10 Happy Things

(October 2016) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition


October loves! ❤  Hello once again to all my readers out there! This is my always awaited personal blog where you can take a glimpse of my private life. How am I doing for real?! I am excited to share with you what made me smile this month. Even a typhoon made me smile too. haha! Don’t mind me.. anyway.. You can scroll down please as you wish.. 😉

  1. Attending Cosplay Mania 2016 in SMX (Oct 2.)


It was my first time attending a cosplay event. I was so excited! I saw many cosplayers from different trending anime now. There are lots of Japanese Merchandise shops. It was also my first time to visit Kawaii Store. Read more about my cosmania experience.

      2.Parade of Nations (Oct 7)

The children in SHMI-MS wears different traditional costume around the world. The parade was almost cancelled due to rainy days. At least, the children were given a chance to show their colorful costumes.

3. Teacher’s Day  (Oct 5)

I feel appreciated this teacher’s day. I also want to thank all the teachers around the world. I feel you! ~ ❤ Let’s do our best for the future of the kids we’re destined to take care of. 🙂

4. My Blog’s Domain name renewal and new theme

Do I tweet a lot? I actually express myself more on twitter than any social media.  What made me really happy this October is having more time for my blog. I missed a lot last September so I am really catching up. Seeing everything is going well esp in WORDS AND RHYTHM makes me feel motivated. I love it! ^o^~

5. Playing Tuber Simulator ^o^

I enjoyed playing tuber simulator even though I am not a real youtuber or gamer. Rd recruited me so I tried. :p  Since it’s about room decor, I gave it a shot. Rd and I both love decor stuffs. so yeah.. haha ❤ I can leave it  and return while the progress moves. Haha! I hope to have more rooms soon. Add me and him –> @thelovelyrhythm and @axelthekey.. Thanks! ^^

6 . Shopping in SM MOLINO (New Shops!)

If you don’t know, one of my hobby is window shopping then if I am luckier real shopping. I am so glad with the progress of SM Molino. It has a department store now which I love. Got my new kicks there. 🙂 I also tried Seattle’s Coffee shop for the first time! Hope I can visit more cafe when I go places. ❤

7. G+ Reader Compliment and being active again online!. 🙂 


What warms my heart are messages of appreciation to my blog. It’s like when you worked hard on a project, it gets appreciated. It feels like worth doing. Sometimes, it feels like no one notices what I do but then randomly you will see this kind of message.  This what makes me do more of making reviews and pursuing my blog. Thank you so much dear readers! ❤

8. Eating FROYO! ❤ 

Why FROYO is better than ice cream? Of course, it’s less sweet. Anyway, I can have both. haha! XD

9. Playing my Steven Harris

It’s been really a long time for me to play the guitar again. Now, I make time to practice playing when I have spare time. It’s quite relieving especially when I feel exhausted, overwhelmed with tasks and drained. It’s somehow a theraphy for me. More practice then I’ll get better and be ready to show off. 🙂 And so, I keep watching guitar videos on youtube.

BTW, I like ATC’s cover of COLD WATER.. ❤

10. Attending Igdalig’s House Blessing and debut.  (Oct 22)


It was inspiring to visit a newly blessed house. We have relatives in Quezon City who invited us for their House Blessing. I saw it raw last year. I love the interiors. The style is classic minimalist which really suit my taste. I was totally amazed with the changes. I hope our house will be renovated too. Please!Haha~ ❤


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