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The Power of Change : Book Review

The Power of Change

The Power of Change 1

By Jim Hartness and Neil Eskelin

“The decision to change takes only a moment, but its impact may last a lifetime

The greatest hurdle to change is the first step – the actual decision to do it. After that, anything is possible. The decision takes only a moment, but its impact will last a lifetime.

Review: The Power of Change © 2014

is a self-help book that focuses on an individual’s decision to CHANGE for the better of his/her life. This book can help you through giving detailed techniques and advices based from real studies from psychologists and even in the bible about transforming yourself into a best version of yourself. .

I think it’s my very first owned self-help book. Haha! I’ve bought it on Manila International Book Fair in SMX last September 2015. Please do read my blog about my experience there. The LIGHT HOUSE publication is my most liked booth there where I bought the power of change. They have lots of inspiring book  for a lower price.

The Authors Writing Style

The authors of this book are Jim Hartness and Neil Eskelin. They are influenced by the concept of psychology . They usually site real studies related to the topic. The words used are concise. It’s educational too, context- wise.

Power of Change 2.JPG

I want to share some inspiring topics that I really like upon reading this book:


Ten steps to a transformed self esteem

  1. Get acquainted with the real you
  2. Laugh at your handicaps
  3. Put your failures in perspective
  4. Develop a healthy love – of yourself
  5. Find someone who needs your help
  6. Deliberately change you behaviour
  7. Choose a creative challenge
  8. Get comfortable with compliments
  9. Revalue your worth
  10. See a brand new picture


“Whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there’s anything praise worthy, meditate of those things. (Phil 4:8)


Target one – My goal is specific

Target two – My goal is measurable

Target three – My goal is challenging, yet achievable

Target four – It is my goal, not someone else’s

Target five – All of my goals reinforce each other

Target six – My goals includes a plan to achieve it

Target seven – I write down my goal  (this one is effective to me! It happens!)

The seven targets for goal setting are meaningless unless you put them into action. For each one, try reading the objective aloud and see how it applies to your written goal. Most important, do something specific every day that brings you closer to your objective. By looking at the “bull’s – eye”, rather than the distractions, you’re halfway home. A winner is not problem-oriented, but solution oriented.


Time Management Principles

  • Live in the present
  • Place a value on your activity
  • Create a written daily schedule
  • Prioritize your tasks
  • Make effective use of short period of time
  • Don’t allow others to determine your schedule
  • Work Smart
  • Recognize time waster
  • Focus on personal productivity
  • Do it now


Ten Keys to Personal excellence

  1. Don’t settle for average
  2. Pay Attention to Detail
  3. Develop a Deep Commitment
  4. Be known for Ethics and Integrity
  5. Show Genuine Respect for Others
  6. Go the Second Mile
  7. Be Consistent
  8. Never Stop Improving
  9. Make excellence a Lifestyle
  10. Always Give 110 Percent

HOUR 23: The Power of Persistence

~ Keeping your eye on the Goal

Will you make mistakes along the way? Count on it. Someone once said, “To err is human. It is only when the eraser wears out before the pencil you know you’re overdoing it. “When you know what you need to do, take immediate action and don’t stop until you reach your goal. If you stub your toe, it’s an indication that you weren’t sitting down.


I never regret that I bought this book for a personal purpose. Right now, I have three worlds. I have the MONTESSORI School, CTP CLASS (every Saturdays) and my BLOGGING Life. It’s like my life revolves with this three so the TIME MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES written in this book is really a useful guide for me. Also, I’ve learned that goal setting is actually a skill and its better if it is taught in our schools.

I can read this book everywhere or anytime that I want. I can recommend it to all of you whatever your profession is. Thumbs up! It’s deserves a high score from me!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10


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