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My Princess (2011) : Korean Drama Review



Lee Seol has an ordinary life as a college art history student. She’s a young, energetic, and cheerful lady who spends her time in school daydreaming about going to Egypt with professor Nam. Unknown to her, She’s the emperor’s great granddaughter. But that idea didn’t really come to her. All she knows is she’s an orphan. She has a step sister, Lee Dan. Her step sister was always annoyed with her. They didn’t really get along well but to her she’s still a sister. They were adapted with their known mother who lives in the Sunny Side Pension. Her life is as simple as that until the truth was revealed to her, that she was the princess, heiress of the imperial family.



My Princess (2011) is a Korean drama series about the restoration of the South Korea’s Imperial Family (Monarchy System), Romance and Family Conflicts. South Korea has this ancient monarchial political system before. I’ve learned it through other dramas with a “Joseon Dynasty” setting and timeline. I was thinking if I already live in that kind of time but probably I am in Japan. I just confirmed it with myself lately. I appreciate Temple architecture in Japan. I also like Yukatas. I have this strong feeling that there’s a high possibility about that. Maybe, I am also involved in war and arts industry in that time. The love story presented here is between a diplomat and a princess. It’s possible. Though, we all know that princess should be arranged marriage with a prince too. In modern times (Philippines), It would be like a politician marrying a rich and famous woman. For me, it’s common already. Lee Seol and Hae Young’s relationship is just fine. (Enemy turned into lovers) Family conflicts connect all the characters in this drama.


It’s about Lee Seol’s life as a common art history student and the imperial family’s princess. The truth of being a princess was unacceptable to her at first.There were memories in her childhood that was made realize to her by the grandpa chairman. She also become a sensation in the university because of the princess issue. As the media always follows her, Hae Young became her protector. As the story goes by, Hae Young’s develop a romantic feeling for her. For Yoon Joo, the museum’s director, Lee Seol is a nuisance. She’s the problem for all of her plan. Professor Nam is also involved inside the palace administration and relationships within the family. Conflicts develop in their relationships. The story as a whole is drama, comedy,educational and political.



Lee Seol is a college student, majoring in Art History. She doesn’t think about the secrets surrounding her birth or her stepsister who teased her behind her back. She’s naïve and a loving daughter. She also keeps a shabby appearance and works several part time jobs on top of her college career. She also has a crush on her professor Nam Jung-Woo. She also happens to be the princess of the Imperial Family.


Hae Young is a diplomat. He is the sole successor of the Daehan Jonghap Group (the largest conglomerate in Korea). Hae-Young is also handsome and graduated from an Ivy League school. Agreeing to his grandfather`s creed, Park Hae-Young decides to give up his rights to the company and all of his assets. This is all for a young woman named Lee Seol.


Yoon Joo works as the director of Hae Young Museum. Her father is the secretary for the President of the Daehan Jong Group. Yoon Joo hopes to marry Park Hae-Young one day to gain control over the company. Her plans come to a halt when the Princess suddenly appears. For the Princess, the President of the Daehan Jong hap Group returns all of his property to the community. Even Hae Young begins to have favorable feelings for Lee Seol. Yoon Joo can’t forgive Lee Seol for what she has caused. Yoon-Jo then makes a plan and if it succeeds Korea will lose their imperial family.


Jung Woo is a professor, archeologist and holds a PH.D in the Arts. He is also popular among the female students. Jung-Woo grew up in a poor family. Even now with his high status, his financial situation isn’t so good. Because of this, Jung-Woo didn’t propose to his girlfriend Yoon Joo. One day, something strange happens. Jung Woo’s student Lee Seol (who always submits papers late, but works hard at excavation sites) turns out to be a princess. Lee Seol then asks Jung-Woo to become an advisor for the “Redemption Committee of Imperial Family Cultural Assets”.


  • Imperial Family Palace
  • Lee Seol’s University
  • Hae Young Museum
  • Sunny Side Pension
  • Professor Nam’s apartment


 my favorite songs in the drama.

  1. Falling – Lee Jang Eun (Fun and Exciting Moments) 
  2. Because of You – Beast  ( Mischievous moments)
  3. Wind Blow –  Ha Ga Yeon – 4 Minute  ( Drama Moments)

Comments and Suggestions

I am longing to watch this drama. My Princess was aired in Philippines television already. I haven’t watched it. I want but I’m busy that time. Then, I was able to watch it after 3 years. Tadaa! I have my review now. I know Kim Tae Hee. Kim Tae Hee is one of the best actresses in South Korea. I like her beauty. Song Seon Hoon is the lead actor in Endless love: Autumn in my heart as Johnny. I recognized him. His look was improved in this drama.

I am interested in monarchy so I find this drama interesting. I expected a lot about this drama but in the end it’s just so-so. It made me laugh but it didn’t make me cry. Most of the time, I am trying to understand the whole story all about. It’s about the imperial history, politics, monarchy and family relationships. I expected more romance about the main characters but it’s so slow paced. No doubt that they are really cute together on-screen. But, it felt like its lacking something.So, I didn’t become a fan of this couple.

I was thinking maybe it’s not really about the romance. It’s okay with me. I learned a lot in the name of history. I also learned a lesson in life. The Grandpa Chairman has a big regret in his life. He confessed that he’s a really hateful person. He’s asking for the princess forgiveness. He’s also blaming himself for the death of the crown prince which is the father of the princess. He even kneeled down before the princess which is really too much.

The back story of Grandpa Chairman is also interesting. The plot of the story revolves around it. It is the root of all the happenings.  So, I knew at the start that the end of this drama will be the resolution for the Grandpa Chairman’s fault in the past.  The princess forgiveness is the solution to the conflict. The Grandpa Chairman wants the restoration of the imperial family as the princess leads it with the whole country of South Korea.  With that, He’ll be at peace and satisfied that the princess will continue the imperial family. That’s his last wish before his death.

“Don’t do something that you’ll regret till the end of your life.”

The story is good but I didn’t find it original because it’s somewhat like “Princess Diaries”.  Talk about the Genova’s monarchy story. Read my book review about it.  You’ll know why I said that. I guess the drama writer was influenced with that. Also, it won’t beat “GOONG” or “Princess Hours”. It was Yoon Eun Hye’s breakthrough in drama land.

(Yoon Eun Hye > Kim Tae Hee) But, I like them both. 

I’m still in love with her and she’s still the princess that I will always adore. The acting is okay. They did a good job on the production settings. I know that big palace is not really a real palace at all. Obviously.  HAHA. (Thanks to my Film Production Subject…hihi) I also like the Sunny Side Pension Executive Suite!^^~

This is a drama you can watch with your close friends or classmates.  If you are into history and monarchy, you’ll appreciate this drama.

CUTENESS OVERLOAD! ^^~ I had a twin dogs before. I miss them. >.<

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Photo Credits: Dramabeans


2 thoughts on “My Princess (2011) : Korean Drama Review

  1. I dropped this after episode 8. It’s just so meh. I feel like the leads have no chemistry. I’m pretty sure you already watched Goong, it’s one the best present-time monarchy kdrama I’ve seen so far. (Some probably I can’t remember). Have you seen King 2 Hearts? If you love Lee Sung Ki, you might like it. I also dropped that after episode 2. Hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah. I got bored too but I just fast forward some scenes. HAHA! Yeah, I think Goong is better… ( I am a Yoon Eun Hye fan) ^^v ❤ No, I haven't seen King of 2 Hearts yet. I am not a fan of Lee Sung Gi so I don't have plans to watch it..haha! The only Lee Sung Gi drama I watched is "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho". He's good there and very funny. HAHA!


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