10 Happy Things

(March 2017) 10 Happy Things – Monthly Edition

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             Hello there, March! It’s been a crucial and hectic month for me in work and graduate school life. In a day, it’s so filled with different activities that makes me so preoccupied. That’s why sometimes I wasn’t able to update my blog by posting new articles. It will be fine. 😀 Cheer up because  I am here with you again with my monthly happy things. Haha! What made me just happy this month is good food. I was able to explore more cafe. I was thinking that I want to be a cafe blogger aside from doing reviews. Haha! Check out my list there below now :

  1. The BarnYard Café experience (1st of March)


A new café opened in a mall near our place. My mom was the first one to discover it. She’s so excited to try the Freak there. I think I already mentioned this last February but this time we stayed inside to dine. We tried Oreo Freak, Strawberry Freak and Clubhouse Sandwich. It was so good for me. I thought the experience I had is way better than what I felt on my birthday. We also played word factory game. I want to go back again.

  1. Classmates in CTP is now in #GSLife

I used #GSlife in my twitter posts whenever I want to talk about my life in the graduate school. I mentioned in my blog posts last year that I already finished my course in teaching units. I am really grateful with the experience I had there and the classmates whom like a family too. Recently, I was able to meet them by chance in the library and canteen.  It’s good to know that you are not alone in pursuing a dream.  ^o^~


Internet is really vital for a blogger like me. I was pissed off just recently with the internet speed in our house. We are also planning to change it this summer hopefully. That’s why I was so happy to use internet in the university because in just one click you already there in the website you want. I take advantage to manage my blog there because honestly I find it hard to organize my blog here at home because of the super slow internet speed. I still need to solve this thing. >.<

  1. Having my choice of good food every Saturday

Yes.  What makes me happy is eating good food every Saturday. This time I have the opportunity to explore variety of food. I usually go to the Japanese Food stall in the square canteen. Also, the fact I can take photo of it is already giving joy in my heart. Wherever you put me I will always be a blogger at heart. I would always love to feature food photos (to make you drool…haha).

  1. AxeltheKey HD’s recent vlogs in Bali, his Luck and our consistent LINE conversations.
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Timmy : Where is my Daddy? :3           Photo Source: @axelthekey twitter

It’s been 2 years already I am connected with this amazing person I met in WP before. Wait, is he an amazing person or just a crazy person? Haha! He’s one of the people who give encouragement in pursuing what I want in life, comfort when sometimes I think life is tough and just makes me laugh with his random stuffs. (the fact he’s literally far from me –ldr) I am just grateful with him. I am happy for he has more opportunity to travel this year (Bali and Korea) because he loves it and we know he deserves it. I want him to do more vlogs actually :p haha! It happened. Haha! 😀 love lots, timmy and rd! ❤

  1. Reading “The Happiness Project” by  Gretchen Rublin
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Source : Google Images

This book made me sit and read for a long time. I was engaged reading it because the approach of the author of being casual telling her story with the reader. I mean it’s just a light reading material compared to other books. I prefer this type of genre book. I love self-help and advice giving topics. I will make a book review about it as soon as I finish it.

  1. Being assigned in sounds and technicals in Casa Moving Up 2017

For my finale task in Montessori school, I was assigned to be in charge of the sound/music of the program. I actually enjoyed doing it because it reminds me of what I really do in my college days. I am being friends with the sound mixer. It’s not that easy in getting to know it well. Aside from the task, I am happy that my children are already graduating. Haha! #togodbetheglory

  1. Watching “Beauty & the Beast” movie in cinema

It’s seldom for me to go in a movie house in a year unlike other people. For this film, I won’t miss it watching in the big screen. I am just so happy to get the chance to watch it. Emma Watson is one of my favorite actress (since HP days). If she didn’t play the role Belle, I won’t be that interested to watch BATB in cinema. Haha! The movie is classic and wonderful as the live action of the original. I will publish a movie review too about it . J

  1. Listening to “Shut Up and Dance” cover of Ashley Tisdale

I was surprised to know that Ashley Tisdale is married already. I watched High School Musical 10 years ago.  She is Sharpay who is so pop.  And, I think it’s good to see her doing acoustic with her husband on her channel. I love the cover of Shut Up and Dance.

  1. Getting acquainted with same interest people through blog

I met Blogger Rose (@miss_waves) on wordpress. She left comment on my relationship goals post. I learned that she also likes my top favorite Korean drama “Lie To Me”. It reminds me of my ideal love story. *blushing*  From there, I discovered her blog to know that we have more things in common like loving Rilakkuma, Taiwanese dramas, deathnote etc.  It’s just fun to meet people who are same as you.  🙂


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