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Pinocchio (2014): Korean Drama Review


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As a child, Ha-Myeong (Lee Jong-Suk) grew up in a family with his firefighter father, mother and older brother. Ha-Myeong and his older brother (Yoon Gyun-Sang) both possess higher than normal intellect and are proud of their father. A fire at a waste facility though destroys his family. His mother dies a short time later and Ha-Myeong ends up being scooped out of the ocean by an unknown man (Byun Hee-Bong).

The man that pulls Ha-Myeong out of the ocean is the grandfather of In-Ha (Park Shin-Hye). In-Ha’s grandfather believes Ha-Myeong is his eldest son Dal-Po, who died 30 years ago. Ha-Myeong is then adopted by In-Ha’s grandfather and his name is changed to Dal-Po. In-Ha and Dal-Po now live together as uncle and niece, although they are in the same age range. In-Ha has a Pinocchio Syndrome. Whenever she lies she gets the hiccups. In-Ha and Dal-Po get along well until Dal-Po learns that In-Ha’s mother (Jin Kyung) is the reporter that covered the waste facility fire that destroyed his family. Dal-Po tries to distance himself from In-Ha, but he also develops feelings for her.

Years later, Dal-Po and In-Ha’s family are now living in Seoul. In-Ha attempts to become a reporter like her mother. In-Ha meets her mother for the first time in years at a job interview for MSC Broadcasting Station. Her mother is the person giving her the job interview. In-Ha though fails the job interview. Her mother rejects her because of her Pinocchio Syndrome.

Dal-Po is now driving a taxi to support their family. One day, Dal-Po meets In-Ha’s mother and decides to become a reporter.

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Pinnnochio is a Korean Drama about Media, Justice, sworn enemies romance, Pinocchio syndrome and the importance of Truth. Tragedy started the story of this drama. This tragedy also will make the audience ask for more to continue in this drama. As the story goes by, you’ll appreciate the connections with all the characters and the lesson you’ll learn in the end of this TV series.  It can happen in real life especially the news manipulations issue. People also nowadays are so dependent with media too. Those are the things in this drama that are related in the real life.


Choi Dal Po/ Ki Ha Myung is the narrator and the lead character of the story. The story is focus on Dal Po’s life being an orphan adapted by In Ha’s grandfather and also his revenge to what happened to his family 13 years ago.  The storyline also includes the romantic relationship going through him and Choi in Ha which is complicated because of their uncle and niece relationship and Choi In Ha being the daughter of the Reporter/ Manager Sung.

The Drama is entitled “Pinnochio” because of the fictional “Pinocchio” Syndrome Choi In Ha has. If you have the “Pinocchio” Syndrome you’ll have hiccups every time you lie. So basically, people who have this Pinocchio syndrome can’t tell a lie. It became an issue for In Ha as she chases her dream being a reporter.


Lee Jong Suk as Choi Dal Po/Ki Ha Myung 

Ki Ha-myung decides to forget his past and start a new life after being rescued by Choi Gong-pil, as the latter’s eldest son. He adopts the name Dal-po and hides his brilliant brain and past memories with the pretense of being a simple old-fashioned country bumpkin. His feelings for In-ha have always been conflicted with his hatred for her mother, but he finds that he cannot deny them as they grow older. After years of being a taxi driver, he decides to become a reporter with In-ha to prove to reporter Song Cha-ok his family’s innocence and to show what a true reporter is. However, Dal-po soon realizes that a reporter must constantly struggle with the idea of justice and truth in a world where everyone wants to hide the facts.

Park Shin Hye as Choi In Ha 

While most people with Pinocchio Syndrome choose to withdraw from the world and choose their words carefully, In-ha does the complete opposite. A straight-shooter, she believes in telling it like it is, no matter how painful or embarrassing it might be. Coupled with her stubborn nature and strong-willed personality, In-ha’s nickname is the “bluntly speaking witch.” After debating on her career path, she chooses to become a reporter because she believes that all news must be completely truthful and it might bring her closer to her mother Song Cha-ok. While she was initially baffled at her “uncle” Dal-po’s coldness and antisocial attitude, In-ha eventually discovers Dal-po’s warm heart underneath the aloofness and his sharp mind beneath his pretenses and comes to embrace him as family. However, her growing feelings towards him grow undeniable with her hiccups.

Kim Young Kwang as Seo Bum Joo

Beom-jo grew up never wanting or needing anything that wasn’t within his grasp. Raised in such a comfortable and warm environment under a doting mother, he lived an unexciting but satisfied life until he started receiving texts from a girl named In-ha. The texts weren’t meant for him, but Beom-jo became intrigued as the texts steadily came over the years, piquing his interest to meet this girl. Abandoning his job as a fashion magazine editor, he decides to join this In-ha girl in becoming a reporter. While he had originally become a reporter to meet In-ha, Beom-jo quickly discovers the power of the media and the thrills of seeking out the truth.

Lee Yoo Bi as Yoon Yu Rae

Yu Rae is a narcissistic and assuming young woman. She first thought of Dal Po liking her but eventually learned that he has a deeper relationship with In ha. She’s a diligent reporter. She can also be dependable on getting information through acting on her Aegyo charm. Unknown to her, Cap Hwang has an interest and concern with her.


  • YGN TV Station
  • MSC TV Station
  • Choi’s Apartment
  • Police Station
  • School

Suggestion and Comments

Lee Jong Suk as Choi Dal Po, the lead character for this story is a good choice.  I appreciate his talent in acting. I already see his potential as a best actor in “I can hear your voice”. He’s really good in heavy drama.  On the other hand, Park Shin Hye as Choi In Ha did her best too in this role portrayal though I still love her as gominam. I love the romance chemistry.

It’s better than The Heirs couple. It made me watch their guesting video together on YouTube which means I really like them as a pair. All other supporting characters like Bum Joo and Yu Rae is also good. I like Bum Joo’s coming to maturity as he goes along with his relationship with In Ha. Yu Rae’s cute, assuming and childish acts made me like her too. I also like YGN’s Cap. He’s the most handsome ahjussi there…haha!

The drama series has really a good plot. That made me watched continuously.  The 2 “Fire Incident” with the 13 years gap is the main conflict in the story and also the reason for the connections of our main characters. I also like the times when the young reporters Choi Dal Po and the others need to do some detective stuffs. It did excite me because I’m also thinking about the incident like what they are doing.

I’m became interested too with the whole story because it’s about media. My training when I was in college is to become a media practitioner. I can relate with the activities and talks they are having in this drama. Being a reporter is really a crucial job. You must be credible and reliant. In every word you’ll speak in front of the camera may affect the lives of people in a positive or a negative way. Choi Dal Po’s experience is an example that can happen in real life. It’s an innocent family life ruined by a manipulated story and hidden truth.

Choi Dal Po decided to be a reporter because he wants to tell the story of the misjudgement to his father 13 years ago. It’s a good decision opposite of what his older brother did. Watch this drama and you’ll know what the siblings decision lead them in the long run of the story.

Two Thumbs Up! Three Smile! This drama really deserves a high rating.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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2 thoughts on “Pinocchio (2014): Korean Drama Review

  1. You know sometimes thought I don’t have the same hobbies as my other blogger friends’ but I open the link they share at Twitter or any other social media when I see them coming. To add view or at least giving likes.

    So now talking about this movie, I am not a fan of Korean drama movie but I watched this one as my brother play it on his computer. Not all series but I got most of it.

    It’s a complicated life being a reporter when you are using your job to for a revenge but in the end things turn out to work well for him. They are gifted with intelligence and I think that they could be a successful family but what can we do when they were destined to face the harsh reality.

    Choi Dal Po, I like his character and so does his brother. I also love his arrogant mother too, she act well that makes me hate her sometimes but in the middle of the movie I know that she has some goodness inside her. The movie also taught us that not all reporters are bad. Sometimes it’s their job and they are forced to do what they don’t really want to do.

    Thank you for posting this!

    *I know you will be very surprised why I could make comments here and I am going to jaw you down today 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh it’s you! 😮 AHA! So this is it! HAHAHA! xD I am waiting for someone else to leave a comment here. HAHA! :p

    You”re right. I am not expecting you to read any of my Korean Drama Reviews. I am surprised that you have watched this one. :p

    What can I say… Well, I like your point with this one:

    “They are gifted with intelligence and I think that they could be a successful family but what can we do when they were destined to face the harsh reality.”

    Reality Bites. Problems are inevitable. With the case of these brothers, I understand why they curse to death these reporters. If my father died in that way, I’ll probably react that way too. I like how the conflicts are being solved thoroughly in each episode. 🙂

    I actually watched this drama seriously. As in,,seriously…. I didn’t take it for just entertainment but also a Mind exercise case analysis. I love the plot. That really made me hold on with the story up to the end. I even like the “Conflict” itself better than the “Romance” going on.

    Thanks Rd for your comment.. ! You really want me to have my jaw down..HAHAHA…! :p you’re crazy!


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