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Relationship Goals

Relationship Goals


By: Lovely Del Mundo

Many women want to be a JUNE Bride. I don’t know the exact reason why they want to be a June Bride. Is there really significance about that? Is it tradition? Some will prefer February because it’s the Valentine’s month. Some will prefer December because it’s Christmas time. I think month isn’t really the issue here. People just tend to follow the bandwagon when it comes to wedding events because it’s also about business.

My view about marriage didn’t change. It’s still sacred and really precious. But, it carries a lot of sacrifices and acceptance in the long run. It’s the greatest gift you’ll receive from a man. When a man is serious about being with you for life, he will marry you for sure. My mom will always tell that. Some women of my age live with a man they’re not married to but they do have a child already. The term called about a couple with a child but not married is “lived-in”. In America, lived-in is not really a big deal. They are more liberated unlike in Asia. They’re opinion about that is they live together under a roof as a trial if it doesn’t work out then they’ll break-up or if it do work out, it can lead to marriage.  I think it’s okay as long as you’re in the right age already and not depending to your parents anymore with your basic necessities like food, clothes and house. But, the down side here is don’t expect too much from your partner because he’s not officially tied with you yet so there’s a higher chance for you to separate.

Are you curious about my thoughts about being in-a-relationship with the opposite sex? I think I haven’t blog about it yet. Well, I am going to share it with you in this blog post. ^^ I had a bad experience about being in a relationship before.  I was abandoned and fooled. I am too innocent that time because it’s my first time. I have this child-like personality too so it was really like a culture shock for me. (plus..He’s a foreigner) There came a point where I didn’t believe in romance anymore. I became a realist now. #bitter #ampalaya #whogoat

On the other hand, I’m not closing my doors with love. Love is a wonderful thing. Love is beautiful. Love is a gift from God. I believe that the man meant for me will come at the right time and place. ^^ Since the title of this blog is “relationship goals”, I will state the things I consider in a relationship.

Personally, My forever favorite couple is the “Ice Cream Couple” (Lie To Me: Angela and Kenneth). I’m fond of watching Korean dramas. This is my favorite love story. You can read my review about the drama I like the most here: Lie To Me.  I have this vibes that this kind of relationship set up will happen to me.  575090_334138039988102_891844580_n

He can shout to the whole world how much he loves me. He doesn’t care what other people think about us. He can accept the story about my tragic past. He believes in our relationship and cares a lot about me. Ice Cream Couple

Even though he’s busy at work, he will always make time to meet and even play with me. He loves my company. He will always make a way to make me smile and laugh.

Ice Cream Couple (3)

We can eat anything together. We will venture with different culture and cuisine. You can spot us on cozy and classy restaurants or even a food market/ bazaar.

Ice Cream Couple (2)

I can be fierce like this to him. HAHA! He’s a real man….period!


We’ll have many couple pictures in different places. (He must love travel) Definitely we’ll have different poses and scenes as well…*wink*


He’s tall and strong enough to carry me when I’m tired. >.<


Of course, He can see me in his future. He has plans marrying me. He believes that marriage is the real proof of love with a woman as a man. He wants to build a family with me.

That’s all. I don’t need that super handsome, rich, famous and genius guy. (I am sure he’s a conceited jerk) All I need is a decent guy who has a good heart that genuinely loves and cares about me. I don’t really go for a high standard because nobody is perfect. But, I do have some basic preferences like I want tall, neat, optimistic and wealthy. :p I hope I can meet him when I am already prepared with all the aspect I need to become a deserving girlfriend/wife/mom. I don’t want to be involved in a relationship and yet I am blank/empty. I am wiser now too.

I want to share these songs about love:

Above all, this is love all about:


18 thoughts on “Relationship Goals

  1. A very sensitive post but a true and honest one at that. Your goals are honorable and not really picky in the slightest. I admire that.

    I’ve never watched Korean drama before, but that romance sounded really deep, more passionate and dimensional than what I’ve seen recently. I feel that romance is a very easy “genre” to nail, but serving up a true love story can be quite difficult. At least I think so.

    Anyway, I hope someone out there can fulfill these goals, you’ll be so happy 🙂 haha! (PS, I suppose them having a ‘lil money wouldn’t hurt, right?)

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    1. Whoa!~ Takuto – kun! I really didn’t expect you to leave a comment here. I was thinking that it’a a big dare for someone who will leave a comment in this post.. HAHA.. And you did it! 😀 haha Hountouni Arigatou! ^^~

      Yes, you’re right… It’s a sensitive post.. This post is kinda personal at my part but a real writer mustn’t be afraid to blunt out anything even what’s in the deepest inside her/his heart… It’s for all Honesty as well.

      Haha! Thanks for your hopes about this goal of mine.. Yes, I think I’ll be the happiest when it happened.. 😀 Who wouldn’t be?! As of now, I’m cool about it and just keeping the ball rolling.. haha….XD lil money will just put a lilttle more icing in the cake.. 😉

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  2. I think the “qualities” you want for a boyfriend will change in time or as you grow older. You have an innocent take on love. I admire you for that. Mine’s a bit more realistic. If you’re read a couple of my personal posts you’d know why.

    What I look for these days is someone who is responsible and who loves me more than I love him.

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  3. Quite rational and practical.

    “That’s all. I don’t need that super handsome, rich, famous and genius guy. (I am sure he’s a conceited jerk) All I need is a decent guy who has a good heart that genuinely loves and cares about me.”
    These are really difficult lines to write and very rare to read:-)

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    1. Haha! Wow, you even noticed that I used rare words.. Thanks about that! Yep I am kinda realistic about relationships.. ^^ It’s the truth… Don’t waste your time to someone who doesn’t care about you… Go where love is ….. ^^

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  4. I think, Lovely, you are on the right path to love, but I have to say there are no guarantees. You meet someone who fulfills all you want in a man, and three years later he’s a total jerk. OR you marry a guy and you.feel you’ve made a huge mistake, and he turns out to be the most loving man ever OR neither of the above.

    I think your request for a “decent guy who has a good heart that genuinely loves and cares about me.” is quite honest and realistic. Of course the man has his expectations as well. A woman once told me that her test for a man was to find and talk with his ex girlfriend. Ha! I thought that was pretty smart, but it could get weird… 🙂 so I don’t recommend it. Ha!

    There are many levels for true love. Of course you want a nice looking man. You are attractive, and you want someone who appreciates your beauty not just sexually but also as a class act. In other words you want to go out with this man, and you know he is absolutely proud of being seen with you, and vice-versa. I hate to see couples in competition with each other. They both look good but don’t ever “see” each other–only themselves.

    I think maybe the best test is a simple one. Once you’ve gone out with a guy…do you want to see him again? Were you comfortable with this person?–no edginess. He didn’t get jealous when you joked a bit with the good-looking waiter at your table. How much do you want to see him again? and How much does he want to see you again? If he doesn’t return your calls. If he has numerous excuses…laugh, pat him on the head…and RUN the other way! 🙂

    If he kisses you goodnight–with your permission of course! and you really like how it makes you feel. That is definitely good! This is very important. Kissing is something that should continue in your love, your marriage, your old age. It needs to be something you absolutely enjoy doing with this person. If your young man kisses you, and he’s pretty good at it, and he likes the way you kiss back…that’s a good sign. It’s not the ONLY THING, but it’s a good sign! :-).

    Life is hard, Lovely, as you know. But I think you are moving in an honest and smart direction. I think good things will come your way.

    As we say here in America, “Stay real!” 🙂

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    1. It’s like a gamble there’s no assurance. Is that what you meant? But at least having goals will make the universe work for it. Hahaha! Its good still to have a vision. As they say.. if you have a goal at least you have a guide or blueprint that you will attract eventually..than nothing at all. i just believe that.

      As for me… my concern now is to go where love is. If the man will show enough signs of genuine love towards me.. i think i will choose him over the ideal guy but no interest at all at me. You know….the most heartbreaking words i ever heard so far in my life was when someone told me
      “I don’t care at you at all”…
      I really felt like the ugliest… 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
      I know it sounds petty but.. to know that from the person you care. Thats sucks. Maybe, I am still young that time so yeah… i wasnt able to manage that negative emotion well…..

      Change topic…. ha! Talking to ex is not advisable. Just I know. Talk to the mother instead! You’ll know the truth! 😂😂😂

      Hahaha.. kissing is a good indicator…hahaha!!! Actors and actress can be good kissers.. hmmm.. it can be a learned skill! Hahahaha!

      Thank you Thank you Paul! I really really appreciate your comments in my post so inspiring and helpful.. you are really a teacher! Hey Dr. LOVE ! Hahaha.👍😁💕😛

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      1. Thank you so much for the thoughtful replies. I’m glad to hear that my comments are helpful.

        The truth is — I have lived most of my life alone. And, that is the way I wanted it. I had a wonderful career at a job I loved: teaching. And after a few disastrous relationships, I met Sadako–online! You see, Sadako and I began our relationship for months! without meeting. We emailed, then messaged, then Skypped w/o picture, then telephone, THEN finally we met. No marriage is perfect but we are so very happy. And that is what I truly truly hope for you, Lovely.

        You have a good heart. So keep the guard up and be careful and always, always, communicate. If there is one thing that makes a great working and loving relationship it’s communication.

        Well, enough of my preaching and teaching! hahaha. 🙂

        Again thank you and I look forward to your posts.

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      1. It’s hard to pick… I really like how they met. It was so funny how it was a “lie” but I think my favourite part was when her friends went to his house. She got to show off the house and everything! Plus, that was when they sang the song and kissed!!!

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      2. Haha! Yes. It’s really funny… but i love how the lie becomes the truth.💜 my fave part is when ah jong was assigned to stay in jeju island. Ki jun followed her there after a month. Do everything to convince her to get married with him. Ki Jun inspected the place where ah jong stays and he doesnt want to go back to his hotel. *funny* they get playful.. then…
        Its morning.. . ki jun cooked breakfast for ah jong. 👍💕😍 so sweet. Hahahaha!

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