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(November 2016) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition


Sweet November! There’s so many things to do. The schedule for the next month is all piled up in front of my face now. Wow! It’s so exciting than doing nothing at all. Before we jump off into Christmas month, let me share you what made me REALLY HAPPY this November. 😀

  1. Halloween Semestral  Break

As I am always saying, I really enjoy any holiday or breaks that my schedule has to offer. It’s really important for a working person to have day off. I think I make most out of it. I was able to blog more (making me happier) and sleep well. 😀 Check out my Confession of a Potterhead blog. 😀

2. Eating in Pancake House


I am in Pancake House but I didn’t order a pancake. Rather, we ordered Banana Split and Spaghetti. It’s the best thing I ever tasted there! 😀 I also like the interiors of Pancake House in SM Molino.

3. Be Featured in Lita Kino’s Feature Friday Blog 

I love being featured with other people’s blog. It makes me feel appreciated. So, I am grateful to Lita because she noticed my “Paradise Kiss : Live Action” movie review.

4. Going Back to DLSU-D Campus Peer Ministry!~

Last November 19, I went to DLSU-D Campus Peer Ministry for the “Kapehan at Balik Pastulan” activity for CPM Almuni. I feel so good to be back after 5 years. I just realized that 5 years has passed after my college graduation. Many things changed but some things stayed the same. 🙂

5.  Listening to Junpei’s (@jp_kuroki) original song in sound cloud.

I like listening to J-Pop too. It happened by chance for me to discover JP as a musician in YT. I search for the song “Tenshi Ni Fureta Yo” then  saw his cover. I believe he has good voice and good guitar skill so I followed him in twitter.  Now, he seems producing his own original music. He compiles in sound cloud. It’s cool! I love the songs kiss and twilight. It sounds like anime soundtrack.! ^^~

6.  Time for FOOT SPA in Honeycomb Salon. 🙂

I just realized that I need FOOT SPA in my life because I walk going home everyday.  It was so relaxing to put your feet in a bubbling warm  water.Pamper your self once in a while.  🙂

7.  Watching MEEJMUSE life lessons  video. 

Jen and Will is one of my favorite real couple online. I find it entertaining to watch most all of the heart to heart videos they have. I learned some reality about real  lessons in life as individuals and as a couple. 🙂

8. Dropping by in TRAVEL SPREAD event ( EXPLORE Mag 2nd year anniversary)

Expect the unexpected. I was really sursprised because I already let go of having a desire to go here in Travel Spread. It happened that the SPEDminar in UP Diliman I was supposed to attend was cancelled because we lost slot. It is a  First Come, First Serve Basis. And so, I have the opportunity to go in TRAVEL SPREAD. I’ll make a detail event blog about this. 😉 I can see myself in the picture. ^o^

9. Be featured in Axel The Key’s VLOG (Quizzes)

I am also grateful to you Rd~ Thank you for featuring my blog in your vlog. haha! Rd is someone close to me even though he’s literally far away.We’re from different worlds yet we always meet halfway no matter what.  I am happy to be your inspiration. <3!

10.  I PASSED Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)!!! ^o^

Well! This is my most awaited result for this year. It was overwhelming when I saw my name  posted in PRC Board official list of BOARD PASSERS.  Faith Works. Hard Work pays off. I remember that I even drop blogging for the whole September just to focus on reviewing.  I feel happy because my parents are even happier. It’s also an achievement that saved me and will send me off to my desired destination. 😀 To God be the Glory! ^o^ Thank you!



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