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26, Going Further

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It’s been really amazing how things happened last year particularly in my career and blog. I have learned a lot with my experiences. It helped me to improve in some areas I need to work on myself and some shortcomings I had in my blog. I am always grateful about it. I believe most of you are aware of those things especially my dear readers.  (Remember the monthly Happy Things *wink*.) Another year has come to pass and your Lovely Blogger is celebrating her birthday once again! 😀


The feeling of #adulting is already taking over me. You’ll know it when you appreciate home cooked meals than fast food meals and thinking of buying home appliances than just strolling around the mall. In everything that I do, I am becoming more practical. I also think of a long-term use of an item or investment as well.  Maturity doesn’t really come with age but wisdom does as they say.

Mid 20’s step by step accomplishment.  I am really thankful that my plans are all becoming reality one step at a time. You really have to believe that you can make it happen and work diligently smart.  In our way reaching our goals, challenges and obstacles really come our way. We have no choice but to face it.  My patience, determination and pride were really challenged last year. In the end, it helped me be shaped into a better and admirable person that I can become.

I wouldn’t set any expectations for what I will I do but I do have hopes as I continue living life. Having the Professional License reminds of my responsibility as a teacher that dares  me for a new challenge in my career. I always ask for the guidance of God in everything I do and the decisions I make. For those who’s curious regarding my love life, just stay tuned (haha!). We’ll see who’ll win my heart. :p

Don’t worry I am still your blogger here. Though, I have less time to publish my blogs but I will remain consistent in blogging. The good news is I even had the soft launching of my Youtube Channel now.  That made me happy as well. The purpose of it will be mostly about making videos about my passion in music and will give you teasers about what’s next to my blog. So, Please do watch out for that! Haha!

How did I celebrate?

Image may contain: dessert and food
My birthday is a Friday so I am in the school I am working in. I was surprised to have a cake. 🙂
3 Meat Combination.jpg
I went out to dine in Evia Merlion Restaurant with the family. 


One Green tea Latte for Lovely. ❤

Now,  I will share with you some songs that I can relate to recently. Welcome 26th!~

~ ATC – Young and relentless

~ATC – In our Bones

~ Moana – “How Far I’ll Go” ft. Janella Salvador 



Thank you for all those who greeted me! I appreciate all your thoughts. Looking forward to more years of blogging with you guys!<3


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