Fashion: Geisha Style

“Geisha (芸者?), geiko (芸子) or geigi (芸妓) are traditional Japanese female entertainers who act as hostesses and whose skills include performing various arts such as classical music, dance, games and conversation, mainly to entertain male customers. (source: Wikipedia)”

I got the chance to wear a Kimono (Traditional Japanese Costume) for the United Nations celebration. What I wore is a kind of BRIDAL kimono. See more kinds of kimono: (  I love Japanese culture since childhood because watching anime was my life back then. Watching dramas, eating food (takoyaki, tempura and ramen) and discovering their J-Fashion particularly mori girl and Harajuku followed through the years. Though before I was more inclined to South Korea but originally Japan came first.

So here we go…

Geisha 2

Red kimono with Sakura prints

Black long balloon skirt

Black Pillow

Geisha 1

All thanks to our tailoress, Ms. Aileen for lending me this costume / traditional dress. She’s good in making gowns too. She has a small boutique in our place for women gown and costume. She also repairs clothes.

Email me at : so I can refer you to her if you are interested renting gowns and other costumes..


17 thoughts on “Fashion: Geisha Style

  1. Lovely! You look stunning in the Kimono! Wow. I really love your modeling blog and this one blew me away. Really, it did. I visit your blog regularly and I have enjoyed your posts soooo much. But this post was something. You are very pretty as you are, but the kimono definitely brings out your beauty. I think you look really good in black. So with the black silk and your red lipstick matching the red in the kimono, I think you have a wonderful match. You have a great eye for color. So thank you for this great post.

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    1. Wow Paul.. That’s quite flattering. >///< Haha! I hope you are not saying this because we are friends? hahaha….I am happy because someone recognized my modeling blog. HAHA! i rarely post fashion blogs because I don't have that enough opportunity to do so but since I learned that someone appreciates it… hmmm… I feel like doing more and more.. 😀

      I like Kimono. It feels so Japanese. ❤ Haha!

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      1. Sorry to be so long with my response! But the truth, and nothing but the truth!!! is that even if I did not know you, one way or the other, even if we weren’t blogging friends, (I’m glad we are! :-), I would have said the same thing. You look great in a kimono! So, feel good about yourself…you deserve it. and keep the modeling blog going. It’s very good.

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      2. Oh thank you! My novel! I’m happy to say that the writing is moving along quite well, after a few months of hardly going anywhere, I’ve gotten some plot issues straightened out and the writing is really easier now. I get up at four in the morning and write. It’s a great time for me. It’s quiet and nice. Sadako’s usually up by six or so and ready for work, and by that time I’ve gotten a good start on my writing day.
        Thank you for asking Lovely! Thank you!

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      3. Sounds good. Haha! 😀Hope you’ll get more inspired. Maybe i should reblog my other fashion blogs (my friends collaboration) so you’ll have more idea in women clothing or style .. i dont know if you have an idea of cosplaying. It’s popular in harajuku japan.😁

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      4. Actually I do follow fashion blogs…one or two and yours! They are extremely helpful in terms of understanding how women dress, casual, dressy, or formal. I know about cosplay, but not so well. 🙂 I’m happy to learn of course. I think our next trip to Japan we’ll spend quite a bit of time in Tokyo so maybe I’ll get to Harajuku and see all the fashions.


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