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(SPECIAL) Happy 6th Blogversary, WORDS AND RHYTHM! 12.22.16

Blogging lifted my spirits up, gave me courage and strength as I live my life. Words and Rhythm doesn’t only serve as a writing portfolio but an extension of my real self as Lovely. I also believe it has become an inspiration to others who were able to read my blog. I hope it will reach more and more people in the future. My journey as a blogger is indeed great. I don’t see it as an obligation or work but a relaxing activity. It’s something that I actually look forward to do every week because I have something interesting and inspiring to share to my readers. As a tradition, I celebrate blogversary with a cake!~ Yay ❤


2016 is indeed an eventful year in my blogging life. I had so much fun immersing in the real blogging scene through attending blog related events. Seriously, making events post is my most favorite now in my blog. I also tried publishing THAI movie reviews this year for something new. Request for making anime and book reviews is also now open in WORDS and RHYTHM blog.

_ 2016 Blogging Highlights _

  1. BLOGAPALOOZA : charting the uncharted (MAY 2016)

It’s the first ever blog related event I attended. I had so much fun visiting booths and participating in games. I want to participate again. 🙂


Of course, it’s an exciting activity for me as an anime fan and anime reviews blogger. It’s again my first time to attend cosplay event. Thanks to my friend Carmey for inviting me. And Yes,  I have plans to attend again next year. 😀


I remember my dream job is to be a Magazine Editor. I am just happy to just even attend this event coincidentally. More power to EXPLORE PH! 🙂


Our employer gave us a chance to visit the beautiful Island of Caramoan. It’s also a fun experience. It’s my first time to do Island Hopping. 😀


This movie pulled my heartstrings very well for this year. I think it’s the best film I’ve seen for this year. Thailand’s Film industry is amazing.  🙂

  1. KIMI NO NA WA Anime Movie Review (NOVEMBER 2016)

This anime movie intrigued me so I decided to watch it. It was known to be top selling movie of the year in Japan. I was able to watch it online. Haha! I love it.

  1. My well-loved (monthly edition)10 HAPPY Things Blog!

According to the feedback, my readers love this featured monthly posts.They are getting to know me better personally. It’s also part of my gratitude ritual in my life.

Where will Words and Rhythm be heading this 2017?

I think I will continue my goals that I started just this 2016. I noticed that I made it a reality somehow. It’s so fulfilling. Some are not yet met so I need to stick to it and look forward to make it happen.  Generally, W&R will continue to be a reviews blog. I believe it will always grow as a blog and go for versatility. I even thought of making more travelogues aside of it. Finger crossed! Give me a budget and opportunity, Lord! Haha! As a blogger, I will develop more of my writing skill, branding of blog and content choice to publish. 😉


Hello to my dear readers all over the world. It’s again the most wonderful time of the year. As a part of my giving back gratitude to all the people who keeps on supporting this blog and even became my friends through years of blogging, I will make a raffle event using the raffle meter. This is open to all bloggers/readers. All you need to do is to answer my question:


You may leave your answers here in the comment below, tweet it to @thelovelyrhythm, send it to delmundo.lovelyc@gmail.com or even post it on my FB page here: WORDS AND RHYTHM

The chosen one will receive a MYSTERY BOX. Of course, I will announce the winner before the end of the year.  I would also like to mention these awesome bloggers whom I got to know more this year.  Most of you are Anibloggers and Travel Bloggers. (My gift for you is promoting your blogs in my FB Page!)

TWO HAPPY CATS                                                                LETHARGIC RAMBLINGS

LITA KINO ANIME REVIEWS                                               TAKUTO ANIME CAFÉ

BACKPACK ADVENTURES                                                      SWEET PROMISES

ARRIA CROSS                                                                              JASON LUNA

YOGO and CREAM                                                                     AXEL THE KEY 


As also a part of my giving back, I decided to donate a Noche Buena budget pack to WORLD VISION to reach out families. Share your Blessings! 😀 #payitforward

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Wonderful New year to come! 😀 



13 thoughts on “(SPECIAL) Happy 6th Blogversary, WORDS AND RHYTHM! 12.22.16

    1. Hi Paul! 😁 Thank you for reading! 💕 I am so excited what is in store for words and rhythm… I didn’t know you post japan related articles… cool! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family.😀😀😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Taku! Technically, It’s just my 4th year because I had 2 years hiatus before. 🙂 Haha.. Patience… haha.. I need more patience in teaching than in blogging.. so I think i don’t have a deal with that. Haha! Have you read here that I have a raffle event for my readers. Nobody is reacting to it?! 😮 Maybe my approach is difficult to understand. Hahaha! I’ll just wait if there’s not more than 10 who recognize it might as well will cancel it and try it next year perhaps.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah, yes, I totally understand hiatus biz. And the raffle(!) I thought it was for next time, as in “I WILL be doing one soon.” Now I must participate!! Fave thing about the blog . . . hmm, that would definitely be you, the writer, and your journey through anime/film-watching, teaching, and other tidbits about life we often fail to give credit to. Your positivity and politeness give a certain unique flow to your writing, which is something difficult to achieve. You can probably thank your years of experience for helping with that! ^.^

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks again Taku! 😀 I don’t know if I will still push through my give away. haha! You are right it’s because i wrote “I WILL”… *sigh* It made my readers confused… Thanks still for answering the question.. ^o^v

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Merry belated Christmas and thank you very much for mentioning my blog in the post! It means a lot to see that others are enjoying my posts enough to recommend them to their readers.

    I’d like to add that your blog is one of the most interesting ones that I read, and congrats on hitting the 6 year mark!

    Here’s to another year!

    Liked by 1 person

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