Jeannie Heels Holiday (#OOTD)


Model: Lovely del Mundo

Photography: Mamita

Location:  Evia Alabang Vista 


It’s my first time to stroll in EVIA Alabang Vista. I was so ecstatic to walk around this mall. I love the location. Christmas isn’t really over yet.  It’s a call for OOTD post! ❤

I am wearing just jeans, squared printed shirt and my fave heels. It’s the very basic on the go fashion for women. I feel comfortable wearing jeans most of the time. The shirt is also a good match with shorts. Maybe, I can do some post wearing that match. ^^

Happy Holidays!

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2 thoughts on “Jeannie Heels Holiday (#OOTD)

  1. And how lovely you are indeed! The shoes look great with jeans. I hope you stay with the modeling of clothes. I’m working on a novel that includes several young ladies and I welcome any chance to know more about what women wear casual wise as well as formal. So thank you!

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