10 Happy Things

(January 2017) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

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Welcome 2017! Another year to face. ^^~  I will always say there are many beautiful reasons still to be happy. My January has been so busy at work since I need to do the circle lessons. I also lost my voice for days. (napaos in tagalog)I have delays my blog posts too. There are some pressures that I am feeling as well. Have Faith. I always hope for the best of everything. 🙂

  1. Festive Food on the Table — > January 1 New Year!


It’s important to prepare many food in your table to welcome the year. This signifies that you welcome prosperity in your home. (according to Chinese Belief) We just follow some tips. Feeling Blessed

2. Eating more TAKOYAKI! ❤


One of my fave food is TAKOYAKI. It’s a popular street food in japan where you mix the octopus meat, veggie and flour. You cook it on a waffle maker like equipment. The Japanese Mayo is the best. 😀 Oh please! This helped me recover fast when I was sick.

3. Getting 2017 Planners as gifts 


I like to write down  my plans so I need a planner. I prefer a desk planner because I find it convenient. I got some this month from a student’s parent and my HS friend. 🙂 The early bird planner is cute. I really don’t know that I am an early bird til someone tell that I actually am. Haha! Thanks Jana! 🙂

4. #RGandTriciawillgoplaces

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My fave blogger, Tricia Gosingtian, got married already this January with her long time boyfriend RG Gabunada. I was looking forward to this since they got engaged. I love how simple yet elegant the theme of her wedding. I am happy for her because she was able to find someone who didn’t give up on her. I hope I will be happy too someday. :’) Stay in Love, Tricia and RG! ❤

5. Graduate Studies : MA ESL

I am officially enrolled in the program Master of Arts in English as Second Language. I’ve been eyeing for this course ever since. Finally, I got the chance to be enrolled.  I need to have focus now in my career. Changes might happen too in my career because of this. Stay tuned with my blog. 🙂

6. Playing Guitar in Class


What I enjoyed in having circle lessons with Charity class this January is playing the guitar with them. I suddenly realized that they’ve gotten a better singer looking back the first months of the school year. The children can follow the timing in singing with the guitar. I use the guitar for the song “I see the Moon” because i didn’t like the recording I hear in YT.

7. Catching up with HS friends.

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I just realized that I have less time to socialize in real life. Yes, I am active chatting with blogger friends in the online world still it’s a different thing to meet your old friends for real. 🙂  I got a chance to meet Jana and Tina. I’ve learned that many things has change yet more stayed the same. Haha! It’s quite nostalgic whenever I see them.

8. Finishing my January Circle lessons

My time was most spent this month to make materials and prepare for my circle lessons. The theme for this month is ABOVE THE SKY – Sun, Moon, Stars and Clouds. The topics are interesting so I was challenged as well. It feels like I am a science major when I read about these topics. The important thing is the children has learned something new. I hope I was able to reach them and made it stay in their mind. 🙂

9. Sleightly Musical’s Harry Potter Medley music video

Bloody Brilliant! I was totally amazed when I saw Albert Chang’s Harry Potter Medley cover. I want to watch it over again. It reminds me how I was so into HP before. The cinematography of this short music video really takes you to the magical world of harry potter. What house are you from? #gryffindor

10. Meeting great minds in WP like Paul, Lingyun + more followers

I am not that active in wordpress before unlike last 2015. I am still thankful that still some people appreciates my blog when they got lost here. Paul told me that I do good in my fashion blogs and with what I write.  I have limited post about fashion. I sometimes want to do more but I have lesser opportunity. When someone tell you that they believe you are good enough it warms my heart. Thank you readers! 😀


2 thoughts on “(January 2017) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

  1. And I still believe in you. You have an excellent eye for color which is very important in the fashion world and you are an intelligent woman with excellent English language skills. And behind all of that is the simple fact that you work hard to achieve your goals! That is 99% of everything. So you are very welcome! 🙂

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