The Social Network 2010: American Movie


Mark Zuckerberg, Harvard undergrad and computer genius, begins work on a new concept that eventually turns into global social network sensation known as Facebook. 6 years later, he became one of the youngest billionaire in the world because of Facebook.  But, He finds that unprecedented success will lead him to both personal and legal complications when he ends up on the receiving end two lawsuits which one involving his friend Eduardo.



The Social Network (2010) is a movie about the origin of Facebook, business partnership, vision and the life of Mark Zuckerberg. Some people used Facebook everyday but don’t know the history of Facebook. Almost the whole world has a Facebook account. I was also surprised that even our neighbours’ infant has a Facebook account. This movie can offer you knowledge in how to real business starts and the conflicts you may face through along the way. Nothing is easy. As they say, “Rome isn’t built in one day”


The story is focused on how Facebook started and the people behind it. Mark Zuckerberg started inventing Facebook while he is still studying in Harvard. He eventually pursued Facebook and decided to drop out college. Mark convinced Eduardo to be his partner but their friendship experienced conflict because of Facebook too. Sean Parker presents a “Billion dollar” vision to Mark Zuckerberg. Mark was convinced about that and decided to work with Sean too.


Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO)

Andrew Garfield as Eduardo Severin  (Facebook Co-Founder)

Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker (Founding President of Facebook)


It’s a documentary / real life story. I didn’t expect any hard core cinema effects.


  • Harvard University
  • Zukerberg’s dorm
  • Bar
  • Law office
  • Facebook’s office

Comments and Suggestion

My brother finds this movie boring. He wants action but he didn’t see it here. Of course, this is like a documentary film of a true story. Does real life in film is boring? I have a copy of this movie and watched it. I learned about how Facebook started and the people behind it. I appreciate it because it’s a story of a billionaire. HAHA

The first scene was Mark being dumped by his girlfriend. I know it’s hard to date a nerd. The conflict started when Mark expressed his anger towards his ex-girlfriend through blogging in live journal. It was spread through the campus. We must be still careful in posting anything in the internet. It’s still a public place. You can’t write all there. If you want an outlet for your restless emotions, write it in a notebook first. Like me, I have a diary. So, what’s with the break up? It’s became Mark’s motivation to be so preoccupied with the internet/ computer stuffs and eventually lead him to invent Facebook.

Facebook started as Face smash. Face smash is a really rude game. It’s a comparison of woman faces based on the Harvard’s website profiles put into an interactive internet poll. Harvard Connection is a social network for Harvard students aimed at dating. The system of that website was believed to be stolen by Mark. He was sued by the Cameron Twins and Tyler Winklevess. But, it’s not true. Mark just helped them with the system but not literally stole away it with them. It’s a long story after that. Learn more about the whole story by watching this movie

At first look, I taught Eduardo was played by Gustin of “The Flash”. I didn’t recognize that it was Andrew Garfield. Jesse Eisenberg really fits playing Mark Zuckerberg since they are really alike. When I’ve learned about Facebook history, I realized that it was made with such a lot of conflicts and problems. I can say that it is also implied with all the Facebook users I know. Some people argue because of Facebook.  Some people would pick a fight in Facebook. I have no questions why it’s happening judging Mark’s experience while he’s making Facebook.

I learned in this film that not all School/ University drop outs are useless and rotten jerks. What about Mark Zuckerberg? He might quit college not “JUST BECAUSE” he wants to. It’s because he has a VISION. Vision is really important to anyone in attaining success. Mark felt like schooling is already useless for him. He decided to start the vision he has and take action to it. He believed and achieved. Remember, Steve Jobs, APPLE CEO, is also a School Drop -out. But look, APPLE is leading in the phone and computer industry now.

“I think it’s important if you’re going to take on any big challenge that you just love and really have faith in what you doing. That I think is the most important advice I would say.”

– Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

The result:


 Rating: 7 out of 10 

Photo Source: Google Images


11 thoughts on “The Social Network 2010: American Movie

    1. Haha! Actually, I can see your potentials to be Mark.. 😀 You’re a type of person who’s not afraid of new and big challenges. That’s what I want to adapt with you.. haha! I’m sure you’ll go far in life.. ^^~

      It’s a good movie…^^ that’s why I reviewed it.. thanks for the comment.. .;)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Come and join the dark side 😀
        Thanks for believing in me 🙂
        It’s a good movie I believe I forgot why I watched only half of the movie….
        Wait… I watched it at the plane during my trip to Europe and time to take off passengers bla bla bla…ugh…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha.. Dark Side? Who are you Darth vader?
        Well, no problem about that… 😉
        Haha! you just unintentionally watch it.. cool… It’s all talking/ conversations.. not exciting….at least, it’s informative.. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  1. While I appreciate the significane of the story being told, I felt this movie was overly long with some scenes kind of drawn out for the sake of it. As a result I was pretty disengaged by the end of the movie. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

    Liked by 1 person

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