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Special Entry: INFINITY DREAMS AWARD by Living with Benji

INFINITY DREAMS AWARD by Living with Benji 

Infinity Dreams Award

First, I want to thank Benji for nominating my blog for this award. This guy makes inspiring and travel-rific blogs which I think is awesome. He’s  a fellow musician as well. You can follow his blog here.

I want to dedicate this award exclusively to all anime bloggers that I know. (あなたのサポートにみんなありがとう!

Here’s my 7 dreams:

  1. Be a well-known writer/blogger.

I think this is a profession or hobby that I was born to do. I do freelance blogging and I haven’t earned a lot with that but I still enjoy doing it no matter what. My goal is to have my articles be published in magazines/books and have my own self-hosted website. I am always the happiest when I write. #passion #obsession

  1. Be a performing musician.

I play the guitar. I sing. I enjoy doing anything related to music. Now, I have my youtube channel. Let’s see what will happen next in my music career. HAHA! 😀

  1. Travel places.

I want to go places here on Earth. Life is a never ending adventure. Exploring different cultures will surely be fun and engaging. They are a lot of more beautiful things in this world; see it with your eyes.  #wanderlust

  1. Be an effective teacher/mentor/professor

This profession is my secondary option with my career. Now, I am living it as a teaching assistant in SHMI- Montessori School.  Teaching is not that easy.  But, I really feel like it’s very fulfilling every time I see my students grow and blossom like a beautiful flower with my guidance.

  1. Own Apple products (Phone, laptop and Camera)

I am not that tech savvy person but I have an interest in upgrading every technology that I own especially what I use in blogging. 

  1. Have a school supplies shop business.

Well, this is my repetitive business dream. Haha! I like going to school supplies shops. I enjoy buying colored pens, kawaii stationeries and cute designed anything… 

  1. Have an easy- going and strong Romantic relationship

I was thinking about this recently. I am not so dreamy about romantic love affair anymore unlike before but I do have plans and ideal vision about it. I am 90% realistic about this matter. If I have to commit myself into a relationship, I want it to be easy going and have strong foundations. I am also hoping to share my dreams with someone. I am more creative when I am in love.. haha :p Most importantly, I will be with someone I can trust and always be there even at my worst.  Then I can conclude that this guy deserves to be my future kids dad… 😀 #Mayforeverba #Mayforevernga

Now, I will grant this award with these Anime – Awesome Bloggers! ❤

The limitless imagination

Litakino Anime Reviews

Takuto Anime Cafe 


Otaku Rui

– Lovely, Words and Rhythm Blogger ♥♥♥


15 thoughts on “Special Entry: INFINITY DREAMS AWARD by Living with Benji

    1. You’re going to nominate other bloggers too… Then you will state the seven dreams of yours too.. That’s all… 😀
      Mine, I thought of granting it to the anime community i have in wordpress..hahaha! ^^~

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Whoa!!!^^~ hountouni arigatou! ❤ Otaku Rui…. you're one of the first bloggers here that lifted up my spirit.. I can't forget what you told me in my brithday blog last february… Now.. i have improvements in my life.. I have a full-time job.. ^^ ~ haha.. And hoping to upgrade my website too.. Hope you can achieve all your dreams as well.. ^.^

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Hello!!!! Thank you so much for the award, I really appreciate it. I think sharing of dreams can be really topics close to your heart, and I am glad that you shared it here so that I/we know a lot more about you now (: I personally think you are well on your way to achieving number 1 and 4, and 3 will be done eventually at least. As for 7, I feel you haha but really generally for all seven dreams, I sincerely and really hope you achieve them!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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