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This Means War (2012): Movie Review


Lauren is an advertising/ product testing expert. Lauren actually doesn’t like dating website but tried it because of her best friend. She met Tuck because of it. She also met FDR, which is Tuck’s FBI partner on a DVD store. After that, they started to date too. She’s dating two guys at the same time here. It’s hard for her to choose between the two because she liked them both. They’re really nice gentlemen. They have their own amazing personalities and flaws and all.  But unknown to her, the guys that she is dating simultaneously are FBI partners and bestfriends.



This means war (2012) is a movie about a love competition between two FBI agents buddies for one woman, Lauren. In real life, it’s a conflict when your rival on love is your best friend. You know each other very well and get along very well so most probably you’re type of woman/man is also the same.  The movie portrayed that kind of scenario on a comical way.  You can be rivals and best friend at the same time. It’s fun to watch because I am tired of dramas.


It’s focus on the competition of getting the girl. FDR and Tuck are FBI agents which are partners in crime for a long time already. Then, it came a time that they both met a woman. Eventually, they discovered they’re dating the same woman. They just decided to compete with each other. ” May the best man wins”. No one will give up in this chase.

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On the other hand, this woman is a busy advertising – Product testing expert. She’s an expert on appraising brands and products.  Her bestfriend told her to date someone already because she’s not young anymore. She’s on the age to get married already.  Her bestfriend uploaded her profile on a dating website. Though, she doesn’t like it on the start she tried it anyway that’s how she met Tuck. Then the other day, She’s looking for movies to watch on a DVD store. She suddenly had this conversation with FDR about movies and that’s how they met.



Reese Wither Spoon as Lauren – a product-testing executive and the love interest of FDR and Tuck.

Chris Pine as FDR Foster –  a womanizer who falls for Lauren.

Tom Hardy as Tuck -a divorced single father who also falls for Lauren.


If there’s an FBI thing in a movie, expect some action thrill while watching. I like the part where Lauren simultaneously dating these two guys. The shifting of scenes is really good. My favorite action thrill is the last part where Tuck  and FDR were being chased by the bad guys while Lauren is with them. The vehicle explosion really looks so real.


  • FBI Agency
  • Lauren’s Apartment
  • Taekwondo Clinic
  • Restaurants

Comments and Suggestions

I discovered this movie through a Korean friend before. Then, I got to watch it 3 years ago. The copy of this movie was lost in my laptop. I want to re-watch it because I know it’s a good movie. Luckily, my cousin has a copy of this movie on her External Hard Drive. Yes! So, I’ve got to re-watch this movie in 2015. The story of “This means war” is a typical romantic comedy with some action-packed scenes which is really cool. The two agents are partners in crime.  Then, the woman in between the love triangle is an advertising expert. She’s a boss in a certain Advertising Agency. These two agents are dating surprisingly the same woman! HAHA. That’s the thrill there. So, it’s like a competition that will determine who’ll get the girl in the end. The funny part is they’re using their FBI skills on their strategy on getting the girl. I like the scene where Reese is dancing alone with music in her apartment while the 2 agents are setting up hidden cameras on her living room and kitchen. It’s a cool strategy I think. 😀

This is my favorite scene:

I don’t have any favorite character in this movie. Though, I would love to replace Lauren’s character here. She’s dating two gorgeous guys so why not. She’s also a smart career woman here that any guy can fall in love to. Did I mention that Chris Pine is so hot here too? HAHA. Thumbs up! I can re-watch this movie all over again. I can recommend it to everyone. Want some romance-comedy- FBI action movie? Watch this movie, you’ll know what I am talking about! ^^

Rating: 8 out of 10

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