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Graduate Studies: Certificate in Teaching Program(DLSU-D) experience

CTP Checkkerd
DLSU-D CTP batch 2015-2016

CTP Checkkerd

Some things happen in our lives  unexpectedly. We haven’t planned about it but before you know it, it’s in front of you already. That’s how I get into CTP Course.

So what’s this CTP Course all about? I keep talking about it on my tweets and blog.

Certificate in Teaching Program (CTP)

The Certificate in Teaching Program (CTP) is one of the programs offered in the College of Education under the Professional Education Department. This program consists of 18 units of professional education courses that will be taken by graduates of non-education degrees to qualify for the Licensure Examination for Teachers. (CTP definition via DLSU-D)

The 18 units teaching program

I understand it as a course under the college of education. It can be taken by non education graduates who are planning to be a teacher. After finishing a course, you will be allowed to take the Licensure exam for teachers. You will be only called a professional teacher if you pass the LET. Having the license will give you more opportunities to teach in any kind of school. You can teach in universities (college level), Senior High School and most of all the Basic Education level. You will also be exempted to take Civil Service Exam if you pass LET. Wow! It’s hitting 2 birds in one stone.

The challenge of work and study

I remember the time when I asked my mom if  I can take a Masteral Degree. That time I was only a part time blogger who doesn’t earn decently. ( No 15th  – 30th regular salary) She told me that they cannot support me financially so I need to employ myself somewhere to earn money.  Actually, when I was in college I wouldn’t be admitted to DLSU-D if I didn’t have the scholarship. In short, I am not born in a rich family. Everything that I need I must do it with my own effort. I always need to work hard for it. I am getting used to be independent in that way. Now I am even paying for a house we bought already but have a debt that is not paid by my cousins who lived there for a long time.  Sigh! Sorry for this sentiments!

Ok same thing. In my CTP Course, I need to finance it by myself. I need to take it because it’s a probation requirement for the school I am working. It’s also a wiser choice because I can see that it will benefit me a lot in the future. So go for it!


I attend classes from 8am to 6pm in the university every Saturday . It started from June 2015 and ended April 2016. I work from Monday to Friday so technically my break is only Sunday. My friend asked me if it is difficult to do that. She can’t imagine managing those two things at a time. I accepted the challenge. I survived. Therefore, it’s possible.   I even have a classmate who is pregnant but was still able to manage everything. The key there is to condition your mind and believe that you can do it.  And of course, ask God for wisdom. 🙂

New Connections

I was able to go out to the world again. This time, it’s hard for me to trust. I actually said to myself that I might find it hard to make friends again. But then, I was wrong. It was right to be enrolled in this class. I also felt right to meet my classmates here. I must say that I enjoyed my graduate school better than my undergraduate classes. I think it is because there’s less pressure and no competition. What I love here  was meeting classmates who are already professionals from different fields. There’s always diversity in discussions. I love learning new things. I am learning more than what I expected. Our professors are also considerate especially with my absences. Here, I felt the spirit of communion. 🙂

with Dr. Sayoto our CTP Adviser.

I never thought of Graduate School tiring and difficult. I enjoyed my experience. It was inspiring  and motivating to reach for your dreams. I actually look forward to every Saturdays. Haha! I will claim that my CTP experience is worth the time, effort and money. It’s one of the things that I will treasure. It’s one of the best choices that I made. 🙂 #lifelonglearning #educators #progressivism 


So want to take CTP course? Enroll now in DLSU-D!~


13 thoughts on “Graduate Studies: Certificate in Teaching Program(DLSU-D) experience

  1. Thank You so much for this wonderful blog I am so proud that your one of my classmates, and our batch are really worth to keep, the moments and memories are unfogetable ❤ the love and care that we shared for each and everyone, Batch 2015-2016 I salute all of Us!!! We are on the right track DLSU-Dasma ❤ thank you to our Professors, Congratulations in advance 😀 God Blessed

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  2. I just searched for the Miracle Art Museum blogs then I was redirected here. Anyway, I can definitely agree with your experience in graduate school. I am also taking my MBA in DLSU-D. It’s my 1st term and everything is new to me especially studying while working and commuting. Haha! 😀 Good luck! Nice post by the way~

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      1. It’s indeed a huge campus. We can meet if we make a way to. You will love the green environment of DLSU-D. It’s relaxing. Haha! Yes, I replied. We can keep in touch! 😀


  3. Hi Miss Lovely. I went to DLSU-D yesterday to inquire about their CTP. Medyo nag-aalala lang ako kasi baka mahirap lalo na po sa mga paperworks like thesis.😟 Pwede nyo po ba ako bigyan ng idea kung ano po yung mga possible na gagawin. Thank You po in advance.😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sha! First, thank you for dropping by my blog to read.
      Sa CTP, walang thesis. It’s more if group project, test making and demo teaching. Nagenjoy ako sa CTP experience ko sa dlsud. Considerate din ang mga professors sa absences ko. so, don’t worry about it. 😊 every Saturday ang class. enjoy graduate studies life 😄👍👓


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