Team was to all people there. More power to this game. ^o^~

Hello Notice Me Senpai Team!~

Towards the end of gallivanting around the event, we went inside the concert venue. I saw cosplay competition. Final Fantasy and One Punch man are there!  There were judges to give verdict to all the competitors. Cool! They really put effort with acting too.!


Overall, my first Cosmania experience was fun, hype and much otakuness! I would love to attend more of this kind of event. Next time, I will be more prepared with my camera. I also need to know the brands coming here ( I didn’t know DAISO is here) prior to the event for me to be updated of discounts and promos on that day. >.<  I was kind of active this year to immerse on real events in the name of my blog. I am getting closer to my GOALS. I am always grateful! Till’ next time! Hope to see you too dear readers!


Kawaii Clip.jpg

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