EVENTS : an unexpected detour leads to EXPLORE !

Events! : an unexpected detour leads to EXPLORE !

Saturday, November 26, 2016 – Century City Mall ~ Makati 

By: Lovely del Mundo

Somethings happen unexpectedly when fate decided to be playful. On this Saturday (112616), I am supposed to be in UP Diliman for the SPEDminar. SHMI-MS sent us there. I believe it will help us learn more about children with special needs (autism). Unfortunately (luckily), we are not able to get slots for the seminar because it’s a first come,fist serve basis. We can’t do anything but to go home instead. Actually, I was thinking already if the SPEDminar will finish early I will attend Travel Spread to learn about Travel writing and photography talk. I think it’s interesting. I am the type of person who wants making the day worth it. Since I am out of my hometown, I want to maximize my gallivanting time. Hahaha!

I had this selfie time before going to the event. It’s my first time in Century City Mall Makati so I used Google Maps to know what will I ride. When I got to know it’s just located near ROCKWELL powerplant, I thought my ride will be easy because I went there already when I was in college. My smartphone saved my day to travel. I am actually not afraid to get lost. I am an explorer. Haha!


I am proud to say that I was able to travel all by myself. My colleagues are not with me anymore going here.  I just said I have another agenda. This one is of course related with my life as a blogger. I am always open to all the possibilities I can take in the name of my blog so I am always ready for any action to happen. I am actually happy that I had this opportunity.

The sad thing about it is that I haven’t brought my CANON Powershot so I didn’t have more decent photos to show off in this blog. I used my J1 all the way. The good news is the it’s FREE ADMISSION so I am also free to go around the event’s hall.The space is not really big but I think just enough for the magazine event. I went around  and to my surprise I saw TRICIA GOSINGTIAN’s OSAKA TRAVEL ARTICLE. 😀  Osaka, Japan is my favorite place upon reading her travel blogs. It was a pleasant surprise to see it printed and tangible in front of me. ❤ Tricia even re-tweeted my post about it. ❤


I also looked on the past covers of EXPLORE PH. I captured the 3 best cover photo in my opinion. 😀explore mag.jpg

Let me share with you now what I got from TRAVEL SPREAD. I wasn’t expecting that I will be attending the some sort of meet and greet with the EXPLORE PH team. In this session, you will get a chance to know more about the life behind the scenes of working in a publishing industry, a day in a life of an editor/writer/creatives, and the magazine branding. It reminds me of my college life especially my internship with UNO Mag. I was an Editorial Intern back then. I actually met (or should I say worked with) Ms. France (the Editor in Chief) and Sir Jester (Creative Dir.) already there. I must say that they’ve gone far now seeing them talking in front of the audience giving advice and sharing their experiences. Amazing, isn’t it? I actually want to greet them this day but I hesitated because I am not working in a publishing company. How can I explain that I have become a full-time pre-school teacher right now? It’s a long story though.  Destiny really likes to play with me.

Photo: Photo Teaser : How's life behind the scenes of EXPLOREMag Team? :) Watch out in my blog soon.~ ( #events

What stayed in my mind upon listening to these people are:

  • EXPLORE Mag gives them the opportunity to help the people’s livelihood in rural areas they visit. It’s also a chance for them to be heard /seen by other people. It’s a way to reach them out and appreciate their culture.  (Ed Asst.)
  • The magazine can be a collector’s item. It is  a treasure to keep. “We want the magazine to stand the test of time”. (EIC)
  • This magazine features not only the facts of the places but also what’s something unique  and yet to discover about that place. (answer to my question) -Publisher
  • Hindi Maarte. Always game for everything. Patient. Working in a magazine is not glamorous as others might think. (answer again to my question) -EIC



I missed the travel photography and writing talks because I need to go home. It’s funny that I only attended the meet and greet the team session. It feels like it’s some sort of a calling for me already. haha! Nevertheless, I love the experience. I look forward to more travel events to happen again for this magazine. 🙂 I will do my best to establish myself as a blogger so I can go far  and might as well come back in the  publishing scene.


I forgot to mention that I tried the free ARCHERY lesson there. Cool! 😀 I feel like I am princess MERIDA of Brave. Haha! #touchthesky  Of course, I didn’t forget to grab the anniversary ish of ExplorePH. 🙂



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