I am Number Four : Movie Review

I am Number four (1)


At first sight, John Smith is like an ordinary student in Paradise Senior High School. But in reality, His real identity is hidden with everyone. He was always told to be invisible. He’s stubborn and adventurous. One thing that he hates is running away.  In his planet, they are 9 of them who are special.  Henry is his protector and father figure since his parents died when he was young. They transferred in another place because the Mogadorians are hunting for them. Henry told him, “You must find the others because if you’re together you are stronger.”  His mission is to find the special others.



“I AM NUMBER FOUR” is a movie that will be loved by Science Fiction Fans. Basically, it is all about Aliens and Outer Space Communities. Extra Terrestrial has always been an issue with humans. I remember several articles and videos in the internet shows UFO existences. I was thinking what if they really exist. I hope they’ll just be good. Or else, we’ll be abducted by them. That will be the worst case scenario in my mind.


It focuses only with John Smith’s planet and the Mogadorians. This Mogadorians once invaded their planet and killed Four’s kind.  He’s one of the survivors. Planet Earth became his second home.

In my opinion, I just found the story similar with Harry Potter. It’s not the whole story but in the character of John Smith. He’s quite similar with Harry with the fact that he needs to be protected. Also, the Mogadorians really resembles Lord Voldemort. It’s really funny! They even buy chicken meat in the supermarket for Thanksgiving. They also have this different language. When John and Sam met, the adventure begins. This Sam is a science nerd in their school. He believes that he and his father is not crazy or freaks. People won’t believe his father’s findings. He confessed it with John. Until, he found out John’s secret. He was so happy to confirm that these Aliens exist but John warns him not to tell anyone. John also had this love interest with Sarah. They first met when John enrolled in Paradise Senior High school. John encountered conflict with the (Bully leader).

I am number Four (2)


Alex Pettyfer as John Smith/Number 4

            He is the protagonist in the movie. He’s stubborn and adventurous. One thing that he hates is running away. He’s a good friend with Sam. He protects Sam with the bullies. His power is the ability to levitate things with a blue light. He can also recharge his fellow alien like number 6.

Callan McAuliffe As Sam

He told John once, “I am not the one you want to be friends with”. He’s a petite guy and a science nerd. He’s a loner. He got close with John when he learned his secret. He helped John in driving the car when they need to escape from the villains. In the end, He’s going with John and will pursue a science research with them.

Dianna Agron As Sarah

            She’s pretty and a photography enthusiast in school. She got to know John Smith and even put him in her website. The title of her website is “Strangers in Paradise”. John browsed it once but Henry activated the Photo Scan search to keep him invisible. John fell in love with him. With that, He became stubborn. They became a couple. John promised to return to that place because of her.

Timothy Olyphan As Henry

He’s the father figure of John Smith. He’s strict and never forgets to remind John with all his responsibility as Number four. When John is out of control because of his powers, He helped him to calm down. He placed so many surveillance cameras in their house just to secure their identities and protect themselves from  Mogadorians.

Teresa Palmer As Number 6

Like Number Four, She also has this special power. Her combat scenes with four are really amazing. She always rides a motorcycle. She’s also trying to find the other numbers. She got this big curly blonde hair with an action star image. She helped John in fighting the Mogadorians.


The camera shots in this movie are really good. The first part in this movie where John narrates his story about being Number Four shows the moving journey of the vehicle which is quite difficult to shoot. I like it. I felt the drama where John needs to transfer again in another place with Henry because of being number Four.  The best special effect will be Number 6 walking out of the Burning Beach House. Number 6 has this special power too. She’s trying to find the other Numbers like 4. That part she’s searching for evidences but she’s late to find 4 so she just burned the house down so that the Mogadorians won’t track them. She just walks out of the fire like a really cool action star. The soundtrack used there is “Rolling in the Deep “by Adele.


  • Abandoned House
  • Paradise Senior High School
  • Sarah’s House
  • Amusement Park

I am number four (1)

I don’t have any biases on this movie. All actors are good. Alex Pettyfer did a good job on acting as number Four. I’ve decided to make a review about this film because I think it’s interesting. I also like science fiction films. In the characters, I like number 6 and Henry. Sarah has some common things like me. She like photography and her fashion is also a decent hipster-like but I guess she’s too pretty to be like me. I just prefer number 6 because she’s like an older sister to John Smith. And, I like her super powers. I also prefer Henry because he’s a mentor with John. Without him, John will already be killed in that movie. He died instead so his purpose in his world has been fulfilled.  John and Sam’s friendship is very typical. I can saw it in almost Best friend relationship in so many stories like 17 again. I can say “I am Number Four” is worth watching.

Rating: 7 out of 10


2 thoughts on “I am Number Four : Movie Review

  1. I found this watchable but not really memorable for anything in particular. Even after reading your review I’m struggling to really recall anything that stood out when I watched it.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah.. it didn’t give a great impact on you. For me, it’s just so so.. but its good. Alex Pettyfer fits the role as well. what memorable for me is the fighting scene in the end… that only.. like city of bones.. it wasnt given a part two.😯

      Liked by 1 person

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