Kimi Ni Todoke: Live Action (Movie Review)



A Girl named Sawako was being talked about as a girl with a curse. She actually looks like the famous horror movie character “Sadako” of The Ring. Other students avoid looking at her because looking at her eyes will give them bad fortune. Despite all of these rumors about her, it was all different with Kazehaya. During spring, the first day of classes, Sawako walks on the way to school. Kazehaya, confused with the direction, ask her which way he should take that leads him to school. It’s the first time he saw Sawako’s smile while the cherry blossoms are falling in to her with the wind. “When will it reach you? This feeling I felt from that day…” Kazehaya told to his self.  



Kimi Ni Todoke (2010) is a High School romance movie that narrates the beauty of First Love. It will surely bring back the moments of being young and in love. Nowadays, it’s seldom to hear this kind of story. It’s just so pure and innocent. The value of friendship and some life lessons was also shown in this movie. First Love can be really happy or sad. It depends. Nevertheless, Love brings positive vibes to anyone. Even if it’s a failed or happy love, at least you’ve experience and have outgrown it. When love reached you, there are no boundaries or limits. Fall in Love but keep your guards high also.

Story tumblr_liq8dmx5qr1qeew1po1_500

The story in the movie focuses on the relationship growth of Kazehaya and Sawako. Kazehaya helped Sawako’s development as a person. He always knows that Sawako is a special person. He’s like taking care of a flower that’s not yet ready to blossom. She always does school chores and helps in collecting notes during class. She’s responsible. She’s always earnest in everything she does. The only problem with her is she’s too shy or socially awkward to express herself in class. Oftentimes, people misunderstand her. But the truth is she is a person that you’ll treasure as a friend. Chizuru and Ayane felt that way to her. Chizuru was so moved with her when she made a notebook for lesson reviews. And so, they never thought of Sawako making the bad rumors about them. Later in the story, the rumor incident just made their friendship stronger. The movie is the summary of Kimi Ni Todoke Season 1. Even though it’s not as detailed as like in the anime, the exact idea for the start of the series is there.   There are some changes from the anime to live action like the profession of Sawako’s dad. Basically, the genre is Romance and Slice of Life. I’ve found some quotes in the movie that shows some life lessons:       


Arai Kazuichi, also known as Pin: I don’t really understand the situation but don’t just blame others. Blaming things on others doesn’t solve anything. There are countless unfair things in this world but in the end, you have to try and deal with it yourself.


Kazehaya Shota: When passing something, if you don’t think that it will actually reach the other person; they won’t be able to properly receive it. 


                                           Live Action Version
                                             Anime Version

Mikako Tabe as Kuronuma Sawako Sawako gives her creepy look due to nervousness. In reality, she is a shy person who really wants to make new friends and be more open with her class. Sawako is a caring girl, as seen when she avoided Ayane, Chizuru, and even Shota, to protect them from the rumors.

Haruma Miura As Kazehaya Shota Shota is known by many people for being outgoing and cheerful, and Sawako stated herself that she felt Shota was made out of cheerfulness itself. He has always been cheerful and energetic around Sawako, as he wanted to see her smile again and was interested in her, not realizing it was out of feelings of love.

Misako Renbutsu As Chizuru Yoshida Chizuru is another close friend of Sawako. She is the tomboy of the group. She can be very emotional at times usually seen humorously crying after a touching moment between her friends. She has a soft spot for innocent mannered people, so she takes a near instant liking to Sawako.

Natsuna Watanabe As Ayane Yano Ayane is probably the most understanding and observant character. Perceptive and matured, a trait of Ayane’s personality is that she gives just enough information to leave others wondering, thus forcing them to move forward, this as well as being able to figure out that it was Ume who spread the rumors and discovering that Kazehaya likes Sawako.

Haru Aoyama  As Ryu Sanada He is quiet most of the time and rarely talks, but still can communicate well with Sawako, seeing as they have similar softly spoken personalities. He is often shown to be sleepy while in class and does seem to enjoy napping whenever possible. On more than one occasion, he has been shown to be aware of people’s thoughts and concerns just by observing their behaviour.

Mirei Kiritani As Ume Kurumizawa Kurumi shows herself as a very cute and nice girl. She was constantly smiling, and Sawako admired her and looked up to her as her role model. She later sheds her fake personality and shows that she can be aggressive and manipulative when it comes to Kazehaya. Kurumi is very honest and upfront about her feelings, later showing that she lacks self-esteem and considers herself to have a “bad personality”, something that Sawako vehemently denies.


What I like about the use of photography in this movie is the Slow-paced movements of the camera. For example, the first time Kazehaya saw Sawako’s smile. It was given emphasis through a slow motion shot with Sawako holding a one piece of Cherry Blossom Flower. Also, the scene where they all come from Ryu’s Ramen Restaurant. Kazehaya made his way with Sawako. That scene started with a shot of their reflection in the water on the road. I just find it creative.  


  • School
  • Sawako’s House
  • Event Hall
  • Bus Stop
  • Cherry Blossom way

Comments and Suggestions           

I’ve already read the (season 1) manga version on the internet. I’ve already watched the Anime series (Season 1 and 2). I have no contentment because I’ve also bought a DVD of  Kimi Ni Todoke: Live Action (The Movie). It’s not obvious that I am a fan of this Series. Haha! Why wouldn’t I love this one? For me, it’s the best “First Love” story I have watched. It’s better than “A Crazy Little Thing called Love” which is a Thai movie. I had to make a decision of what movie will I make a review. I chose “Kimi ni Todoke” because it’s Japanese, the story has more depth and I love cherry blossoms.  I’ve watched “A Crazy Little Thing called Love” before. It was recommended by almost all of my friends. It’s good but “Kimi Ni Todoke” is better in my opinion.

I’ve made a Movie Review. I’ve experienced the story in all forms of medium. But, I don’t do manga review. I’m doing anime reviews too but if I have to do an anime review I must consider the season 2. It’s quite long. I want to focus with Kazehaya and Sawako’s relationship development. I want to emphasize how they started so I’ve chosen the live action (movie). And, it didn’t disappoint me at all. The actors and actresses that have given life to the characters are really suited. Maybe, the casting for this movie seems to have undergone a meticulous or well-researched process. The casting is perfect! Sugoii! I can’t suggest anything. I won’t change anything. Kazehaya and Sawako’s chemistry in live action looks so real.

I almost forgot to say how I also love the soundtracks in the anime version too. The characters that I can relate with are Sawako, Kurumi and Chizuru. I am a combination of those three. Sawako is socially awkward. I used to be like that when I was a student. Kurumi is persistent about her love but in the end it doesn’t work out. Even though she’s kind of pretentious, her love for kazehaya is honest. I still admire her with her confession. Chizuru also had this failed love towards Tohru, Ryu’s older brother. I adore Chizuru’s view about friendship and personality. We can be friends. She just doesn’t know Ryu’s secretly in love with her. I like the relationship between them too.  I can recommend this movie with you. If you want to reminisce about young love or first love, this movie is definitely for you. Romance fans will love this. Fall in Love. This movie will surely reach your hearts. ^^

Rating: 8.5 out of 10


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  1. I can’t remember if I read the manga but I think I have a copy somewhere (will check my hdrives later). There is a anime version of this. I’m not just really a fan of JDoramas. I heard good things about this though. 🙂


      1. I did read that one top very insightful i only just joined wordpress so getting use to how you use it hehe. I started up a anime blog of my own new Adventure for me 😄


      2. Oh really! Thanks!^^ WordPress is a good blogsite. I like Anime too. You need to be diligent in making blogs and making layouts with your blogsite. Hope you’ll enjoy blogging in wordpress too! ^^ Anyway, I followed you back! ^^~

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      1. Yeah.. I like Mikako Tabe.. I saw her in Atashinchi no Danshi.. (J-Drama).. She’s good.. 🙂 I almost love all the characters.. as well stated in my review.. by the way thanks for the add in Google Plus.. Hope you can follow me too on twitter @thelovelyrhythm for fast updates on blog.. I blog movie, anime and book… ❤ Thanks Michelle.. ^^~


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