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COFFEE HOUSE : Korean Drama Review



Lee Jin Soo is a famous book author/writer.  Due to his psycho attitude, the publishing company is having a hard time dealing with him especially on his writings deadlines.  One day, He runs away from his colleagues. He got into an old coffee house. There he met the below average Seung Yeon.  Eventually, Seung Yeon became his secretary because of her financial reason. Also, Jin Soo needs assistance for his upcoming new book. Eun Young, the G publishing president, is concerned with Jin Soo’s work but in his personal life too. Ji Won, their seonbae (senior), returned in Seoul.  Along with the story, their complicated relationships will be revealed.



Coffee House (2010) is a Korean drama about Coffee and Publishing Business. The idea of combining these 2 industries as “G Publishing Company” is excellent. Most people who love to read like coffee too.  The set-up of that company is a library coffee shop. It did amaze me. I would want to experience that in real life. One thing I love about this drama is not really the love story going on with them but the careers and activities they do every day. It shows a daily life of a writer and what circumstances will he encounter with his life.  The romance of the lead characters did surprise me. It adds up the excitement as you watched each episode of this drama.




It is focus with Lee Jin Soo’s life as a book author and with his relationships, coffee business and Seung Yeon’s training to be a Professional. I haven’t watched a drama which is similar to this before. The plot is really good. Lee Jin Soo’s experiences in the past is shown in the mid of the drama. The intensity of emotions really has risen up in the middle part of the drama. I also like Eun Young’s relationship with Lee Jin Soo. I’ll call them the “Denial Couple”. When it comes to showing off of love, Lee Jin Soo is not the showy type which is exactly the opposite of Ji Won. Jin Soo and Ji Won naughty acts gives humor to the story. It’s not exaggerated like a well blend cappuccino. (Agh! I miss drinking coffee!)   I learned about career and adulthood life. Its two thumbs up for the storywriter!



Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Jin Soo

He is the main character in the drama. At first sight, Lee Jin Soo is nice, charming and humorous but under that false pretense he is actually mean, weird and sarcastic. He is Obsessive Compulsive. He is very meticulous in sharpening pencils and brewing coffee.


Park Si Yeon as Seo Eun Young

            She is an independent woman who hates weak damsel-in-distress type of females as she believes in her own strength. She’s beautiful, rich and smart. (Ms. Perfect) As the president of a company, employees look up to her.


Ham Eun Jung as Kang Seung Yeon

            She has always been below the average in everything. By pure coincidence, she becomes a secretary for a famous writer Jin Soo who turns out to be a complete psycho. Even though she’s below average, she’s persistent in her work and was able to be a professional.


Jung Woong In as Han ji Won

He is known for his cheesy manners and obtuse thinking. Hoping to reunite with Eun young, he returns to Seoul, clueless that his presence is unwanted. He’s Eun Young’s stalker/ex-fiancé’. He always teases Lee Jin Soo.


  • G Publishing Company office
  • The old Coffee Shop
  • Jin Soo’s apartment
  • Seung Yeon’s house
  • Beach Resort / Island


 my favorite songs in the drama.

  1. I don’t want to know Goodbye – Hwang Ji Hyun (Drama Scenes, Crying part)
  2. I will Smile – Jo Sung Mo  (Intense Emotions and Chasing)
  3. Coffee House – T-ARA Eun Jung ( Cute Scenes! Comedy…! Coffee Making)

Suggestion and Comments

With the drama tittle, it can actually be mistaken as Coffee Prince which is also a Korean drama. If someone would ask me what I will choose, I prefer this drama because of the characters status and activities in life. I haven’t seen the Coffee Prince completely but I just know that I won’t be thrilled by it knowing that I am a Yoon Eun Hye fan.

Coffee House is never shown in Philippines television. I was able to discover it upon searching for Kang Ji Hwan dramas. After watching Lie to Me, I was really mesmerized with Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye Romance Chemistry. So I tried watching his drama because his acting there is really good.

The story is original. I didn’t got confuse on what’s going on. It depicts a reality in life. I mean it can really happen to anyone. I also love Lee Jin Soo’s character transition. (From a Geeky Old School Type to a Modern Cool guy Type) Kang Ji Hwan is really appropriate for this role. It suited him. I can actually relate to his character. But, I would love to play Eun Young. If I can be her, I’ll have this opportunity to wear classy and fashionable clothes. People will also have high respect towards me.

Overall, I would say that the production behind this drama did a great job. I don’t have any suggestions for this drama. I just love it!

Rating:  9 out of 10


2 thoughts on “COFFEE HOUSE : Korean Drama Review

  1. i really really love this kind of lead female character sophisticated/strong , not cheesy and a little bit of bitchy ,i’m so glad that the lead guy didn’t end up with typical lead character which is goofy/weak/ etc girl.

    so all in all this is the best drama ever because it isn’t cliche and i always saw park si yeon as the villain girl in many dramas this time is different same as in ” greatest marriage

    tho this drama has no touchy/romance at all (ending part)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re right Jessica! I also like Park Si Yeon as a lead here. I like how the story goes here. It’s not the typical bad boy and good girl romance…

      Hmmm.. Touchy Romance.. I think there is but not much.. the train station and telephone booth kiss.. only? haha
      But I really love how kang ji hwan and park si yeon characters relationship grow here.. I find it cute.. they’re really the denial couple.. They already like each other but haven’t confessed it at all which makes the story complicated.. Over all, I love it.. 😀


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