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Confessions of a #Potterhead

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By: Lovely del Mundo

Happy Halloween to all of you!  I am not really into celebration of zombies, graveyards, pumpkins or anything related to Halloween. After all, it’s not really part of the tradition in my country. We just go to cementeries and pray for the deceased love ones. However, the trend to celebrate Halloween is so commercialized everywhere. I must also admit that I enjoy it too in the games I am playing esp. #NoticeMeSenpai. (Ok, I play the pumpkin smash XD )

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The most magical reason that convinced me to love HALLOWEEN is the ever famous HARRY POTTER SERIES. I am confessing now that I am a #Potterhead. Most of my readers knows that I love anime, kawaii things, fashion, movies, music , food and any blogging related things but I  never mentioned Harry Potter yetAt least, you know it now. HP consumed my childhood. Daniel Radcliffe is my super crush when I was in middle school  (13-16 years old) so it made me more attracted to guys wearing glasses that time. I was a kid then so everything changed . Haha! I even prefer Rupert Grint now. haha! Here is my proof that I am indeed a fan. 😀


My HP sticker booklet and posters are missing actually so I haven’t taken a photo of it. I started to like Harry potter series when I watched the Prizoner of Azkaban. The craze started there. I tried reading the novel too. The only book I have read is The Goblet of Fire. I was into the 4th book that when I watched the movie I am a bit of disappointed.  I have a collection of VCD for the first three film which I re-watch at times.

Here’s the timeline of Harry Potter Series :

1997 – The Sorcerer’s Stone

1998 –  Chamber of Secrets

1999 – Prizoner of Azkaban 

2000 – Goblet of Fire 

2003 –  Order of the Phoenix

2005 –  The Half Blood Prince 

2007 – The Deathly Hallows 

2016  – The Cursed Child  (Recently Published) Yay~

Photo: "HARRY POTTER and the Cursed Child" In anticipation of my special article about Harry Potter in my blog, I want to share with you one of my #wishlist. I miss reading books like novels. Harry Potter is one of the best-selling book in the history of literature. I was always spellbound with the story. Though, I never had a book. So, I will be really glad to own the 8th book. <3 Blog : Twitter : @thelovelyrhythm #book #wishlist #harrypotter #special #halloween

Now, Let me share you what I love about the WORLD OF HARRY POTTER. 


Image result for Hogwarts

Oh yes! I am also dreaming of enrolling myself in Hogwarts (School of Witchcraft and Wizardy).  From a far, it’s like a haunted castle but when you explore everything inside it’s all about magic. This is more like of Harry’s Home and not the Privet Drive.

2. HERMIONE JANE GRANGER  (played by Emma Watson)

It’s all about GIRL POWER. I really adore Hermione’s character ever since. I remember my email id and password in friendster way back in middle school is her name! Actually, my profile picture is also Hermione’s face. I love her bravery despite of being a muggle she was able to adapt the life of being a witch and can handle the pressure of being bullied. Of course, she’s the brightest witch of her age. ❤

3. Harry, Ron and Hermione Adventures

I love how they stick together even in worst times in Hogwarts. Each of them are different from one another. Ron and Hermione are opposites and most of the time argue but then you’ll see how they depend on each other during tough times. Same thing how Harry depends with these two every time. When they are together, for sure there will be an never ending adventure. They are the best example of forever friendship. 😀 I really love this trio. ❤

4. Sweet Treats in the Potter World (Bertie Botts ever flavored Beans, Chocolate Frog, ButterBeer…)

Image result for Sweet treats in Harry potter movie

HoneyDukes is the name of the candy shop in Harry Potter Series. I love how unique the names of the candies are in the HP world. I remember Harry spending a lot to buy treats. Haha!  Harry got Albus Dumbledore card in Bertie Botts Beans.

Image result for Hermione drinks butterbeer in Harry potter movie

Of course, who wouldn’t like to taste some butterbeer?! ❤ I want one!

5. Sports in Hogwarts! ( The Wizard’s Chess and Quidditch! )

Like in real school, they also have extra curricular activities like sports. Quidditch is the main sports in Hogwarts. Harry has become the “seeker” in his first year. 🙂 He can control his broomsticks well in his first year and discovered his talent. Ron on the other hand is a master in Wizard’s Chess. It’s kinda barbaric to play. I won’t forget it because I like playing chess before too. 🙂

6. Learning Spells, Having wands and More Interesting Subjects than real school…

Image result for learning spells in harry potter

“I’s not Levi O sa… It’s Leviohhhsa.. ” Hermione said. It’s one of the unforgettable lines I know in HP series. I love to be a bright witch like Hermione.  Ron was annoyed then. Haha! Nevertheless, I love learning spells when watching Harry Potter. 🙂

Image result for herbology in harry potter

Herbology is one of the subjects in Hogwarts. They’ve get the chance to know bewitched plant in the green house. Be prepared for the Mandrakes Scream.  Potions and Divination subjects are interesting too. 🙂

Which Harry Potter character will you have the same wand wood as?:

The style of wands is cool too. Which one is yours? 🙂

7. Flying is always an option! Wizardry way of Transpo!

Whoa!~ Of course, the broomstick is the common ride for witches/wizards. It doesn’t limit only there in the world of HP. You can ride buckbeak (magical creatures). You can even ride a flying FORD ANGLIA like Harry and Ron did in Chamber of Secrets. Haha!

8.  All Harry Potter Characters has something to share 🙂

Image result for harry potter characters
Image result for harry potter characters anime draco

I love how the characters has grown stronger from part 1 until to the end. I witnessed how some characters like SNAPE protected Harry discretely from the start of the series. I always thought he’s a villain. I love Albus Dumbledore’s wisdom that saves harry from any trouble. I forgot to mention that I like his office because you can use the pensieve and see Fawkes his Phoenix. Have you notice the low profile Longbottom saving the day with his sword in Deathly Hallows? When you look into it, everyone has purpose in the story that made the series more interesting to watch. 🙂


HARRY POTTER SERIES will always be timeless and enchanting for me. I think it will always be my favorite movie of all time because there no other movie yet that beats its impact in my life. As I said, it defined my childhood. I am thinking now of reviewing each HP movies from Sorcerrer’s Stone to Deathly Hallows. That would be great!  The magic will always live within us forever.  Cheers to all #potterheads out there! I’ll leave you with our headmaster’s wise quote. ❤

Image result for dumbledore quotes happiness can be found


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a #Potterhead

  1. I don’t follow pretty much of Harry Potter series but I found they’re cool. Being a magician has always been my dream because you can save a lot of time and money by chanting spells on moving you from one place to another and do some other kinds of tricks.

    Not sure if I will be able to live in a world with magic but anything is possible in the world of science might one day discover true magic 🙂

    Nice article I love wand stuffs! They are antiques

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks😆! Love this series since my teenage years.. 💕 so yeah… i shared it with my blog.. i love spells because it can make your task more efficient.. haha.. but some spells are also dangerous and tricky..I do love wands and it’s cool to have one… I don’t really worship science because I believe in miracles that science can’t explain. 🙂 Something remains a mystery up to now.

      Thanks for the comment. 😀


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