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(February 2017) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

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Hello there friends! I am back for my Monthly Happy Things! February has been so cold literally. The cold breeze of December was more felt this month. Most probably, the snow in the Northern Hemisphere is melting already. And so, there’s this chance for me to wear winter fashion. Haha! Aside from the weather talk, February is also my birthday month. This is also the time I revealed an important decision I made in my career. There’s a roller coaster ride happening inside me. But then, I mustn’t stay in the carousel all the time.  So, help me God! >.< On the other hand, check out the things that made me smile this month.

  1. Finally got my PRC license

I won’t show off the photo of my PRC ID and certificate.  It took quite long before I get this. I also had my oath taking in PRC which I didn’t really expect. This is a proof of my hardwork and faith.  Thank you!

  1. Eating in Burger King


Burgers can be that good! I love the chicken nuggets burger  in Burger King. I think it is affordable and reasonable because  because it is king size already.  I feel full with one order. BK loves! 😀

  1. Borrowing a book in DLSU_D Library


I got a chance to borrow books again from the Library. I keep on renewing it. One of the perks of being enrolled in DLSU_D is you have the right to borrow books. It’s my first time to borrow books now I am in Graduate School.  🙂

  1. Listening to “City of Stars” La La Land Music Soundtrack.

I fell in love with this.  I find the film quite romantic and musical. LA LA LAND stands out with the soundtracks featured in the film. I love listening to “City of Stars”. The melody is nostalgic and appealing to my senses. It’s my lullabye! ❤ I hope I can make my own version of it too.

  1. BarnYard Café

I thought of it as an ice cream shop before but it is just a café that offers Frappe and Freak. I saw the pictures of Freak on their posters before the opening. It’s just attractive that I thought of an ice cream shop.  The café is unique. You can play board games over there. It seems to be always full recently so I did not get the chance to stay there for long.  I love the ambiance there though.

  1. Soft Launching of my YT Channel

Finally, my YT Channel is officially there. It’s been a trial and error on my part to record my singing and playing of the guitar. It was fun to do anyway. It’s been a long time since I made a video.  I really missed doing it. Music is something that I really enjoy. 🙂 Check out my Valentine’s Guitar Video of ” When you say nothing at all”.

  1. Sweet Treats on Valentine’s Day.

Got some Sweet Treats from the Kids! I love the Crinkles so badly that I want to ask the parent where they bought it.  I am not really expecting anything for this day.

  1. Bird Watching

It was a good experience for the children to bird watch in the Coastal Area near Manila Bay. Haribon Foundation has this kind of activity for us to appreciate the endemic birds in the country and made us be concern for their welfare as well.

9. Celebrating my Birthday! ~

It’s actually uncomfortable for me to celebrate my birthday this year. (For a reason I can explain on one of my future blogs.) I feel blessed still despite the conflicts I faced, big decision I made and new things I started recently. I am thankful for my parents who continue to be supportive whatever decision I am making right now. :’) You may check out my birthday blog <—.

      10. Saturday Classes New learnings

It’s been like 3 Saturdays already when my MA course started. It felt different from the course I took in COED – CTP. The vibes is quite intimidating actually.  I have to catch up with my absences. >.< However, It feels so good to finally pursue the specialization I really want to focus on. That is ESL. 😀


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