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The Classy Rose Gold Samsung J16

Photo source : Youtube (with detailed specs)

By: Lovely del Mundo

One of the things visible always inside my bag is a cellphone. It’s essential in the sense that you need to connect at home or to other people. I am an sms (text msg) person rather than a call person. So, if I call you that only means I need to say something urgent (emergencies) or you are someone special that it’s “just to hear your voice call” (sounds cheesy? Ignore this! Haha). When I think of my technology decline it was quite depressing. From Samsung galaxy Y(smartphone), it was demoted to cherry mobile (with antenna phone). With the help of heaven’s grace, I was able to cope up with bankruptcy so now I am going to introduce to you my very own….. *drumrolls*



I want to tell you that this is going to be my first gadget/tech blog ever. I am not an expert with this so please bear with me. I am just going to share my experience with this phone how it made my life efficient when it comes to my work related task and most especially to my blogging career updates.

I went to a SAMSUNG shop in a near mall in our place.  I explored every phone there. I stayed like 15 minutes. I am conscious with my budget which is only 5-6 k (100 US dollar). I bought it cash because I don’t have credit card. (Temptations go with credit cards too.) I want something with good camera (produces sharp images as an alternative to my Canon Powershot), a bit slim, don’t use much of battery, manageable touch screen and the appearance must be pretty like me (hahaha! Just kidding).  I need to change phone so this is my reward to myself for being a hardworking and patient employee. It’s really rewarding.  😀

Upon buying the phone, I got a free sim card (globe network) and mono headset for driving (I am taking driving lesson btw so eventually I will use it). It was really cool when I got to buy it and its right there in my hand. ^o^ I chose GOLD because it’s more daring than WHITE which is very common everywhere.  I find it hard searching for a phone case. They would always say that since it’s a new model they don’t have a phone case for it. Then, eventually I found one in a nearer mall in our place. Sorry, I don’t give up easily HAHAHA! I love the phone case. It’s really meant for me because it’s the only last item there that fits Samsung J16. I also like the design. It becomes a ROSE GOLD style. It’s so me! Haha… Rd told me that it’s like a female version of his Spigen Samsung s7.  He’s a tech blogger/gamer by the way so I needed his opinion about it.

Rose Gold

Let’s talk about getting it personalize. I have a Rilakkuma home screen wall paper and Nao Tomori lock screen wall paper. I just like that I can manipulate everything on the theme and design with my own preferences easily. That’s what I love about SAMSUNG phones. As you can see, I also organize my apps into social media, gaming apps and learn/pratical apps. I only have 2 kawaii games because I don’t have spare time to play. For social media apps, I mostly have all it. I need it for my blog publicity and quick updates. I use Twitter, Viber, Gmail and BASIC YOGA the most everyday.  I love the emoticons choices also even in simple SMS. It cute and cool!



Overall, my experience with SAMSUNG j16 is awesome. It suits my needs and personality. My tip for those who wants to buy a new phone are:

~ you must identify your needs first

~ be conscious with your budget

~ do some research / read some tech reviews over the net prior to buying

~ Be yourself. Find a phone that fits your lifestyle and suits your personality.

~  Don’t follow the trend/latest too much. You’ll get bored easily.

I think this is all for now. I hope you learned something and enjoyed reading. Any comments and suggestions are very welcome.:)

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16 thoughts on “The Classy Rose Gold Samsung J16

  1. Be careful with the latest technology. It’ll suck all the life out of you. 😭 By the way, I love your new phone-! Dear me, I have to change my phone as well. Pale Guy (his name) is giving up on me. Most days he crashes, and lately his battery’s draining up so fast. Also, I like your tips… hehe. I’m upgrading to iPhone SE hopefully, but I’m thinking of better options for my shallow pockets; reconsidering the older models too since I’m actually not a ‘phone-person’. Thank you for sharing. It helped me remind myself to charge Pale Guy. He’s been dead for 3 long days.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! 😂😂😂 Wow. your phone even has a name. Hello Pale Guy! sooner you’ll have peace. haha. I am actually not a phone person as well. haha..! Do you really prefer iphone series? As of me, I am fine with samsung for phone. I aim for Macbook Air for laptop. I aim to upgrade my camera as well..! 😀 so much tech goals. haha!👍👌💕 I laughed at your comment here. Dont worry someday you willl be rewarded! continue to believe and work for it!.. I can feel your pain Jason! hahaha..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. To be honest, I’m not even sure, lol. I’ve used iPhone 4S before and it served me well, but ‘she’ also gave up on me (but lasted longer). iPhones are optimized kasi and are made for creative jobs, which is also my job, so it’ll be like reuniting with an old friend. The camera’s good, aesthetic wise, the cases are #OMG (unfair), and the specs are okay. Like I’ve said, I don’t need that much power and customization on my phone since I barely use it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Using apple series, (I used to have itouch before but it was stolen so I don’t have any apply product with me right now). I find it inconvenient when downloading apps and esp making an apple id. Maybe it’s just me.. There are many options now when you just want a good camera on your phone. My brother bought ASUS latest phone. It serves him well in taking photos… making him feel he has the best IG now. meh~
        Since your experience with iphone satisfied you in the past, i think it will suit you already because you are used to it. How will you know if the iphone is legit? Replicas can be anywhere. So yeah…
        As of now… I want a new camera badly.. as in madly.. hahaha! XD
        btw.. are you an IT major?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Exactly! Though I’ve never had any trouble before with those phones, except insufficient storage, lol. It still occurred even when I switched to Android, but that’s not the issue. NOTE: I don’t spend extra for MicroSDs. Hmm, about replicas. I’m buying on a legit store, so there might not be any problem at all. I’m into art, hehe. Hindi lang siguro masyado obvious since I don’t post much about it. PS: I’m looking forward for a camera upgrade too… #soon

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I notice that you are really into art and photog on your pinterest.. so i am aware of that..hahaha! 😀👍😄
        just update me if you change your phone.. you might blog it as well!😁
        #soon meaning?! .. nakakainis ka mauunahan mo pa ako! hahaha..😂😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Oh yeah! I forgot about Pinterest, haha. I’m not even sure myself when that #soon is, but I’m sure it’s #soooon. Hmm, I don’t know about blogging a new phone kasi hindi naman siya talaga big deal; pero I’ll think about it. Baka kasi isipin nung ibang tao, y’know, “mayabang to”.

        Liked by 2 people

      6. Ahh!!! 😂😂😂 how come you forgot!! 😂 awww.. buti ka pa #soooon na…. But i tried to blog about my new phone but its just fine.. I mean blog in an tech advice way… hindi naman siguro mayabang ang dating.. haha..😆 pero still it’s up to you…!

        Liked by 1 person

      7. I really liked your advice and I still do, hehe. I just don’t want to brag about the little things (especially materials); and probably mas arrogant talaga yung approach ko if ever. Just keeping things low-key para happy lang. I’m sure na I won’t sound very pleasing talking about a new phone since hindi rin ako ‘techie’. Anyway, it’s nice talking with you. We should do it more often. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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