Jazzel Epil

  Roshiel Tobias


             Jana Punzalan ~ (Nikon 3200)

               Klen Manalo    ~ (NikonD90)

                     Tina Camua     ~ (NikonD3100)

Fashion Wardrobe:

Tina Camua

Editor in Charge:

Lovely Del Mundo

Shooting Location: The Islands, Dasmarinas, Cavite

Shooting Date : August 31. 2015


Timeless. Classic. Dramatic Such words are used  to describe this style all about. It will take you to the Europe’s Victorian Era where ladies fashion statement were that lavish and detailed. By that time also, women social status was defined according to the clothes or dress they were. Yes, it might be unfair. Fast forward to this time, fashion is  more of experimental, trendy patterns and playing with colors.

I had this blog SERGEANT NANAKO: VICTORIAN – GOTHIC LOLITA FASHION STYLE before . (Hope you’ve read it! I had an interview with Sergeant Nanako about her fashion label and history on starting her hobby in cosplaying Lolita Style.  To continue further about what has Nanako’s Fashion to offer, we had this “ultimate photoshoot collaboration ever” as Jana mentioned in her FB.



For me, it’s like a reunion with my high school friends. It’s a good thing to bond with them again for a longest time  with this kind of activity rather than hanging out in malls or what. We had Jazzel and Roshiel as models for Nanako’s Dress Collection. It was fun to shoot with these ladies because they are game with everything to do. They’re obedient with the photographers. The camera loves them. I must say that it’s not easy to be a model. You even need  follow everything the photographers’ instruction just to achieve their creative frames. You work hand on hand to make it happen.



For our talented photographers (Jana, Klenn and Tina), everyone are so busy to find the best spot, best timing and pose to make this photoshoot really one of a kind. I think they have achieved it. Congrats guys! ^^ It’s also Sergeant Nanako time for touching photography as part of her artistry as well.

The photoshoot was a success. Tina was planning to make a photo book out of it. That will be beautiful. I am hoping to get some copy for free. Haha!


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