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Valentine’s Special: My FAVE REAL COUPLES

By: Lovely del Mundo

Sweet Stuffs. Roses and Chocolates. Couples walking holding hands. Things you are expecting to see on this day. They are common already. What got my attention recently is the TV ADs from a fast-food restaurant. I was quite entertained of how people (Filipinos) reacted to it. Truly, showing values that struck the heart will make it relateable to everyone.

Valentine’s day is a showcase of LOVE particularly the EROS one. Eros means passionate love or love with the opposite sex. Love comes in different ways just that the theme for this day is mostly for COUPLES or LOVERS in the world. I think I don’t need to dig in the history of St. Valentines and the like. Let’s simply talk about Love  and relationships as all we know about it.

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I am actually thinking of what to post on my blog this V-Day. I don’t have any special date for this day. Yes, I am single and free. Haha!  I think it’s lovelier to have someone to celebrate like some worthy man though. Anyway, I have a list here of “real couples” over the blogs and YT channels I regularly visit. I always look up to their relationships. It made me  believe that love is possible and can always be beautiful in a way.

  1. Jen and Will (meejmuse youtube)

Image result for jen and will of meejmuse

Jen is a popular beauty vlogger in Youtube. She calls her channel meejmuse and her fans musers. I actually discovered her channel because of the cover song of “Draw me close to you” (Christian song) which she did with Will, her husband.  Eventually, I was lead to watch the Heart to Heart playlist in her channel. I was inspired and entertained watching them as a couple. I love their Q&As, boyfriend tag, life advice and challenges. It was really FUNNY whenever grumpy oppa plays around on their video. I think it’s cool to have a husband like Will because of his sense of humor and wit so I guess Jen must be lucky too. Haha!

  1. Me-Ann and Lloyd (Yogo and Cream Blog)

Image result for yogo and cream

Yay! Yogo and Cream. One of the kindest blogger I met in the online world. I remember Me Ann won the coffee date with Christian Bautista. I watched the whole game. It’s fun! She and her boyfriend work hand in hand to make things possible for YOGO and CREAM Blog.  It’s a blog you can go to if you are searching for reasonable travel and food. I actually love mostly  what they blog. They also have a YT Channel for vlogs and events cover.

  1. Rachel and Jun (Youtube)

Image result for Rachel and Jun Youtube

Rachel and Jun is a Youtube Japanese-American Couple based on Japan. It’s an unexpected combination of Conservative Japanese and Liberated America. They made it possible for the love of anime. Haha! They do lots of vlogs to help you travel in Japan. They also have topics about relationships, social differences and lifestyle. By the way, Jun is good in cooking. He has a separate channel for cooking videos. 😀 I rarely visit now their channel but I must say it’s worth it to watch.

  1. Tricia and RG ( #RGandTriciawillgoplaces)

Of course, here are the newlyweds Tricia and RG.  I’ve been a Tricia fan for quite long or not quite that long already so I used to see RG in some blog post of Tricia as her boyfriend who cooks for her and do photos for her OOTD. HAHA… He’s so obvious to be madly in love with Tricia with the photos I see they have together. Finally, he’s officially Tricia’s husband now. ❤

  1. Camie and Gab (Fox and Bear –

Related image

I am not an avid follower of this couple though I know how comfortable and spontaneous the relationship they have.  I think it’s admirable.  I saw some chat screen caps they have over Camie’s tweet and laugh how casual it is. They travel together as well. It seems that Europe has been their favorite place. Paris is where they got engaged. Congos!       


That ends my list.  I am really inspired with these couples. What could be their secret for a long lasting relationship?  🙂

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!~ ❤                         


9 thoughts on “Valentine’s Special: My FAVE REAL COUPLES

      1. I am in Australia at the moment (so most of my vlogs on Australia life~)… well my BF is not as good looking as those guys on the video! LOL I’ve got some video clips in my blog too so feel free to check it if you like~

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      2. Oh really! Are you going to stay in Aus for good? Ah.. so you are Chinese. BTW I like your blog post. i like JPN culture. 🙂 Hope to see more of your post in WP as well. Then if you have twitter I can follow you there too. here’s mine — > @thelovelyrhythm Thanks 😀

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