Travel! : The Spice of Adventure in Caramoan Islands

Travel! : The Spice of Adventure in Caramoan Islands

By: Lovely del Mundo


“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us” – Anonymous

The entire peninsula of Caramoan is a virtual tourism Eden. It is filled with marine life, exotic islets, dicing spots of diversified corals, pristine beaches, underground cave and river, lagoons, freshwater pools and rock formation. Due to these natural and unique features of Caramoan, it has become a favorite location site of the producers of the highly rated reality TV SERIES “SURVIVOR”.



The last time I published a travel blog was about ANILAO, BATANGAS. I was not expecting that I will be able to write a travel blog once again for this year. Guess what?! I did.  It’s my first time in BICOL, PHILIPPINES. This time I went there sponsored by the school I am working right now – SONS OF HOLY MARY IMMACULATE – MONTESSORI SCHOOL. It’s the annual going out activity for the employees. I would like to thank Fr. Paulo (Italian Priest) for bringing us here to experience the wonders of CARAMOAN ISLANDS. It was really a wonderful experience. Everything is beautiful. I think summer wasn’t over yet to make it happen in the month of JUNE.

Let’s talk about how to get there? I am sorry I can’t remember the route and all. Haha! ~ Well, our travel time is 12 HOURS. Imagine, it’s half day. We traveled by riding a van (land transportation). Our stop overs are gas stations if we want to use the restroom and eat something. It’s actually uncomfortable to sleep. Don’t worry I will really buy a travel pillow next time just what like our bus mother brought. They are sleeping like babies on the back of my seat. I am not really used to sleeping in other places and especially while travelling. Somehow, I was able to sleep but my head bangs on the window that keeps me awake. I don’t mind the travel time anymore when we already reached our destination. All I can say is the distance is really WORTH IT!

Photo Essay time!

DAY 1 ( June 6, 2016) – Monday

After the long trip, finally we arrived in LA PLAYA RESORT where we are going to settle down and to feel at home in Caramoan.


Welcome to LA PLAYA PUERTO MERCED!  The resort we stayed in.


Are you ready for breakfast?


Here is the dinning area. We had breakfast and dinner in this place.  As you can read, ” BEST LAING IN TOWN”. It means, they claim to serve the best LAING. I do love it!  I forgot food photos.. sorry.. hahaha! XD


And so… the island hopping starts! weeee…. ^^~


The island in the picture is called the “SURVIVOR” Island. We asked permission to go down there but was refused by the care takers of the island.  They are preserving it because the famous SURVIVOR USA TV SHOW props are still there.


Here are the Bamboo Floating Cottages.  We ate lunch here…


Let’s take a step on CLARITY… The feels when the water is this crystal clear.


looks like kawaii pose. Haha! Do you see something strange? Your lovely blogger here!~

DAY 2 ( June 7, 2016) – Tuesday

Let’s continue Day 2 in Caramoan! The 2nd day was more exciting because it has a longer Island hopping trip. Cliff jumping and rock climbing are part of the activities for this day. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!


I was scared to know that we were going to climb without harness/rope to hold on to. It’s really dangerous especially the rocks are sharp. Good luck! Anyway, there are many people climbing so I think it’s just okay. So, I move forward to go up.^^ I did see the blue lagoon.


I am going to jump! Be Brave! hahaha!

There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own, but I know better. Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it.- Merida, BRAVE

I must say the islands we went to for day 2 have a finer white sand. Of course, everything is paradise! I was blown away by the natural beauty of the island. I just love everything that I saw.<3 


 Caramoan Fine White Sand.


rock formation #1  wow!


rock formation # 2 wow again!

Then, Ms. Christy asked me to take picture of these barnacles and fossils-like rock forms? What’s the best photo do you think?


fossil # 1


fossil # 2


fossil # 3


Look how cute this dog relaxing along the white sand. Good thing his master brought him on this island. Of course, I won’t ignore this doggy charm. I captured its moment. Haha! 😀

After this, we leaved the Island. Time to go back in the real world.  But wait.. There’s more! It’s not yet going back to Cavite. We went up  500 steps to visit the grotto of mama mary on the top of the summit. the challenge is not yet over. :p


And of course, I didn’t forget to shop for souvenirs! ^^~yay!


They asked me what’s my favorite part about the whole trip. I knew everybody would say the sea, white sand, islands or nature of course! Yes, I do like all of those things I experienced. It’s my first time to jump off the cliff too. Isn’t it amazing?! Haha! The feeling is so liberating! However, I answered differently. My favorite part is the wine toasting  for the school we are working, the seafoods(the best LAING) and the small games we had. I appreciate good wine. (fyi) the only alcohol I drink. The brand name is Matteus. The taste is authentic. The games made me know more about my colleagues. We are meant to be together so we must build a good relationship. Now, I am looking forward to the HAWAII trip. (I hope our boss is not joking.. hahaha) Of course, I love good food. Everything is fresh, tasty and spicy (laing..). Did I mention that BICOL is famous for spicy food like Bicol express? I think It was my first time to eat laing. I am such a foreign to my own country. Haha!

I do hope next time when I travel to beaches like this I will have my own GO PRO or any camera that is water proof. Oh gosh! The underwater scene. Oh my! I am so crazy to capture it. It will be more exciting if I can show you the life underwater. Don’t worry! It will happen just believe!

Will I go back here if I have a chance? Yes, I will. It’s definitely a best place to spend a vacation. I saw many foreigner tourist here. They love the Philippines beaches as I would always hear on our tourism feed backs. And, of course, I will surely recommend this place to my international blogger friends.

You know who you are. 😉  #itsmorefuninthephilippines #travel #beach


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    1. You really saw my solo photo..😶😶😶 you are right.. it just happened that the boat becomes my hairfork.. the result is kawaii though..💕 have you read my story about the trip.. it took me long ti choose the best photos.. glad you like it..😁

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