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My Fashion Queens

Yoon Eun Hye

Yoon Eun Hye is a South Korean actress who becomes popular with the Korean Drama Princess Hours, Coffee Prince and Lie to Me. She’s a former member of Baby Vox K-pop Girl Group.  She studied Film major while being an actress because of plans of being a director someday. I really admire her since Princess Hours / Goong. She’s has that charm that makes her lovable and well-liked by the people. Her Fashion Style made her standout with her fellow Korean actress. I think anything she wears becomes so fashionable. I am also happy because some people would say that I resemble her. *wink*

Fashion Pictures:




Yoon Eun Hye’s Fashion Style:

The usual YEH style is loose shirts, cardigans and laid-back/cool image. I am always getting that “Movie Star” vibes whenever I see her. At times, she can gain weight but can really still look like fashionable chic. I also love the versatility with her style. She can be your commoner Cinderella, a Bratt Heiress and a traditional princess.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an American Country singer. She became popular with the song “Teardrops on my Guitar” and “You Belong To Me”. She’s living her dream right now with all the music awards she received world tour concerts and sold out music albums. I really like Taylor Swift songs because I can relate with her. As a model, I can say Taylor Swift is really a stunning woman. She’s tall, fair and really beautiful. She looks like an enchantress. I can also say that’s she’s a Fashion Trendsetter.

Fashion Pictures:

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s Fashion Style:

Haters gonna hate! But, Taylor’s fashion style will always be loved. Taylor is really the “Super Model” type with her height and body structure. Taylor’s usual casual street fashion goes with beanies, coat and boots. Also, She has a very feminine style. I love it. I really like her wearing long skirts too. It suits her very well. It’s like flowing with the wind.

Tricia Gosingtian

Tricia Gosingtian is a top Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel blogger in the Philippines. She graduated in Ateneo de Manila University with the major Information Design. She’s also a photographer and made her photos published on magazines in a young age of 20. I am following her twitter, look book and blog site (Tricia will go Places). I love her Blog site because it’s very helpful, informative and lovely. After discovering her blog site, I was inspired with the wonders of travelling and also learned to appreciate the world of fashion.

Fashion Pictures:




Tricia’s Fashion Style:

I’ve read one article about a make-up artist who worked with Tricia. She said that she can’t comprehend how Tricia has this “Fanaticism” effect/charm with people. I guess she really has because I would love to wear anything she endorses. She’s an effective Brand ambassador.  About her style, it’s called  “Sophisti-cute”. She was able to come up with it through her own creativity. It is really classy, chic and kawaii. She is influenced with Japanese and Western Street Fashion. She usually wears pastel and cream colors then play with different and unique accessories that she has.

They are the three ladies who influence me when it comes to style and fashion. I also look up to them when it comes to Beauty.  When I need to check the latest fashion trends or I need this kind of look in a certain event, I just search for them and make their style as my guide. Thanks for making this world beautiful in my eyes! More success my fashion idols!

xoxo~ Lovely

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