Night at the Museum – Secret of the Tomb (2014) : Movie Review


Synopsis :

When the exhibits at New York’s Natural History Museum start behaving strangely, Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) — now the director of nighttime operations — must find out the cause. He learns that the Tablet, which magically brings Teddy Roosevelt (Robin Williams), Jedediah (Owen Wilson) and the other exhibits to life at night, has started to decay. Larry, along with his son and museum friends, must travel to London’s British Museum to learn how to prevent the Tablet’s magic from disappearing (source :

Trailer : 

Review :

Night at the Museum – Secret of the Tomb (2014)  is adventure – comedy movie good to watch with the whole family. Museums is full of treasures and history. Ben’s experience with the museum will always be a mystery. Let’s find out in the film the secret of the tomb as he saves the magic of the museum.


Ben Stiller Ben Stiller
Robin Williams Robin Williams
Teddy Roosevelt / Voice of Garuda
Owen Wilson Owen Wilson
Steve Coogan Steve Coogan
Ricky Gervais Ricky Gervais
Dan Stevens Dan Stevens
Rebel Wilson Rebel Wilson

source : imdb


  • New York’s Natural History Museum
  • Ben’s Apartment
  • London’s British Museum

Comments and Suggestions: 

Museums will always be a place I will be interested to go to because of my treasure hunter spirit. Haha! I remember how I loved the National Treasure movie before starring Nicholas Cage. Auction activities is interesting like in Hunter X Hunter York New Arc. And so, I didn’t miss to watch this Museum Fantasy film as well.

HISTORY COMES TO LIFE every night in New York’s Natural History Museum. Ben as a head security officer there now is assigned to make a presentation with the Museum things (pretending to be all technology controlled effect) for the re-launching of the Museum. Conflict arises when these characters suddenly has become insane without knowing the reason behind. That’s what ben needs to discover as the film goes by. Aside from the problem with this museum stuff, ben also has conflict with his son. He wanted a better future for his son but it seems like his son refuses to go in college because of being contented with his DJ dream.

comic duo!

The film will offer you a taste of adventure, fantasy and love for family. I had fun watching it in a weekend because I really laugh all the time. I laughed the most when Jedidiah and Octavius  are watching YouTube Video of a cat following the flashlight. They are minatures so they need more people to type comment in the video. It took less 10 mini soldier to just type LOL! hahaha! I even guessed what they are going to type. Most likely, It’s more of a comedy movie bringing you good vibes. I saw Rebel Wilson here as Lady Guard. She’s funny as expected like in Pitch Perfect. I just discovered Dan Stevens playing Sir Lancelot will be playing Beast in Beauty and the Beast live action this coming 2017. Isn’t it, amazing?

 Rating : 7.5  out of 10 


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