10 Happy Things

(December 2016) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

Oh my gosh! 2016 is already over. I still feel blessed that grace is flowing in my life. This year is truly amazing. 2016 HAPPY THINGS overall is really a blast. It’s really amazing that I can write at least 10 happy things a month. Isn’t it beautiful? 🙂 December is a busy month. There are so many activities happening yet the longest holiday break as well. ❤ Cheers to everyone! Hope you’ll have a blessed year ahead. ❤

1. Passing LET Thanksgiving celebration 

My parents decided to have a thanksgiving celebration in our house because I passed LET. Our relatives, neighbors and friends came by to congratulate me. 🙂 I also made time to do thanksgiving to the faith enthusiast team of Vivero for the prayover. Thanks to all the people who also send some cheer up message before my intellectual battle. ❤

2.Watching Fireworks at SHMI-MS Blessing and Fr. Paulo’s Priesthood Anniv. 


I want to congratulate SHMI-MS for the newly blessed grade school new building. The school I am working for is indeed nature friendly and peaceful. Watching fireworks on this day is truly a wonderful experience for the children and us adults. 🙂 Also, congrats to Fr. Paulo who celebrated his 25th year (my age..haha) in priesthood.

3. Master’s Degree Approval

After passing the board exam, my next step is to take the master’s degree. Call me a freakin’ nerd but I know where I am heading. I am so excited about it now! 😀

4. Celebrating Blogversary

Of course, any blogger celebrating blogversary must be happy. It’s given already. Haha! I want to celebrate more blogversaries… ❤ Thank you so much for the support!

5. Fruitcake Christmas Show success


It’s the Christmas production of the children. If you only know how us teachers work behind the scenes to make it happen. It’s quite stressful yet I learned a lot. The result in the show time day is impressive so I think that’s fulfilling.

6. New Hair Color — Chestnut Brown

Yay! ~ After 7 months, it’s time for my hair to shine again. Haha! I actually want to try blueberry color but of course it’s not appropriate for  my profession. I tried chestnut that is more close to mahogany color. I think it’s pretty! 😀

7. Cooking Aglio – Olio for the first time!


I always participate in eating but not in cooking. This Christmas I get the chance to help in the kitchen by  volunteering to cook Olio-Olio. My mom is not well convinced. I will improve next time. Thanks to Ms. Joan for sending me the ingredients list in Messenger. 🙂

8. We have a 40 inches LCD TV now! ❤

Thanks to Dad’s Christmas Bonus! I know our family is late to own a 40 inches LCD tv. We only have  simple lifestyle so we’re late with the latest appliances. Anyway, it’s just happy to see something  new. It’s fun that I can use it for youtube as well. I want to dl more movies because it’s cooler to watch in a bigger screen. 😉

9. SHMI-MS Christmas Party + Boodle fight

I had a fun experience with our school’s Christmas party. Having games with montessori and seminary fusion is unexpectedly thrilling. 🙂 I will miss the school. I’ll treasure my moments and learnings I had with them. It’s my Boodle fight for the second time around. I really enjoy eating seafood. ❤

10.  Christmas time with family 😀


Spend the whole day of Christmas with family. We are complete. We attend mass and eat lunch together in Savory restaurant in SM Molino.  It’s a simple celebration for Christmas but the important thing is we bonded as a family. 🙂

Bonus Photo of me : Here’s a Lotus Cotton Candy!~ ❤

7 thoughts on “(December 2016) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

      1. I like all those what I did thought of course not all what my favorite but still. I always support you of what you do when it gives you something positive 😉

        That hair and style looks different. Which is better for getting new look. I like both old and new. Your salon time worthed it then 😆


      2. I always felt your support. I know you are not a showy type of person because you show your care discretely but I am aware of it and I feel your care. 🙂 (esp when i had hiatus last september 2016.) so Thanks.

        Haha! Is it? >///< wow.. you like old and new.. *blushin* How about you? when try to dye your hair.. you will look like a kpop star..hahaXD #peace

        Liked by 1 person

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